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Lousiana Man Accused of Torturing Dog

Written by PETA | November 7, 2007

Our Cruelty Casework Division deals with reports of cruelty to animals every day, responding to literally thousands of instances of animal abuse in a year by writing to prosecutors, informing judges about the link between animal abuse and violence against humans, and sending out fieldworkers to respond to reports of animals in need. When I come across a case like this one, I honestly don’t know how they manage it.

Here’s the story that was reported to one of PETA’s caseworkers. We’re asking the District Attorney to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law, so if you’d like to help us out with that, please click here:

August 11 was Hunter’s last day, and it was a terrible one.

The beagle was the beloved companion of the Evans family in New Orleans. Hunter loved to lie in the sun for hours at a time, got a kick out of sitting by the family pool, and was well known throughout the neighborhood for his sweet disposition. In early August, the inquisitive 6-year-old dog snuck out of the yard while the Evans were painting their fence—Patricia Evans, Hunter’s lawful guardian, was sick with worry, especially after several days passed and the family still hadn’t seen a sign of Hunter. Patricia came home one day to find her father extremely distraught. He told her that they had found Hunter. It didn’t sound good. Patricia’s own account is as follows:

“When I got home, [my friend] was in tears and my father had his head pressed against his desktop; I knew something was wrong. My father then told my brother and I that a man … [named] Christopher D. Alessi had found our dog. We were told by a reliable source that he was trying to ‘take care’ of Hunter. On that Saturday, [Alessi] was spotted at a local Auto Zone with Hunter in the back of his truck. Witnesses saw Hunter try and escape, but [Alessi] hurried to him and began punching him in the face as someone would in a boxing match and threw him with force into the back of his truck. [Alessi] then continued to drive to his home, where the witness followed him. When he got out of the car, he [allegedly] grabbed Hunter by the throat and began choking him to death. The witnesses said he had his hands around his neck and Hunter tried to get his legs [on] the ground, but [Alessi] grew angrier and pulled him harder until he died. The police came almost immediately and arrested him.”

Christopher Alessi will be answering to these charges in court this year. As always with these cases, if he’s convicted we need to make sure that he spends a long time in prison, and that he’s never allowed near animals again.

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  • Margo says:

    Who do think should rule the country? Dogs or Cats? Vote now!!

  • rose says:

    sad and sick as that is its also pretty common. my best friends dog was stolen right out of her yard a few years back it scared her so bad and she never found her dog.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Ariel Respect isnt the same as love. I said respect because I would never harm an animal myself.

  • Ariel says:

    For anyone to say that they respect animals and then eats them is being hypocritical. And it cannot be justified with an excuse for the sake of easing the “conscience” limited or absence of conscience by saying he or she is a “predator” “needs protein” etc. etc. etc. No one can be respectful towards animals while ignoring the FACTS continually being brought to their attention that animals who are caged or penned constantly suffering as they live in barbaric conditions from their births to deaths deaths of merciless slaughter! Animal predators are just that predators who don’t “store up” their prey to live in misery. Therefore it is TRULY safe to say that anyone who ignores these FACTS is actually supporting and indirectly participating in animal abuse killing and truly must have an unconscienable hate towards the animals that are suffering.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Johnine How do you know god or heaven exists?

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Ana and friends I am not an animal lillerhaterabuser. I respect animals like any predator does.

  • Johnine says:

    Patricia Please believe that SWEET “HUNTER” is in heaven with God is happy finally at peace! God took him to a place where he no longer feels any pain or suffering! He can roam around romping playing with all of his friends enjoying the life he deserves! My ‘babies’ are there honey I feel this with all of my beingthey found their great lives up above BECAUSE THEY ARE INNOCENT ANGELS!! I AM training to be an animal rescue agent this is my faith!It HAS TO BE!! May God Bless You! That person will get what he deserves sooner or later…in hell I believe!!…Sincerely..Johnine

  • Kim says:

    I think that he should be punched in the face and choked to death just like he did! No mercy for animal abusers.

