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Lab Used By Iams Busted

Written by PETA | February 15, 2007


I’ll keep you posted, as details become available, but in the meantime, remember to join these folks in the Iams boycott and only feed your dogs and cats food from cruelty-free companies.

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  • Teresa Hall says:

    Shame on IAMS! Hiding behind the guise of love for cats and dogs!We see just how much you love them! God forbid you show your ‘Love for anything else’. Let everyone take a look at those horrible pictures I don’t think they will be buying your product.

  • Dave and Rita Cross says:

    To the Executives of Iams It is long overdue! Stop the barbarism now!

  • barbara degraw says:

    thank you for letting me know about iams i could’t believe it ite company email denying everything i will never buy iams even if they the damaged is done

  • Toni E. M. says:

    I had absolutely no idea of IAMS wrongdoing. I am shocked! Yes more people especially pet owners need to unite on issues such as this.

  • Tiffin Swinth says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for informing me of IAMS inhumane practices. I had no idea and am totally outraged!!! I have been purchasing IAMS food for my dog for a long time now and had no idea of what the company did to test their products. I will NOT buy this food as long as they practice cruelty to animals. This horrible cruelty must be stopped at all costs. I could not imagine my dog going thru such acts just to see if the food is edible. BOYCOTT IAMS!!!

  • Margaret Mosca says:

    I’ve heard the horror stories before about IAM’s desire to test animals that suffer in a cruel and unfit environment. I have been spreading the word to people who own animals and even those who don’t. Getting the word out will give them an even REDDER bottom line. Stop the cruelty or lose or status as a company.

  • J. Bilous says:

    I have never purchased Iams nor would I. I buy crueltyfree vegan products for myself. My petfood has animal ingredients has been tested on animals. BUT it has been tested humanely by veterinary professionals for the purpose of advancement in veterinary nutrition. I will NOT buy pet food which has NOT been “tested on animals” since in essence I would then be subjecting my pets to animal testing. It can be done properly. For example my cats participated in food trials which involved feeding them a good food running routine tests bloodwork urinalysis xrays which as senior cats should be part of their routine medical care. The results were submitted to the food company. My cats never saw a cage certainly did not suffer. We can do this properly so as to benefit all animals the “test” subjects our “pets”. Iams research is unethical unacceptable. I am a veterinary technician I am appalled at such experiments. I am also disturbed however by the illnesses I see resulting from pet foods which have no or little research to back them. These are often the socalled “natural” foods. Iams isn’t a company that cares about pets I am not surprised by their lack of moral concern. Unfortunatately almost all pet food companies are owned by a handful of huge corporations even if the food isn’t tested inappropriately chances are another product associated with the company is. Yes this applies to many of the “natural” “organic” foods etc. It is not a requirement to actually scientifically ensure adequate nutrition these products are 99 marketing. The short answer is please feed a diet which is healthy for your pet has research including longterm effects to support the food and do not purchase foods such as IAMS. I am a little bothered by the emotional extreme nature of some of these posts. I have to wonder which side these people are really on threats “hate” are not successful methods of instigating change. You cannot end violence with violence. Please educate yourself then educate others and put both your money your mouth where they count. “Liberating” lab animals is potentially a very cruel action serves to alienate the average person from animal welfare concerns. Showing IAMS videos is much more effective give the people the information they need to make informed choices rather than giving them a confusing circus act.

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    i forgot to add this to my last blog my mom knows how much time and effort i spend on these issues esp. Iams but yet even thou she knows what they do to the animals and it breaks my heart she still buys Iams for her dogs i think because she knows it pisses me off the last few time i threw the boxes out so she hides them now and whn i see bones laying around i throw them out she says she does not care there cheap and they like them id like to take her on a tour of a “torture facility” then maybe she would change her mind!! isnt that mean of her??

