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Leopard Ladies on Ice

Written by PETA | January 2, 2009

Our sexy leopard ladies recently hit the ice in San Francisco to remind fellow winter-lovers to “bare skin, don’t wear skin.” They suited up in spots, shed their clothes, and spread the compassionate cruelty-free message.


Leopard Ladies 029.jpg


But ya know how some people just can’t handle the heat (er … ice)? Well rink security quickly escorted our ladies out while overly concerned mothers frantically bustled around trying to cover the news camera lenses with their hands. Sorry, moms, but it’s too late! Tons of press captured some incredible shots and even told our ladies that the whole thing looked great. Which it, of course, did. But ya know, haters gotta hate.


The leopard ladies are escorted off the rink.
Leopard Ladies


After everyone calmed down (some hot bods and leopard spots really can cause an uproar), our girls posed for pictures and passed out important information on the cruelty of the fur industry to countless curious individuals. One blushing witness of the rink tussle said, “Well, it’s for a good cause!”

Written by Christine Doré

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