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Love, ‘Like,’ Win: Enter PETA’s ‘Fly FREE to NYC’ Facebook Contest

Written by PETA | October 4, 2010


There’s a lot to love about New York City, and PETA has teamed up with generous sponsors, including quintessential vegan tastemakers MooShoes and Candle 79, to send two lucky animal defenders to the Big Apple, just in time for Fur-Free Friday.

If you’re a U.S. resident who’s 18 years or older and able to travel from November 24 to 27, 2010—and you “Like” PETA (and fill out the promo page)—you might win two round-trip airline tickets to New York City, three nights at Hotel Mela in Times Square, cruelty-free kicks from MooShoes, and a mouthwatering meal at Candle 79.

What are you waiting for? Read the fine print, enter to win, and then start packing—that is, unless you plan on going “Frankel-style.” You know that PETA’s all for that—getting an important message out and freeing up room in your suitcases so that you’ll be ready to partake in another vital NYC activity

Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Wisper Tolfree says:

    My whole life I have always loved animals in my heart but did no know my wrongs until I met the lady I work for now. I can not mention her name at the moment.  She is a special lady, infact her whole family are special.  I am her personal assistant she is older now (83) She gave me an issue of animal times and I have been vegan ever since and still post copies, (I know its plagerism and copy right infringment and I don’t care!!) of the artical about the dairy industry and land of lakes where ever I can.  I can happily say that I have caused a dent in sales of Land O Lakes Products in Publix stores on both Palm Beach Island where I work and on Clematis street in West Palm Beach.  I always entertained a semi vegitarian diet.  This artical made me go vegan completly.  My special lady had taught me so much!!!! If I won this trip I would take my lady (she is from a family in New York City and this is her home town! It would make her world to go again, visit her husband, mothers, and fathers grave. (She owns the cemetary of her family) She hurts for money now. Since I met her I feel better about my life and feel purpose in trying to spread the word of the attrocities that happen to our poor animals because of human ignorance.  I LOVE HER for teaching me this and passing this “light” onto me.  It would be great to repay her in a one last trip home. If I had the money I would pay but I don’t because she is in financial hardship as well and had to cut my hours.I would love to go to an event put on by peta and actually have the oppertunity to put my physical efforts into the cause.  My lady would be so proud!

    Thank you  

  • Kara Sven says:

    I love peta

  • Lucas S says:

    I’d “like” it if this contest was open to Canadian residents..