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    this update gave me goosebumps because Iams is one of the companies i wrote endless letters to whomever i could and then to hear this i am so excited and could cry and when i am actively doing things to try and change the world it makes me feel as though i do have a purpose and i am clearly doing my part!! sunshine stevens point wi

  • Barry Faires says:

    I am more than happy to report that a large pet food store in Vancouver B.C. Canada has rid its stocks of all IAMS products. The Auschwitz of animal food companies will no longer have its products sold in our store. IAMS and Proctor and Gamble are a blight on civilized society. We will no longer believe your lies. We have an active campaign against IAM’S atrocities. We will not stop until all stores in Vancouver and adjoining cities are IAMS free. That’s all there is to that.

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Iwas feeding Iams to all of my dogs. I stoped feeding it. I stopped to buy any products from Proctor and Gamble. God cries seeing how this corporation treats his creatures!!!!

  • Ruthanne Lucas says:

    That is totally cruel disgusting and unnecessary. I will alert every pet owner I know and will never buy Iams again

  • greta says:

    I have told folks for years about P and G and their evil ways. Call them they will deny any of this. Then they will send a little letter saying how great they are. We don’t have P and G products in our home. Our vet said that iams get the dog hooked on this meat flavor in their dog food and to get the dog to switch is a nightmare. The high quantity of meat in the food shuts down a dog’s liver faster. The vet knows he worked for NASA. God Bless Anna my heart goes out to her and her family.

  • Danielle says:

    RODRIGO!!!! Read this Nutro food also tests on animals!!! I fed it to my cat for years until I found out. PETA has somewhere on their website all of the food companies that don’t test on animals. You should check it out it really helped me.

  • Rebecca Martin says:

    well…i quit feeding my cats iams about a year ago and was thinking about using it again…NOT….neverever again will I purchase their food..this just totally sickens me!!!!!And to think I subscribe to their email list and see how they portray animals on that site..I hate LIARS and FAKES….

  • susan miller says:

    i have known about this situation with iams foods for a very long time. i am also a activist for animals. when i wrote to iams to stop their cruel treatment on the animals they wrote me back saying they no longer do this. what a bunch of liers. so i sent the letter to peta. i also boycotted iams at all the stores. so i now hope that something will be done to stop this.

  • wendy lee says:

    Thank you for shedding light about PG’s cruel animal tests. I used to ignorantly buy many of their products. I’ll make sure I don’t anymore. Unless they stop experimenting on defenseless animals and people.

  • Lynn says:

    there is much information on pet food. A good resource is the Animal Protection Institute website they have information on what is “really” in dog food. Also the book titled “Food Pets die For shocking facts about pet food” by Martin Messonnier. Euthanized animals of all kinds dogs cats from shelters zoo animals are ground up and added to pet foods. Also domestic animals that are not fit for human consumption are used. This means diseased “downed” and dead are all used. All animal parts are used including feathers hooves beaks etc. I believe that the company that makes Hill’s Science diet either donates or gives a significant discount to vets. This is not a “quality” dog food either. But people think it is because it is carried in a vet’s office. Some other quality dog foods include Innova Paul Newman’s Wysong Natural Balance. Marlo’s statement is accurate.

  • Michelle says:

    I am outraged at this info I am just recieving as I sit and look at a bag of Iams for my boxer and believe you me I will be changing her diet to another form of dog food I also have an american bulldog who I feed science diet large breed I think Ill switch her to that.. Thank you for the heads up and keep on investigating!!!

  • Tatum says:

    Someone asked for a dog food that does not test on animals. The one I use is Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance. I added the link that explains they NEVER test on animals.

  • Ana says:

    A digression I was horrified to find out from the locals in small towns in the mountains of Romania that bears are fed routinely dog food in order to keep their numbers high for hunters foreigners and the rich Romanian business elite like to use modern guns on animals guns and hunting were banned for 50 years in Rom but now they are back in style. I was told that many of the bears have diabetes now as a result of the bad food they are given since locals find them dead in the forests from infections with rotten teeth etc unless they are hunted.

  • Della Oliver says:

    The only way to stop Iams is to get them where it hurts in the pocketbook. If everyone stopped buying their products they would have no recourse but to stop animal testing. The people who engage in this barberic practice of testing on animals are COWARDS. Anyone who harms one hair on an animal will answer one day to the Almighty. What goes around comes around.

