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Lab Used By Iams Busted

Written by PETA | February 15, 2007


I’ll keep you posted, as details become available, but in the meantime, remember to join these folks in the Iams boycott and only feed your dogs and cats food from cruelty-free companies.

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  • Mary Beth Binder says:

    EUKANUBA is also manufactured by IAMS it is stated clearly on the label. Please view the link for “cruelty free companies” http://www.iamscruelty.comnotTested.asp for a better substitution. I am also a petsitter and animalrights advocate and will forward this info. to my clients as well as to my vet’s office.

  • Robert says:

    I knew about this 3 years ago thanks to peta.I told all of my friends and coworkers and they were shocked.None of then buy Iams anymore.Hope they lose all their customers. Robert

  • Cherish says:

    GO PETA! Thank you for spreading the word. It’s about time everybody found out the horror of PG!

  • Debbie says:

    I never buy any dog food with lamb

  • Beverly says:

    How IRONIC!! A number of years ago when my Cat Sam was still alive I wanted to give him the “Best” food I could possibly find And like most of us that usually meant spending a bit more. So Off to the pet store I went to buy “the Best Food” I could find or so I thought. The most expensive was more like it. I bought Iams because it was just about the most expensive pet food available next to Eukanuba. But ironically enough he wouldn’t touch it! And no my Sammy was not a very finicky eater. I just thought I would share that. I think he must have known animals were tortured in the process or something like that. And in case you’re curious I bought a MidPriced brand at the same store he chowed down!

  • Karen Mermel says:

    I’ve been crusading against Iams for years and most folks at the pet food stores when they hear what IamsProctor and Gamble do to animals they don’t buy either. I’ll keep fighting and educating.



  • cara says:

    i really hope this goes through i stopped buying iams a long time ago…..its sooo sad what these poor animals have to go through. i’d love to take these “iams” people and hack off thier thigh muscles

  • Vicki says:

    Please let people like Peggy Johns who wrote 22007 know that Eukanuba is an Iams product. I wrote to Iams too and got their pretty “it’s all misinformation” statement which I forwarded to PETA. I’m now using Nutro food for my cat and dogs and putting print outs about Iams on the shelves of my local pet food stores. I’ve also let HEB’s main headquarters know about this. Thank you PETA.

  • Rodrigo says:

    How can one company have so many different brands? It worries me because it’s hard to boycott a company when there’s limited info regarding what brands belong to that company. Iams could change name tomorrow the owners could just start another company and avoid the bad press just look at the above Eukanuba confusion. Yes Eukanuba is an Iams product. Iams could easily create an animal friendly company and repackage their old food. How many other brands are linked directly or indirectly to Iams? It’s just hard to keep up not everyone has the time to investigate 20 or more brands. An interesting subject for discussion would be what company is the most humane so that we can buy from that. A good company would be one that has an opendoor policy so that the state or even private citizens could visit and see the production process.

  • shannon morgan says:

    I found out several months ago about PG’s TOTALLY unnecessary when is it not? Never. Especially on cosmetics dog food or chemicals. Or anything else IMO. But dog food???????? OMG! I too went to their site to lodge a complaint and got their incredible LIES! One statement in particular stated that “we treat these pets exactly as we would treat our own”!!!!!!!!!! And as for testing on other people’s pets well what kind of person would let someone do that to their beloved pets???? Duh. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that’s a LIE. Especially AR activists!!!!!! I abhor PG the worst offenders of vivisection next to HLS and Covance.

  • Susan Mireles says:

    I’ve typed this before The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan uses Iams. check out his website on National Geographic.

  • Kerri says:

    I found this out by picking up a brochure by PETA about IAM’s at a dog park in Portland Oregon. If there are dog parks around any of you this is a great place to put brochures! I hope this effort forces change at IAM’s. Thank you.

