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Written by PETA | March 14, 2007

KFC CO.pngHas a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Really rolls off the tongue. I think it has something to do with alliteration. Anyway, apparently Mayor Sean Ford, who rules over the Denver suburb of Commerce City with a firm but benevolent hand, has pooh-poohed his citizens’ attempt to expand the symbolic reach of their eager little town by changing its name to something with a little bit more punch. Well, since we here at PETA are always inspired by stories of communities working together to make their little corner of the world a better place—and, to be totally straight with you here, because we’re deadly serious about letting as many people as possible know exactly what KFC does to the hundreds of millions of chickens it kills every year—we’ve taken up their cause and put together a little petition to ask Mayor Ford to change his mind and change his city’s name … to, Colorado. It really does have a certain je ne sais quoi, doesn’t it? You can read our letter to the mayor here and sign the petition here.

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  • Michele says:

    PETA only resorts to “stunts” when people andor corporations refuse to listen to rational and simple explanations and recommendations. I became a PETA member 2 years ago and it has totally changed my life. Their staff and supporters are an amazing inspiration way to go PETA!!!!!!!

  • chantelle says:

    Personally I would much rather have peta pull its stunts look how much attention stupid stunts like “jackass” pull in we would be lucky for a fraction of that attention! people care about drama and any attention that can be brought to peta is GOOD attention I stumbled upon peta while on a stupid gossip website and instantly became vegitarian so lets not be to judgemental about putting our faith into stunts and gossip!

  • Sommer says:

    The attempt by the city to make a name change may be the best way to grab some attention on this matter while drawing the much needed attention to Commerce City. So the way I see it both parties may get their way. Way to go PETA!!

  • Jose says:

    I agree noone will take that seriously but people will talk about it. People are going to go to that website just out of curiosity. We’re not wackos we’re passionate. Besides well “behaved” people rarely make history. If people weren’t “radical” what would change? Keep rockin’ PETA!!!

  • veganlove says:

    well i like it it’s fun creative and my favorite style obnoxious. I also think PETA has to keep pushing the envelope such as their position on Steve Irwin. Sure he loved animals but everyone needs to be pushed to an even greater understanding about compassionlove towards animals. I also loved the PETA “eat roadkill” campaign as well as the naked stunts. What I love about PETA is that they can make me laugh and cry at the same time. And for damned sure those of us who are activistsanimals rights advocates who know about all of the horrific things humans do to animals need to be able to laugh now and then. This sign gave me a good jab ‘o’ laughter. we all know it won’t pass it’s the attempt that makes it into the news and gets the word out about the millions of terribly abused tortured miserable chickens who will be electrocuted throats slit and then BOILED ALIVE! you have to understand how mass media works and then you will know why PETA pulls the stunts they do….for the animals. also keep in mind most people find mass animal abusekilling to be a subject of no importance to them in their “busy” lives. so you have to bring it to them in a way that makes an impact…that’s IF you can get the media to cover this every day atrocity at all.

  • AnimalLib says:

    I honestly think it’s absurd. I’m a huge PETA supporter but come on you hardly think people are going to take us seriously if we think up such stupid ideas. Honestly it’s great that PETA doesn’t care but like I keep trying to tell you you have to calm down a bit stuff like this and the attack on Steve Irwin and when PETA told people to eat roadkill? Seriously we look like a bunch of clowns. It’s no wonder that people are so quick to not care. You’ve let the message get gargled through craziness. I believe that stunts are good but PETA really needs to change it’s image so we look like funloving people not absolute wackos.

  • K says:

    Omg! You guys are crazy.