  • lande says:

    Thanks Peta for keeping me so well informed I had never heard of this IAM’s here in belgium but FOR SURE am going to check in shops idem for ” haracuba”sp if there is a way you could send me some liflets I would be happy to support you and THE PETS and share these info with “potential” customers who are in the black . Greetings

  • CVFA.UK says:

    When it comes to the ultimate BAD SCIENCE IAMS and PC come to mind first ! Each time I go out to shop I take my BOYCOTT IAMS stickers with me and I stick them on each and every one of their products on the shelf so hopefully more people will become aware of the torture that goes on behind closed doors to keep our pet’s healthy ! Pretty bad research policy isn’t it !?

  • Audrey Carpenter says:

    I got the same response as all the others when I wrote to the Iams President I actually got a packet of literature back about PETA “misinforming” and “exaggerating” the complaints against IAMS. Well with the USDA Animal Welfare Violations now public I was able to rewrite to the IAMS president and tell him his company was caught in a lie. I told him I still will not buy Iams or any Iamsrelated products and that I sincerely hope the USDA nails them when it comes time to face these charges. And I did use that exact wording. I am a Christian and I tithe to PETA. I believe in their work so much that I am very active with donations and letter writing. I will continue to pray for the staff at PETA. Proverbs 1210 says “A good man cares for the welfare of his animals.” Thanks PETA for caring. Baltimore Maryland

  • Vanessa azevedo says:

    I will tell everybody I know about this your doing a wonderful job thank’s

  • Michelle says:

    I just want to thank everybody at PETA for their hard work in this investigation. I don’t think that you could be thanked enough. Your persistence is starting to really pay off. I am constantly informing people the truth about iams and the all the rest of the proctor and gamble products. You guys are truly making a difference for these animals. Michelle

  • Susan O'Keefe says:

    In this day and age How can you justify the cruel inhumane way you treat an animal that just wants to be loved. Shame on you. All I can say is i hope one day a child of yours or some other family member gets sick and is treated the way you feel is OK to treat the animals.SHAME AGAIN.I am in Animal rescue in Australia. I will never purchase your products will urge others to do the same.

  • Kenan says:

    Way to go PETA!!!!! Finally everyone will now the sick truth about IAMS i hate thier food and never buy it. My big reason is that a couple of years ago i tried IAMS on my dog to see if he would like it. He was at the vets office the very next morning with foam coming out of his mouth. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I really hope that this company either stops animal testing or shuts down for good Once again way to go!!

  • Linda Nacca says:

    There is nothing that I hate more in this world than cruelty to animals of any sort including experiment labs killshelters.All of you posted some great posts.Thank You Bless your heart.I wouldnt be surprized if they teamed up with The Humane Society of The United States.I dont believe they can be trusted either but thats another story.I would like to tell everyone a home made diet for your dogs.I’ve raised over 60 dogs in the past own 15 now.The diet is as follows Rice easier to digest than cornmixed with some veggiesno salt peas are favored boiled only beefliver or boneless chicken if desired for flavor.Cool completely.Depending on size14 small bowls daily throughout the day.We make a potful store in little bowls in the fridgemicrowave or warm on stove then cool to room temperature as needed.I had a dog that ate this his entire life recommended by a good vet for a dog I once had because the dog did not have a working pancreus.He lived a good long healthy life with energy to the end.My two brothers I have decided to go back to this diet for all of our dogs be done with all the dogfoods that may be more harmful than good with all the dyes additives all the abuse that goes into them. Thank You Peta all its supporters.We ARE making a difference.Let us all do whatever we can for all the animals who suffer.Animals have feelings love in their hearts. Sincerely Linda Nacca Rochester NY USA

  • Carroll Hall says:

    Sorry to let Peggy Johns know that Iams Company in Dayton Ohio is also the producer of Eukanuba Food. I have been feeding my German Shepherd Eukanuba for 9 years but will definitely switch and my daughter has already switched to another brand and her 3 dogs are doing just great !! Who needs Iams? Not us not now since finding out about the cruelties inflicted on poor innocent souls that only look for affection and will shower us with love unconditionally. Shame on you at Iams you have no hearts at all!!