  • vivienne says:

    You have to be very careful with Proctor and Gambles policy statements because they are full of spin. For example if their policy says that they will no longer kill cats and dogs in their experiments it doesn’t rule out them killing other kinds animals. Iam’s UK were asked a very clear question over the killing of other species of animals and it turned out that at that time they were conducting experiments on chickens which resulted in death. If Iam’s were going to be so clear about their experiments why have they taken alot of them inhouse now and why don’t they let PETA in to see how the animals are treated. My guess is that they are using the Humane Society as a publicity stunt are they giving the Humane Society money or free food I don’t know but you have to ask these questions. Will the Humane Society have access to check on the animals inside the Iams labs can the Humane Society be trusted. In the UK we have the RSPCA who have refused to have anything to do with Iam’s ie selling their product in it’s shelters or receiving any form of sponsorship because Iam’s were caught out lying. Also the people that Iam’s employ have no idea what is going on aswell when I phoned Iam’s UK the receptionist said she would never work for a company that experimented on animals and when I explained what I knew she burst out crying so the people you talk to at the call centres are usually in the dark aswell. Remember Iams have employed some of the best spin advertising agencies in the world. I have spoken to many pet food manufactures in the UK and it was well known inside the industry that Iam’s conducted the worst invasive procedures. I personally wouldn’t believe a word they come out with and I would always check with Peta if you are confused over any of their policy statements. Remember you have to always read between the lines.

  • sheila kirste says:

    I’m shocked that most of you are so nieive. 40 years ago my father raised shepherds and mother raised poodles never would they think of feeding a comercial dog food to them.My father took me to the dog food plant that supplyed all of the major dog food outlets only to put diffenet labels with different ingredients in them but meanwhile it was all the same from the same place. when we got to the plant it was in Chiliwack B.C. with a tractor they were dragging dead cows horses pigs into the plant.these animals someof them were dead for days and more. some had no limbs heads you name it and it all went into our dog food. nothing has changed or yes it has it has gotten worse. I know for a fact that the plants go and get all the old donuts and crap that the stores don’t use back into our food chain. Packaging and all goes into the big mixer. nothing is left out I mean if they dragged a n old cow in from the dairy and if it had a needle still in it the whole bloody thing would be thrown in. and people don’t know why their dogs are dieing from cancers. Yes the vets know but are paid big bucks to try to keep your dog or cat or pet alive just like the doctor is keeping us alive while the pharmicutical companies are killing us. how can we start opening up these dog food distrivutors. and their crime.

  • Marlo says:

    Just feed your dog vegan food. I have recently switched and she likes it better. She is healthier and has more energy. Switch!!! All dog food companies unless they are vegan are cruel to animals… This is ridiculous. The gluttoney of the world is killing my heart.

  • Kristin Otto says:

    I just went on Proctor Gambels website and read about their animal testing policies. They are stating that now they are teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States and that starting in Oct. 2006 most of the feed testing will be done on animals in their own homes or in organizations such as shelters and training facilities. Does anyone have an idea if this is true? It seems if Proctor and Gamble are partnering with the Humane Society the Humane Society would make sure the animals are treated well. I mean they can’t have their name backing this if nothing is being done to make it better. I am confused!!

  • Susan Mireles says:

    Someone needs to tell The Dog Whisperer about this! He is using Iams on his website!

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for notifying me of this cruelty. We can make it happen with knowledge. Anyone could have to purchase these produts do to ignorance.

  • Nancy says:

    Pamela Thank you very much for your post which does indeed prove that a relatively small effort can mage a huge impact!

  • oscar says:

    disgusting! i would never have imagined a pet food company treats animals the way they are. i will NEVER buy Iams again. I will be writing my local food and pet stores that sell Iams and inform them accordingly. Thank you for the info. I will help spread the word! oscar from florida

  • Linda says:

    This is soooo terrible. I hate them. Why we dont just go do to them what they do to the poor animals. Some of the info made me cry. Like really cry!

  • koko says:

    wow this sicks watr we gonna do?

