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Kesha Floods Nashville Animal Shelter With Kibble

Written by PETA | May 7, 2010


What’s the first thing that animal-friendly pop star Ke$ha did after flying in to her flooded hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, recently? She bought 1,000 pounds of dog and cat food and dropped it off at the Nashville Metro Animal Shelter! The guardian of five beloved rescued dogs, Ke$ha just had to help after hearing that the shelter was overwhelmed with animals who had been turned over by their guardians or abandoned in flooded homes without any food or drinking water following Tennessee’s historic floods. To help even more, Ke$ha is also holding a benefit concert with all proceeds going to help families and animals affected by the floods. Two paws up for your compassion, Ke$ha!

The flooding in Tennessee is a reminder that natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, so it’s vital to make emergency evacuation plans that include our animal companions. TVs, couches, and even homes are replaceable, but best friends aren’t!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Ryan says:

    There is vegan Kibble I hope you guys know. It’s in most stores. So who’s to say that the food wasn’t vegan?

  • morelia says:

    omg i love kesha i think what she did was really nice for the animals cuz no one really does anything for them but now somone did! go ke$ha!!

  • Sue says:

    I think it’s great that Ke$ha did this but as far as her being a great singer…NO. Also when she appeared on American Idol I think it was she put on this ridiculous American Indian type gaudy headdress which was very disrespectfulinsensitive.

  • Biggie Snuggs says:

    Only a true hater would gripe that Ke$ha’s compassionate gift “wasn’t vegan.” Way to go Ke$ha!! I wish other celebrities would follow in your footsteps!

  • Annie M says:

    Ok Ok get down off your high horses Ke$ha was obviously trying to assist where so few others are with the Nashville floods. So maybe PETA can let her know that the generous donation even though not vegan was a good intention and educate her on vegetarian vegan dog cat food.

  • Megumi says:

    Yay! Happy to hear there are celebrities that care about animals. Go Ke$ha!

  • kim jimenez says:

    omg i cant believe she did that i luv people like that i lov u kesha

  • Rad_Rosa says:

    I don’t like her but I give her props.

  • Nicole says:

    How cool that this story is online at the same time as the one of the ‘nosowimpykid’ who adopted a mangy dog from his local shelter! This is exactly the sort of thing that celebrities are supposed to be doing with their famemoney. Go Ke$ha!

  • Carla says:

    wow I really don’t like her as a singer but she has now proven her awesomeness D

  • Nick says:

    She’s not vegan and the food wasn’t vegan. PETA shouldn’t praise nonvegan actions even if they are wellintentioned.

  • Kim Reid says:

    WOOO!!!! about time a celebrity did something for the animals!!! thankyou Ke$ha!!! you have restored my hope that this cruelty will someday end.

  • Amanda says:

    Was it vegan dog kibble? Because if it isn’t she’s contributing to even more animal suffering. Shame on her.

  • Jed says:

    I wish Ke$ha’s music was as good as her relief efforts such as this.

  • andy says:

    you go girl!!!!! im so proud to be a Ke$ha fan after reading about this act of kindness!thank you!!

  • ninja activist says:

    You should check out

  • claire says:

    Wow its nice to see a celebrity that actually cares and doesn’t support puppy mills via pet shops.Kool.

  • Stephanie says:

    i love Ke$ha already as a singer and now i love her even more as a person! go Ke$ha!

  • Curtis says:

    Go Ke$ha!! Thanks for posting about this.

  • Aleksis says:

    So cool..definitely what I would be doing with my money and fame!

  • oceanworior says:

    it’s nice to see celebrities who care about the world.