  • Candy Jones says:

    This is for Rodrigo Feb.28 222PM. I worked at a pet store for 5 years. The owner was a brillient man and animal lover. He taught me how to read the animal food bag ingredients to tell which one was good and which one was bad. The way to tell a good dog food is by which ingredients are listed reading the ingredients. If you look on your bag on Nutro you will find corn meal as one of the first ingredients. As you know ingredients are listed by the most promenent ingredient to the least. Corn meal gives animals gas and is extremely hard for them to digest. Plain and simple it is FILLER. There are many Holistic animal foods available that are not animal tested. Nutro would probably run close to last as my choice for my dog. Please check the ingredients before you buy and if corn meal is either listed as 1 2 or 3 keep looking. Go to the internet and look up Holistic dog foods. You will get a list to choose from. Good luck. And make sure it is not animal tested.

  • Robin Rincon says:

    I wrote to Iams a month or so ago after reading about this in your newsletter. Received a reply of complete denial from Iams stating that PETA was using footage that was 7 to 10 years old and from another animal lab. This is the kind of stuff that keeps the average citizen confused. I’ll be happy to share the email reply I received with anyone that would like to see it. I have simply decided to stay away from Iams regardless.

  • Bill Morris says:

    Could someone please send me a list if you have one of all the major brands the parent company sells. This company should feel the financial impact of their own cruelty. We all need to make sure we are not supporting the parent company with any of their products. I think it is also a good idea to write our local and federal officials so companies like this can be held responsilbe for the cruel treatment they provide to animals. The USDA also needs to hear that we as pet owners and lovers of animals appriciate their actions. If they get feedback and know we do appriciate their actions they will take cases such as this more serious in the future.

  • Kristen says:

    Hi I found a great dog and cat food product that does not test on animals. It is called Natural Balance. It is made by Dick van Patten if anyone can remember Eight is Enough. It is all natural no by products no corn fillers for all breed and life stages and does NOT TEST ON ANIMALS. This company donates food to animals shelters on a consistent basis. I am against Iams testing policies that I found a side job giving out free samples and coupons of Natural Balance pet food. The pet store I work in no longer carries Iams. Maybe this will help anyone on a mission. This food even caters to animals with certain food allergies. Check the Natural Balance website for further info. Thank you for your time.

  • beverly says:


  • Giselle says:

    Wow! I had no idea a company that prides itself on making pet food which claims to prolong the life of your pet was actually abusing and killing other poor innocent animals in the process! I am deeply saddened and outraged! I have a dog and a cat and I could never imagine them victims of such a cruel fate! Iamsyou are not only hippocrites but monsters shame on you! I will never buy your products again and I will spread the word to everyone I know to do the same! To think I just got through protesting for dogs and cats abused in other countries as well as medical labs in this country. I never thought our precious pets would be threatened by of all people a pet food company! When will the cruelty for all living things be replaced with empathy and compassion? Thank You PETA for your ongoing commitment to protecting animals everywhere!

  • Raymond Oliver says:

    I recently put my Dog on a Science Diet and saw Iams products in the Store. I remembered the name Iams from Peta and decided No I will not buy Iams Products. I hate Animal Cruelty and experimentation I have urged all my friends to never buy Iams Products again under any circumstances. It’s name is tainted forever.

  • Janice says:

    I just emailed Cesar Milan’s web site.I am not impressed with him promoting Iams !! It will be interesting to see if I receive a reply.

  • Janice says:

    Are there any bumper stickers availabledishing Iams?

