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Jay Leno’s New Pleather Couches

Written by PETA | August 31, 2007

Did you happen to see The Tonight Show on Tuesday night? Leno unveiled his new set, which includes—drum roll please—a spiffy new set of pleather couches. Yes, pleather. Leno even made the comment that no animals were used to make them.

Maybe 2007’s Sexiest Vegetarian contest winner Kevin Eubanks had a little something to do with the switch to synthetic sofas . . .

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  • observer says:

    THANKS JAY LENO!!!! jlo comes across to me as being narcissitic!!! she would probably sue jay leno for denying her to be on his show ‘cuz it would be one less opportunity for her to tell everybody how great she is!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Susannah…I agree with you completely…we should also ban besides Jlo Beyonce who is heartless and money hungry !!

  • carolyn says:

    stop torture I agree with you its great he has pleather couches but he has people like J lo and Beyonce on his couch. they torture animals for their fur maybe we should write to Jay

  • K says:

    Wow! That’s awesome!

  • Susannah S says:

    On the subject of late night television I saw Ingrid Newkirk on Bill Maher’s show on Friday! There was a short but very good explanation about why factory farming is such a factor in global warming. Good job Ingrid and Bill Maher!

  • Anonymous says:

    you guys are losers

  • Ana says:

    stoptorture I agree with you about JLow she is no one to be admired nor should her bloody business be promoted. As a teacher I educate teens about how the hero worship of JLow is unwarranted and that the immorality and cruelty she represents is neither respectable nor admirable. The best thing is to not buy her products luckily some students agree. I am glad Leno made a compassionate step in getting crueltyfree furniture for his show. Maybe others in the business or those who watch the show will follow suit!!!!! LEATHER KILLS!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    Jay Leno is not going to suddenly change his show into the “Jay Leno animal rights defender show” because it would be just too much for a large portion of his viewing public to accept. I wish he could suddenly refuse to have guests who participate in activities that promote animal cruelty but given that meat eaters are still unfortunately in the majority he would have very few people to choose from and of course he wouldn’t be able to host it either! Changing his couches to pleather and actually mentioning it on his show is definitely another step toward victory for the animals. He has a massive viewing audience and pointing out the issue with using leather will surely get some people really thinking about it. It is a small step but a step in the right direction nonetheless. Keep up the good work Jay now if only Kevin could convince you to go veg you would probably have a good chance of winning PETA’s next Sexiest Vegetarian contest!!!!!

  • stoptorture says:

    Yes but having some of the worst offenders sitting on those couches and promoting those people is worse and not a good match. Leno has Jlo on his show but he could make an important and loud point of rejecting her from his show if he really wants to help say no to animal cruelty. I had written him that point some time ago but he still has her on recently. I think this is a good important point to be made to Leno as banning Jlo and certain others who actually sell fur would make a big point and be a noble moral thing to do just as he should not have Vick on and promote Vick. Jlo is purposefully a business of torture. She should not be accepted by someone who would be against it. If Leno would declare that Jlo is like Vick and ban her for her bloody hands and her purposeful involvement in extreme mass torture that would be much better and appropriate. Indeed it would be a good campaign for Peta to ask Leno and others to reject Jlo and others who are involved in such evil and not to give them glory and promotion on his new couches! If Jlo sits on those couches then many animals were harmed by them and they should be considered as having the blood of her victims poured on them as they died in torture. This is a worthy point that should be followed up on.

  • Susannah S says:

    Go Kevin E.!

  • Anna says:

    Woop! Love ya Jay!

  • sparkle says:

    hey jay leno i’m very happy to know that you give a real chance to pleather! this is the right attitude you are intelligent and have a good heart! i wish you all the best for your future on TV and in private!!!

  • john smith says:

    dont you washup movie stars have anything else to do.