  • cate says:

    Patricia It makes me so furious that your family was assaulted this way. Pets are part of our sense of happiness and wellbeing. I have a 13year old cat who I adore and the pain would be overwhelming if someone ever hurt her. I am so sad for what you are going through Patricia my heart goes out to your family and to your sweet dog Hunter. I wrote a letter and I hope you get justice for the violence against Hunter and for your family’s painalthough justice isn’t possible because what happened is beyond reparation I just hope this vicious soulless man gets punished and feels some pain himself. People should not have to fear for the safety of their companion animals. We all work hard to build somethingour families our homes our sense of wellbeing. I don’t want to live in a lawless brutal society where people get away with murdering other people’s pets.

  • Caboose (anti Combine. Go Gordon Freeman) says:

    …and when I say hot lead I mean the power from either the fast Maschinengewehr 42 the vintage MaximBrowningVickers or the brute force of the M2HB .50 cal Heavy Machine Gun. Again Mr. Caboose is not psychotic just because he mentions weaponry nor for any reason. If you say so I’ll tell you to look at the other comments.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Ariel Well yes fighting for animals requires strength and you have steadfastly fought for animal liberation so in future I won’t spare you the hideous picturesvisions of tortured and violently killed innocent animals. After viewing such horrors the first emotion is anger. But that anger needs to turn into action for the animals. What these animal haterskillersusersabusers don’t realize is that the AR movement is not about human egos but about liberating all animals from the tyranny of humans. These opponents thought also that we are only a bunch of ignoramuses what they realize now is that we are both articulate and grammatically correct when expressing our animal advocacy. We are not a bunch of yokels but are dedicated people with heart willing to help the other animals in any way possible and we are not going away but growing daily in numbers. Justice for Hunter! Peace!

  • Patricia says:

    Ariel I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those very kind words. This has been one of the most horrific things that has happened to my family and I and having all of these supportive people speaking out about my precious Hunter really makes a difference. Patricia

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    sherri there’s always the Justice system so your actiom would be acceptable You do live in the U.S right?

  • Ariel says:

    Hi again Ana part 2 Yes I wholeheartedly agree the “Garden of Eden” could be a reality as we work towards eradicating slaughterhouses etc. That reminds me of one of my very favorite quotes that I often used in my protestanimal abuse letters “As long as man continues to be ruthless destroyers of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as man massacres animals they will kill each other. Indeed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” Pythagorus ancient philosopher So here we are in the year 2007 ADBCE with mankind still destroying and massacring animals. And here we are with mankind still killing each other. And here we are still sowing the seeds of murder and pain and truly not knowing health peace or reaping joy and love. Obviously mankind has not progressed in the ways that would be most beneficial for human animals basically and profoundly due to killing animals.

  • autum says:

    what a fuckin asshole

  • sherri smith says:

    I would have HAD to do something. I simply could not let someone kill an innocent dog in front of me. I probably would have become physical and gone to jail for protecting the dog.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Ana! part one Please don’t give it a thought about sparing me of the graphic details on videos. Just by what I read my mind “sees” and records the atrocities practically just as much as if I saw a video. I still remember to this very day YEARS ago before my PeTA daysreading an article from an eyewitness formerly an employee at a slaughterhouse who gave VERY graphic details of the bound cows placed on a conveyor belt not anesthesized fully conscious slowly being chopped into pieces and they had tears coming out of their eyes pitifully and helplessly looking at the unconscienable barbarians who were slaughtering them. So with horrible situations like that and so much more things that I have been reading over the years about animal abuse plus the all the other atrocities that mankind does I became disillusioned with “humanity” a long long time ago. And yet there is a part of my mind that finds it all so inconceivable. I was only able to bring myself to skim over several times in parts reading what happened to Patricia’s very beloved “Hunter” and how much he was loved by all and that will stay in my mind because somehow I can practically feel at least a part her pain and sorrow which is overwhelming as well as I can practically envision the maniacal scenario in detail. So to PATRICIA I say we will do our very very best to seek what justice we can. But meanwhile I hope that if there is any consolation at best that we can offer is for you to know that we take it upon ourselves to share the burden of your sorrowful pain so that hopefully you will feel that you don’t have to bear the heavy weight of your grief alone.

