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Kevin Costner Wants to Help

Written by PETA | June 10, 2010


Kudos to Kevin Costner. Haunted by images of the animals who were covered in oil after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, Kevin has been funding a team of scientists for the past 15 years to develop a device that can help clean up oil spills by separating oil from ocean water. BP tested six of these machines last month in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently the company was impressed by the machines’ nearly 100 percent success rate at separating oil from water, because it has just ordered 32 more. Our hats are off to Kevin for his compassion and generosity. We hope that his machines will save many animals by preventing more oil from reaching the shore.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Barbara says:


  • diane says:

    Kevin Costner and your brother who stays humbly in the sidelines on behalf of humanity and life everywhere on this beautiful and troubled planet words can’t say thankyou enough. May your lives continue to be blessed as you bless others around you with the very real and authentic help you have provided in the gulf and elsewhere.

  • Susan says:

    Thank You Kevin I pray you can do the miracle of getting past all the red tape and lack of help from the slow process of the so called people in charge…! I can NOT understand why they have not plugged the hole or CAPPED THE PIPE instead they seem to be more interested in what they can get out of it…! I am angry with poluticions and they are getting money to promote advertising instead of hiring people to clean it up… I see that PETA has people calling for a lawsuit against BP over the cruelty to animals and fish and wildlife if those funds go to helping and saving them I am all for it but if those funds only going to wadding people pockets in the process I am even more angry…! Again I Thank You Kevin for pushing forward and against those who are not helping…!

  • Sarah Hakcer says:

    It is such a BLESSING to see that there is still wonderful people in hollywood spending their money on the true things that matter in life.If only there were more like him our prayers and thanks to Mr.Costner.

  • alan hudgens says:

    Kevin this is the real Field of Dreams.Thanks for all the moneyresearch and dedication to such a great cause. I would gladly play on your team in any situation. May God Bless You and your tireless efforts…Amen Sincerely Alan Hudgens Easley S.C.

  • Vera Aragao says:

    Thank you very very much to be so human and good to the animals that are suffering. Im very happy Vera. Brasil.

  • Angela Long says:

    Thank you Mr. Costner for caring so much about animals who cannot ask for help. You are an amazing manactor. Much love to you for such a selfless act. You are making a difference and I appreciate it! Angela

  • Susan Oppikofer says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Clare Bailey says:

    It is an honor for me to share the planet with you the PETA staff and all the other humans that are contributing to our well being and happiness. Those who contribute an antidote to suffering like yourself in this particular case are especially good company. Thank you for your effort. Clare Bailey Seattle

  • chander kumar soni says:

    love you k.c.

  • Diana Vancea says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts! I know it makes a big difference!

  • Sonia Fey says:

    I thank you so much Kevin for helping all those without a voice who did not asked to be there….. May God blesse you…… and thank you my friend….. Sonia

  • JOe MAc says:

    I mentioned to BP twice my idea yo have the US navy topedo the well in the Gulf until the soil falls on it. It will stop it.I am convinced. But BP are doing Nothing and Not Listening to anybody’s ideas!!

  • Bob & Flora Stewart says:

    GREAT GOING KEVIN..!! There are brass filters that you’re probably aware of that with gravity can also separate oil from water.. But probably too slow and you’re probably aware of the filters anyway.. DIDN’T KNOW you were motivated by pictures of animals suffering at Valdez.. We need more wonderful human beings in the world like you.. SINCEREST THANKS Bob Flora Stewart Carolann Mozzoni

  • Bonnie says:

    Kevin my words of thanks for all that you are doing are certainly not enough. I am proud to be an American when people like you are helping with the environment and especially the Gulf Oil Spill. I saw you on Larry King the other night and I wanted to cry. Thank you and let us all wish for your success in stopping this grave disaster.

  • Elizabeth Jalloway says:

    Mother Earth Thanks You Mr. Costner.

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you Kevin Costner it seems for the first time someone has created a device that can help in cleaning up these horrible oil spills that ravage the innocent animals and the earth.

  • Diane says:

    Thanks kevin! Why cant BP look into New Zealand kiwi genuity who has a solution which was on 2020 last night.They have a great idea and it seems to be exactly what BP needs to look at! Why not try!Better than nothing!

  • Doris says:

    Bravo Kevin Costner! I wish there were more compassionate people taking such action.

  • Alicia N. says:

    Thanks Mr. Kevin Costner you are not just an amazing actor but an amazing human being.