  • Molly Clapp says:

    hi my name is molly and my family feeds our dog Od’Y iams iv stoped feeding him iams and he acctually feels more active! Ban IAMS!!!

  • izzabizzykitty says:

    Iams sucks and i will tell all of my friends and everyone in my school never to buy it. This abuse is WRONG!wE SHOULD SUE OR STEAL THOSE SICK SUFFERING ANIMALS FROM THOSE hanis people! I did a speech on animal testing and abuse and i hope that helped…..

  • Barbara Taylor says:

    Where can I get a list of dry and wet cat food companies that PETA support?

  • Lionel says:

    Posted by Jane February 20 2007 0923 AM I am shocked to hear about IAMS’ animal cruelty. It is supposed to be a leader in the animal food business. I feed my cat IAMS because I was told by a vet that it was the best food on the market. I will now switch to Eukanuba unless I hear something detrimental about them also. Better do your research. Eukanuba is made by the same company

  • Silje says:

    Peggy Isn’t Eukanuba also in the Iamscompany? I can’t see it will be any better to buy Eukanuba.

  • Ash says:

    Does anyone have Iam’s email or address I want to send them a letteremail.

  • vivienne says:

    Hi I’m from the UK I still give out leaflets to anyone I see buying Iam’s in the supermarket. Every person who I have approached over the years is always shocked at the information. Interestingly Iam’s used to sponsor a massive stand at the Supreme cat show which is our equivalent to Cruft’s in the Uk but they were getting so much hassle from people that they couldn’t face it any more. The show organisers allowed a group called Uncaged which is a small anti vivisection group to have a small stand at the show they continually showed the video so you can imagine the uproar as many people kept going over to the Iam’s stand insisting on their explanations for treating the animals so badly. Iam’s tried through financial pressure to stop Uncaged having a stand at the Supreme but the organisers decided that in the interest of fairness they should have a stand. It was a very interesting situation and has worked very well over the years. Uncaged will probably have a stand again there this year in November. The organisers said that the only stipulation was that uncaged couldn’t approach the Iam’s stand they didn’t need to as the general public did this for them it was so funny as Iam’s completely overreacted and employed lots of security guards who looked like they were in the film men in black this completly backfired because all these big angry looking men dressed in black suits didn’t make the stand look inviting at all it made them look even more guilty this was all vey silly as Uncaged are a very peaceful group and were only giving out the information to the public anyway this now is academic because Iam’s took their bat home and cancelled their stand a couple of years ago. I thought you would be interested in this story because it proves that a little action can have a huge effect.

  • pamela says:

    que pasa gente that is muy bien news because it is about time that the iams company is held responsible for their the way what ever happend to covance?

  • kezia says:

    I am totally shocked and disgusted by this news. I will never buy iams food again. Thank you PETA for let us know the truth.

  • jennifer says:

    that is what KILL my pet dog. my dogs doc said that my dog is eating somthing and it was killing my dog

  • Kate McGovern says:

    ANIMAL TESTING IS THE NORM FOR PROCTOR GAMBLE! Proctor Gamble owns over 300 brands including Iams Pantene Pro VIamsEukanuba Pringles Always Head and Shoulders and Oil of Olay. I do not buy any of their brands bc the majority of their products ecspecially their beauty and personnal care products are tested on animals. It never ceases to amaze me that people will allow animals to suffer in the name of shampoo and makeup. It is not necessary! Write to Proctor Gamble and express your disgust about Iams and all the other brands they test on animals. Thanks


    IAMS should be shut down by the government! This company should not be selling food for cats and dogs while they torture others. I have a BOYCOTT IAMS bumper sticker taped on my back car window so people see what that company really is all about! BOYCOTT AND SHUT THEM DOWN!! NO MONEY NO MORE IAMS NO MORE TORTURE!!!

  • Alice says:

    Thanks for your ongoing work. When we went vegan so did our dog Odin. He loves his vegan chow and it is so much healthier.