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    If it pains you so much try not to watch them. Just saying so you are spared the inner pain.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Ariel! I have watched many of those videos and it never gets easier. I will spare you the graphic details. When you do see these videos you become disillusioned with the human race in general. Only animal advocates like you keep me going. My faith is restored with the knowledge that there are good souls out there like you that are resilient and courageous enough to continue with the fight for animal liberation. I would have lost my faith altogether but I continue the battle because I am not alone. The Garden of Eden could be a reality let’s eradicate slaughterhouses for starters. The rest of the killing and abuse of the other animals will end when these abominations will finally close their doors. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Patricia We are all hurting so much for you and Hunter. If there is anything one of us can do for you just let us know. Peace and Love Judith

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    I know a law torture an animal like this. you eat hot lead.

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you everyone for all of your comments and support! I don’t know what I would have done with out the help of PETA and PETA’s loyal followers. My dog was not just a DOG he was a family memeber. A dog who everyone in the neighborhoodexcept this disgrace of a thing Christopher D. Allesiloved and knew very well. I will NEVER understand the logic of a createn like Allesi to do such a thing to not only my precious dog but my familyfriendsneighbors who have suffered greatly ever since he was taken away from us.I will never be able to get my sweet Hunter back but with the continue help of PETA and the followers we can try to MAKE SURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! Allesi is not the only “person” that is capible of this horrid act and this was a very rude awakening. Again thank you everyone. PLease keep in touch. Kindest regards Patricia

  • Victoria says:

    Tragic although unfortunatly not nearly as infrequent as one would hope. Just a warning to any pseudo Alessi’s out there come near my pets and you’ll find youself gumming creamed corn for the rest of your days.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Ana Would you believe that in all my years as an activist I have never seen an animal abuse video? I could never bring myself to look at them and pictures are bad enough. And even when I read through animal abuse situations to write protest emailsletters I can only skim through some of the details becausejust with the descriptionthe words go right through my heart with great sorrow. I get so sickened and they leave a lasting impression on my mind. I feel like my whole insides are crying mostly because I couldn’t be there to stop it or prevent it. I know it’s all too very real yet it’s practically inconceiveable to know that there are such barbarians living among us. I’ve always said there are more psychotics who really need psych. intervention than the lesser amount of people who do seek help for lesser problems. It’s often said “don’t try to figure out people because you never will.” Well I have tried to figure them out and a lot of it boils down to is that they have abandoned their consciencesIF they ever had one to begin withseriously. So that is how they can sleep at night and that is how they can live with themselves no matter what kind of tortures they do to poor innocent helpless animals or any other atrocities. Otherwise the ONLY thing that restores my faith in humanity is extremely rare people like you. So with that you cannot imagine not only how much I enjoy reading your postsand other fellow REAL ar’s activists postsI NEED to read them. The 1st Bk. of Gen. consoles my heart and I think you will know what I mean about the “New Jerusalem.” But I can’t imagine myself worthy of ever attaining that “goal.” Anyway ending on a lighter tone I thought that was so cute of you to give that cat a bubble bath!

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Elimination of people like this has to be an option in the overpopulated future. Or Moonstralia!

  • Ana says:

    Hi Ariel! I cannot understand how anyone can stand by and allow this to happen to any hapless creature! You are a witness to such a violent deed that leads to the death of this defenseless creature and you did nothing to prevent it? You have to be heartless. I read about another story in NYC where a dog was beaten with a metal pipe. He was beaten so badly that the dog had two broken legs and head injuries. He went through surgery and although in serious condition will recover slowly. The dog was on the ground bleeding when this turd decided to beat him in front of witnesses. This happened on Oct. 26 2007. Pate 27 was arrested. Too many sick violent bastards. I also took a cat that had been mistreated and left starving he looked flat he was so skinny. I nursed him back to health and had him nuetered and adopted out to a nice family. His “owner” began looking for him. He left poor Buddy I named him this out all night so on a freezing 15 degree day I called him opened the car door and took him to the hospital. I gave him a great bubble bath and by Christmas he was in a new home. The cruelty and violence get unbearable sometimes. Stay well.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Ana! Gosh I love people like you and Judith for your convictions and fortitude! I intervened on a few animal abuse situations myself over the years and really that’s all we’re up against cowards!

  • Erin says:

    That is the saddest thing ever. ive been a vegetarian for 23 years now and i HATE people like this person who thinks that just because animals dont have a voice of their own means they dont have a right to live is TERRIBLE i think this guy should be put behind bars and same with every other messed up kreeper.