  • curtis says:

    This Is amazing technology once the thing or monster is plug completely they are going to need all the devices from costner plus all of those bioremediation formulas from those bio remediation companies too. Two heads are always better than one thanks and good day.

  • Terri Hughes says:


  • Amitava says:

    Respected Costnerwhen man does something great we applaud. When man does greater we give standing ovation. But how do we salute a man who far exceeds the word greatest? While typing this comment I searched heard in my brain. The only expression of my brain that came out was tears of joy!

  • Herbert says:

    Make us proud Kevin…..well done.

  • Jeannette Turner says:

    Indeed thank you very much Kevin Costner. The Lord who sees your good deeds will reward you for it. Yours sincerely Jeannette Turner

  • Carol says:

    Kevin just do it and help all of these innocent animals that have NOTHING to do with oil and just want to live. PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • Marge Brennan says:

    Kevin you are a true American there should be more caring people out there like you

  • Teruyo says:

    I enjoyed all of your movies and now knew to you are really inteligencecreator to whos can help there by safly… I hope you sucsess to all of them and be always well of your life with your family. Thank you so much for your activity.

  • Leslie S. says:

    Yay Kevin!

  • Anita says:

    Thank you Mr. Cosner for being caring having compassion and empathy enough to do all that you are doing to help animals and the environment. You are much more than an actor. You are the real definition of the word MAN.

  • Angela says:

    Kevin Costner is my HERO ! I have always liked the guy now that I know he cares for animals the way he does I have a greater respect for the man. Our government needs to learn from this tragedy start using alternative means of energy that won’t harm the environment our wildlife. The funding Mr Costner has been so generous to provide to develop a way to seperate the oil water will hopefully speed up the clean up.

  • Lisa Welch-Sweeney says:

    Way to go Kevin! Thank you for your insight and for caring so much about the wildlife and environment! If more people were like you maybe our planet could actually have hope for a better future…Love and Peace

  • Andi says:

    I only see 1 person above who actually “gets” what’s going on in what they’re calling the oil ‘spill.’ The oil corporations like BP control the gov’ment they have absolutely no interest in stopping the gusher most likely a volcano they exploded the rig over. They deliberately poisoned the animals with Monsanto’s neurotoxin chemical Corexit banned in the UK and deadly to aquatic life. They’re arresting photographers before they can take pictures of carcasses you think they want help??

  • Captain draiven says:

    Thank you very much for the foresight to work on a solution to a problem that happened previously. Your thought caring and generosity will help save so many helpless animals. This world needs more hero’s like you everyday. Again thank you from those you will save!!

  • Juanita Zeisntra says:

    A new hero joins the ranks of the Redfords. A hats off to Kevin Costner

  • silvia says:

    well! silvia italia

  • KIM CASERTA says:


  • Alicia Vázqu says:

    Thanks Kevin for being so generous you really make a huge difference versus the oblivious attitudes of the others. After Dances with wolves many people were enlightened and now you are showing the World what a Grand Human Being you are. Thanks Alicia MadridSpain

  • Jeanette Estrella says:

    No this is someone in hollywood that deserves TRUE respect!!! You r one super human being Mr. Costner!!!

  • ann says:

    Of all the people with loads of money I have not heard of ANY Hollywood folks who have put forward brains money toward the oil spill. Bravo Mr. Costner I have a new found respect for you.

  • Louise Vachon says:

    Many thanks Mr. Costner from the bottom of our hearts You are the real BODYGUARD of those innocent creatures that are suffering man’s greed. If BP plays with dangerous quantities of oil they should be able to face emergencies like this disaster. They are a shame to the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants. I salute you for your love of life and your generosity. We recognize the true strenght of a human being by its capacity to care for the abused and helpless. Man like you are an exemple to all of us and what is our great purpose here on earth. You are non only a heroe on screen but one biggest in life. We are proud of you beyond everything and we stand behind you all the way. In the name of all the poor animals that are the beauties and pride of creation. They surely are the ones that hold the truth and they have a lesson to teach to mankind. RESPECT LIFE AND THE EARTH OUR HOMELAND!!! Mr. Costner you are more than words can describe.

  • DJones says:

    Kevin already offered this to the US government but they REFUSED THE HELP. They don’t WANT the oil spill cleaned up. It is serving their purpose as it is! Don’t you people know that?

  • pv says:

    Thank you Kevin!! What can I do to help?

  • Luis Cruz says:

    You really inspire others as well as myself to become a difference in helping helpless creatures by leading the way with your great example. Thanks for being that one person who so far has made a significant difference in this confused world.