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‘My Life as a Turkey’

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 17, 2011

Everyone who tuned in to PBS last night for the premiere of My Life as a Turkey was treated to a fascinating glimpse into the lives of animals who are often seen as little more than Thanksgiving centerpieces. The film follows Joe Hutto as he raises 16 turkeys, left on his porch as eggs, from hatchlings to adulthood.

Watching the turkeys form an intense bond with their “mother,” Joe, and seeing them grow, learn, and interact would make the staunchest carnivore think twice about calling these sensitive, intelligent birds “dinner.”

Watch My Life as a Turkey and click here to enter to win the DVD and the book that inspired it. And check out PETA’s recipes for a turkey-friendly Thanksgiving smorgasbord on our Living page.

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  • Michelle says:

    Here are so many tasty and healthy vegan dishes that we don’t have to be cruel to satisfy our palate.

  • so what? says:

    I’m still eating turkey this thanksgiving. I’m an omnivore and I intend to stay that way!

  • Teresa says:

    Ok Peta people. Go to the website listed above and write your best poemm about what to be thankful for on Thanksgiving from a PETA point of view. You might have to sign up and join a group, but make a statement for the turkeys in the pen with your pens OK? You can read my addition at this link

  • Carolina Cliff says:

    I note with amusement that you have asked the Town of Turkey,Texas to change its name. This kind of thing is, of course, what keeps PETA on the fringe of society. If you really want to make a splash for the Thanksgiving birds, send someone to Ankara and suggest that the nation of Turkey change its name. Hah!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    PBS should air this as an encore the night before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and several days before Christmas.

  • Shelley Smith says:

    Loved this doc didn’t want it to end

  • May says:

    Cute bird–there is no reason to make Thanksgiving last day for the turkeys, sometimes people just need to think a little more before following the tradition. Life is equally precious–whether it’s a human’s, or a turkey’s. Make this Thanksgiving a thankful holiday for the turkeys by not slaughtering them.