  • Ana says:

    Judith and nicole I have to agree with both of you. When I saw 5 teenage male thugs harassing a cat and trying to get her to run into a twoway street I ran after them. It was me only against these 5 worthless thugs. I did manage to get the cat to safety though. My anger was so prominent that they dispersed like the cowards that they are. Being a witness to violence and doing nothing is totally unaacceptable. This poor dog lost his life in such a cruel manner the laws need to change also in order to respond properly to this type of crime.

  • Anya says:

    Yes! Why didn’t the witness do anything? What happened to people today? Poor creature! I hope the bastard who did this will be punished and tortured before he dies!

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    I wish I had a Gravity Gun to pick up a car and throw it a him!Or a headcrab energy ball or Magnusson Device Halflife 2 Only “people” like this are the psychopaths in society not “anti’s” Especially not the halfantis like Caboose

  • Ariel says:

    As of this writing from the posts of I have read from Michele to nicole I am in total agreement. Michele extra good point in your last sentence. Judith Freedom Fighter I hear you! I too would not have been a witness for too long. Email sent out letters going out.

  • JT says:

    I am sickened by the story! Especially to think that it could be my dog!! I think if anyone torture and kill my beloved pets I would be devastated and would have a very strong urge to hurt him!!

  • animalfriend says:

    i would have put my hands around the neck of this twolegged beast and would not let go until he lets the dog that’s the only right attitude!!! to be just a witness is not my style!!!

  • Carla says:

    How in the world wasn’t this stopped by the witness? Patricia Evans and family our hearts goes out to you.

  • Jaclyn says:

    OMG! This is horrible absolutely horrible. To take a little living being and just leash out your violent anger on it is about the lowest thing you could do. Michelle thank you for your comments regarding Michael Vick. I have chills all over after reading this story the same as I did when I found out about Michael Vick. I will have my voice heard about this abuse.

  • Angela says:

    What a piece of shit that person must be. I say save the taxpayers money do to him what he did to that poor defenseless dog. Let me go choke him!!!!!!!!! He’d better go in protective custody. He is a coward to abuse something that cannot protect itself but then maybe he was practicing on his next victim a human

  • nicole says:

    why the hell didnt the “witnesses” do anything?????? if they were following the guy why the f..k didnt these cowards go up to him and got the dog out of his hands. these “witnesses” must have been at least two people so theres one against two… so what just happened there?? they should get charged too i dont care if they called the police or not they were watching the whole time while they could have saved that lil puppys life. shame on them!

  • Ana says:

    Alessi is a sick bastard. The sentence he gets will never fit the crime. He tortured and murdered an innocent dog because he is a lowlife turd. It always saddens me to read about the abuse that animals endure and that subhumans think they have the right to take away their lives in any violent manner. From factory farms hunting seasons rodeos to declawing and finally the slaughterhouse just to name some of the horrors nonhuman animals endure these are all abominations and an indictment against the human animal. Shameful and so cruel.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I would not have been a witness very long. I would have grabbed something to bash this monster over the head with. I doubt our San Diego Courts would ever convict one of us for protecting an innocent being probation? perhaps. I sent my letter and I called.

  • Dana says:

    This story makes me sick to my stomach! How can someone do this to such a innocent little creature especially one that with such a sweet face and disposition. I guess by now nothing should shock me when it comes to peoples cruelty toward animals but it does! I guess I will never understand what make people like this man tick. I do not understand why some people are mean and others show nothing but compassion. I hope that this crime does not go unpunished that there is justice for the little doggie who just went on a little walk and ended up in the hands of this inhumane monster.

  • Michele says:

    I have tears in my eyes after reading this story. It is atrocious that there are such psychopathic people living on this earth who manage to torture and kill such an innocent being. To all of the proVick people who kept wondering why PETA was singling out Mike Vick and claiming that PETA should be responding to animal abuse that was happening in their particular town Well this is just proof of what PETA supporters already knew that PETA DOES respond to the cases that are reported to them the situations that involve one animal or hundreds of animals the situations that happen in small towns and large cities and those crimes committed by celebrities and noncelebrities alike. For you anti’s who seem to think that PETA is some gigantic profitmaking corporation THIS is what donations memberships and proceeds from merchandise sales pay for.