  • Marianna DiGioia says:

    Proctor Gamble is the definitive conglomerate corporation that its core foundation is based on animal exploitation and abuse. Iams Eukanuba Oil of Olay Secret Pantene Aussie Crest Clairol Cheer Dawn Era Fabreeze Gilette Braun Cover Girl Max Factor Tampax Always Ivory Gain Tide Era Bounce these are just some of the morally corrupt and degenerate companies under the PG umbrella. Each of these companies and more that I have not listed are directly responsible for the torture and death of millions of animals over the years. These companies hide their dirty secrets behind their wholesome marketing campaigns and their huge advertising budgets. They control your television and radio airtime more than you know. They have most of this country brainwashed into believing their family oriented we care for you mantras of deceit. The only thing PG cares about is its profits while thinking nothing of all the years its racked up in abusing testing torturing and killing animals. Remember folks every dollar you spend is a vote for the future. When you are not aware of all the companies that PG controls you can inadvertently support Iams Cruelty which is just part and parcel of the greater PG Cruelty. Please give your dollars to companies that support nonviolence crueltyfree companies that create products that are also gentle on our Mother Earth. After all if these horrific companies have to test all their products on animals they are usually products that shouldnt be used on humans. Please go to and find out how many companies belong to Proctor Gamble and BOYCOTT THEM ALL!!

  • daylight 365 says:

    Casey is starting out where I did saving the whales 35 years ago. It’s obviously a lifelong undertaking but ever so meaningful and urgent. Keep up the good work Daylight365

  • arielle kushman says:

    Can anyone recommend a few brands of vegan cat food that I can buy for my cat? Thank you! P.S. Good work PETA.

  • ROBERT says:

    Now that I’m informed I will never ever buy Iams products again even if they change their practices. It’s too late they disgust me!

  • rosemary packard says:

    This is just horrible news! A petfood company doing this to animals. I will tell everyone never to buy Iams food. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Jen says:

    Congrats to everyone who has worked tirelessly on this cause!! I know I stopped buying Iams a long time ago when I first heard about this. I know feed my boys Holistic Blend and they love it. By the way to anyone feeding their dogs Eukenuba check the back of the bag and you’ll find it’s an Iams company!! So we need to boycott this brand also.

  • Luna says:

    A few months ago when I first read about IAMS I shot out an email to the company. I received a lengthy letter back. It was not your typical “form” letter either. I got a link to the “official” site and I watched videos that showed BEAUTIFUL accomodations for the cats dogs IAMS keeps. I swear I wanted to move on in! Sunny spacious kitty furniture to rival people furniture hudge glass windows with perches attached animals were groomed to the hilt fat snoozing shiny coated cats with content expressions pretty little food and water bowls ect.ect. You all get the jist. I was painted a picture of HEAVEN for the furry cats and dogs. I know it was not a fraud. Am I to believe that this video was only shot for people like me that write in enraged about IAMS abusing animals? They went to a lot of trouble to cover up their tracks believe you me. The letter also went into details about how the reports were wrong and IAMS went to no lengths verballyvisually to convince me that they LOVE their cats dogs. It makes me sick to know that this company will go to no lengths to cover up the ugliness that goes down beyond the pretty video tape! Get IAMS and run them up the flagpole for the entire world to see their lies and abuse!

  • TG says:

    Fantastic! I am so glad! You guys at PETA are doing an amazing job in saving the lives of animals. I was shocked to hear about IAMS and Protor Gamble what an autrocity for such a nationally recognized company to get caught up with. I now tell all my friends not to buy iams or protor products at least until they stop doing tests on animals. Why don’t they do the tests on themselves? According to them they act as if there’s nothing wrong with the tests so hey let the scientists do the tests on the CEO and see how he feels.

  • Rhonda says:

    I have not bought any P G products for YEARS because of their animal testing. And as far as Iams or almost any commercial pet food…it is almost ALL made from rejected animal parts diseased parts etc. You can buy several GREAT brands at most larger health food stores. Most are not real expensive just slightly more than Iams and I feel my pet is well worth it. It comes out to being only a few cents more per serving. A few good brands of healthy pet food are Azmira Innova Wellness California Natural Natura. A very good info source about pet food and pet health in general is “The Real Safety Guide to Pet Health”. You can buy it from I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

  • Marilyn says:

    It is horrendous what IAMS did to these poor animals. It broke my heart watching the clips. I did not know about thisbut thank you PETA for educating me and helping me see the cruel things these companies do behind closed doors.I wish someone would treat those people the way they treated those poor animals.