  • Shelby says:

    well I sent an email to Iams basically telling them that what they were doing was wrong and I would never buy their products ever again and I would also tell everyone I know not to.. well they just sent me an email Feb. 21 telling me those reports were false and how well they take care of their animals and sent me pics of their animals and a video.. in the video you could tell it was all an act.. and they gave me a number to call if I wanted to talk to someone about this.. which I will be calling when they open tomorrow.. I can’t believe they got caught doing something like this on Feb 15 but sent me an email after they got caught telling me it was all a lie.. not happy

  • christine says:

    wow i had no idea even as a vet tech of one of the largest small animal hospitals on the east coast! My mom and i have used iams for our pets for over 20 years and i can say i have bought my last bags of dog and cat food after hearing this news.I’ll be sure to spread the news!

  • Tammy says:

    What does this type of experiementproduct proclaim that it is making a better product but killing its own reason for making. What would it be like if we put children adults and elderly people on a metal sheet and started poking and cutting we would be hit with life in prison even death for such acts. These people need a serious protest in front of there labs we need to break in and free all these helpless animals and stick them in those cages and torture them and see what there reaction would be.

  • julieb says:

    I have told EVERY ONE I know about IAMS and they have all either stopped buying or will never buy their food! A local radio station used to do psa’s for them until I wrote a letter to every employee who works there I haven’t heard an ad since!!!

  • Janet LoCascio RN says:

    well after reading this i’ll never buy IAMS pet products or food for my animals. What kind dog food is good to buy ? Let me know please PETA. Thank you for all your good work. from an animal lover JKL

  • Peggy Johns says:

    I am shocked to hear about IAMS’ animal cruelty. It is supposed to be a leader in the animal food business. I feed my cat IAMS because I was told by a vet that it was the best food on the market. I will now switch to Eukanuba unless I hear something detrimental about them also.

  • Jane says:

    As a pet sitter I inform all my clints about the cruelty that has been going on at Iams.

  • linda g says:

    this abuse to animals must stop…you can test other ways. why them. would you take people who are on there death bed and experiment on them. you slime balls at iams have no heart. i hope your firm goes bankrupt. linda from new jersey

  • Gracie says:

    So many people have no idea about IAMs. Their advertising is so slick and sweet how could you not believe them? Thanks for letting us know the real story.

  • jennie says:

    I will never let anyone buy your food again

  • pcb says:

    Not so long ago I wrote to IAMSCEOPresident expressing my concerns about it’s treatment and conduct towards dogs and cats. In the email I wrote I explained to them that the experiements they perfrom are unnecessary unethical and quite sadistic. I also explained to them that there are alternatives and more humane methods available since other competitive dogcat food brands have no need for animal experiementation. One experiement I read about whether this is true or not is a Pregnant Cat that had her stomach and her unborn baby kittens removed during a experiement to find the nutrtional value in new IAMS foods I told them I was quite alarmed to read about dogscats that get infecteddiseased through surgical procedures and not only do technicans fail to administer any pain relief but also fail to monitor the animal’s condition. They wrote back IAMS saying most of the information that’s been read or heard about is “misconcepted and inaccurate” as standards in laboratories have improved and the animals receive social and psychological enrichment by being let out of cages on a daily basis. I think in someways this is a lie since I still read about the awful experiements that undercover investigators have discovered at their labs.

  • K says:

    Score! The news has been showing Anna Nicole’s “For the Love of Dogs Boycott IAMS” ad. I hope people will be curiousintrigued by her AR work and will want to help support her cause to keep her spirit alive.

  • kelly says:

    What could the executives at Iams be thinking? What could Proctor Gamble be thinking? It is sheer business STUPIDITY and branding suicide to do this experimentation. It seems like it’s only a stubborn and wifull CEO who wants to keep this up So many people stopped buying Iams because of this and the brand now has an ugly negative taint

  • lindsey boyle says:

    finally more than three years later. let’s hope something great comes from this like testing on those people and cutting chunks out of their legs. okay not really but it’s about freakin time they got caught! thanks peta!