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Lance Sea Kitten?

Written by PETA | February 4, 2009
evilbeetgossip / CC
Lance Bass

Not content with the reams of newsprint that have already been dedicated to our Save the Sea Kittens campaign, we’re going for a little more face time for our finned friends by asking Lance Bass, the former ‘N Sync singer and “Dancing With the Stars” alum, to change his last name from “Bass” to “Sea Kitten.” We hope Lance goes for it hook, line, ‘N Sync-er. (Badump-bump.)

Yes, we know that “bass” can also refer to a long-necked guitar or a really big violin-like instrument, and it can also refer to a certain shoe company, but when most people hear the word “bass,” they might think “large mouth.” And while that’s nice on fish … we love you, Lance, and we have your back!

Lance, if you’re reading this, please know that it was your friends at PETA who got most upset when judge Len Goodman called you “pigeon-toed.” Don’t even get us started on the disrespect that pigeons are forced to endure.

And bear in mind that prepubescent girls just love kittens. Can you say, “‘N Sync reunion”?

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • lynda downie says:

    I liked that ‘hook line n’syncer’. Very clever!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    I’d be more excited about John Deacon reuniting with Queen and Paul Rodgers. He was one great sea kitten….or I mean bass player.

  • kylie says:

    Aahhh haha an NSYNC reunion would be amazing! I was a loyal Lance fan. I had posters of him eevveerryywwhheerree! So Lance Sea Kitten is the mission here? Hmm how about Lance Basslover XD