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January Is Unchain a Dog Month!

Written by PETA | January 4, 2008

Because it’s cold. And the situation for dogs who are kept chained outside as if they were some kind of furry lawn ornament is drastic. If you want to do something to help so-called “back yard” dogs in your area, we’ve got some great resources here. And we also have a nice little “unchain a dog” pack so you can remind people that if they’re unable to take a dog into their home, they shouldn’t be getting a dog in the first place.

And now, Loretta Lynn:

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  • Jhett says:

    At last, someone comes up with the “right” ansewr!

  • PETA says:

    Re. Lizzybean. Chaining a dog is one of the cruelest punishments imaginable for social animals who need and deserve companionship, exercise, and mental stimulation. Dogs who spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week chained outside are extremely vulnerable to the elements and to predators. They cannot seek shelter from rain, snow, or any other extreme weather conditions. For more information on the issue please see our website

  • Lizzybean says:

    Yes because we all know that out in the wild dogs have central heating, they are defiantly better off running around then they are in a dog house, with adequate food and water. if you don’t have a fence, why would you just let your dog run around?

  • kristine ruano says:

    I have a dog on a chain as some people called it above. I wish I could have her inside but I tried for 3 months to house train her and simply cannot nor can I have her peeing on everything. I have to keep her tied up or she gets out of the fence I put up and goes and bothers the neighbors. One in particular as even threatened to take her to animal control. I never imagined when I got her that some older dogs are just untrainable.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Holly What kind words! No one has ever called me a leader before I will never forget that compliment. Thank you so much! I am so terribly sorry if you are ill! I really really pray that you feel safe and happy and that you recover! I also hope that you realize you have gone above and beyond what most people do for animals. You have no reason to feel guilty and even if you did it would not help the animals. What will help the animals is if you have the mental and physical energy to be happy and to respect yourself. Do whatever it takes the world cannot afford to lose good people like you! That get real holly person is obviously very very bitter and ignorant. I love that you responded with respect and intelligence. Very Buddhist. I love it. Please please email me if you ever want someone to talk to.

  • Holly says:

    ps Maya I thank you. I read your posts and realize your are one of the great leaders. I am learning from you and all the others who post here with wisdom and there are many. I am grateful for the this neighborhood of wonderful people even for those I dont agree with I learn from them too. I have learned from “get real holly” that it is important for me to be more gracious to the people I agree with and a need to post positive responses to them. I am 57. I border on the end of my life much to early. My illness is not caused by diet so those who would like to say that it was my vegan diet that caused this they would be wrong. I feel that part of my strength comes from this diet both dietary and mentally. For me one of the great adventures has been reading the posts here and learning. I feel sad to leave this earth and my children much to early but feel good that when I do go I leave knowing that I have not eatten our animal friends. I dont drink their milk nor wear their skins. However I do realize that sadly some of the very things that keep me alive today are things that are here for me as a result of the great suffering of our animal friends. For that I feel great sadness and regret. I know if I am here one year from now it is a result of there great suffering. This subject is up for debate. Do we use or not use the results of their suffering? I realize that the testing has already been done for some of these things and more testing is being done every day. Even simple things like aspirin and plastic have caused great suffering. Its a dificult debate what should we do about the advances that have come from the testing use the technology or not. I fight in my own way to protect animals that are used in labs and want it to stop I think there are other ways it can be done. For now I will continue to read the posts here and learn and be more gracious to the people I learn from and admire and from those I dont agree with. Life is a journey of learning so I thank you truly. I also admit at this moment it is questionable as to weather I should press the post button I am saying far more about my self than I wanted to but maybe some how this post of mine will bring some new debate and again bring progress in learning. here goes…

  • Holly says:

    When I see strong responses from strong advisers I realize that they are doing a far better job than I ever could so I listen and learn too. If we all agreed with each other and said we did then no one would learn anything its those who differ in opinion that bring debate which brings new thought and change. This is how we learn. I post when I think I can help as I have in the past. Beyond that my posts are truly what I think and feel.

  • for ana says:

    ana I like what you have to say all the time and I got really mad when that cochran thing trashed you!!!! ana you are a good and smart lady and when I visit these peta files sometimes I know it will never fail that I will see that cochran thing mouthing off a lot like a lowlife!!!!

  • get real holly says:

    holly again what proof do you have about cochran and his personal life???? we could look up anybody and anybody can assume that identity and cleverly spit out things to sound believeable!! holly again how come nobody hears a squeak out of you when he is bashing the animal rights efforts??? holly how come you can take the time to stick up for cochran but you can’t take the time to teach him but leave it up to everybody else because you are afraid to take the punches ???? even leaders could use support you know!!!! holly who said anything about hate except you????

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Holly I back you up 100 percent on your very eloquent and true comments. I haven’t seen Dr. Chris around but I will join you in welcoming all others and I hope you will stick around too!!!

  • Caboose says:

    jessica Its to prevent potential mishaps

  • Ana says:

    get real holly Good comments and questions!!!

  • Holly says:

    Hate the sin but love the sinner. He is a doctor of Internal Medicine in West Plains Missouri. He has a daughter and family who he loves. His daughter has a cat. He was raised hunting and is a hunter. You can look him up. But our job is not to worry so much about weather he is a doctor or an arrogant liar or a bully. Our job is to show him a good path to follow. A new way to think about things. Two wrongs never make a right. He bashes to get a response so dont give him one. But continue to show him a good path to follow. Good things rub off on people. It takes time. I dont respond to his bashing or personal attacks on others because I know the people he is basing are bigger than that and are not threatened by him they are strong and they are leaders. I see some of them still trying to teach and show him a new way. Hate the sin love the sinner. Look for the good in even the darkest soul and your going to find it.

  • get real holly says:

    holly what proof do you have for what you said about cochran being a doctor and good to his kids and the patients he says he has and all the good he says he does?????? holly how come nobody hears a squeak out of you when he is always bashing animal rights efforts and the animal rights people??? answer all of that holly!!! I bet you can’t answer any!!

  • jessica says:

    it’s absolutly horrible what laws make us do. ive already had to pay 2000.00 in fines because i refuse to put my dog on a leash when we play outside travis is so playful never bites never barks all we do is play in the front yard what kind of heartless person reports friends having fun.

  • Holly says:

    Doctor Christopher Cochran is exactly the kind of person we should be glad to welcome here! I am willing to bet that over time when he raises his gun to shot one of our animal friends something we said may cross his mind and maybe one day he wont be able to fire that gun. Change takes time. Even though he says he does not agree with what we say he is listening and talking. He may be arrogant to some and maybe thats his personality who knows. But I think as long as he is visiting he is learning. So I say welcome him as you would a guest in your home be gracious and lets keep talking to him. He has done some good things that we need to remember. He does care deeply for the land and takes time and money to improve it. That’s a good thing. He is a medical doctor and does take care of people when they are sick. That’s a good thing. He loves his children. That’s a good thing. so I say lets over look the negative things that some dont like and enjoy the side that we can learn from as he learns from us. Let be a good influence to all that visit and be gracious no matter what.

  • Dana says:

    Sapper I think you are missing the point all together….sure if you feed water something you can keep it alive….but are you providing them with a humane life? It is like children you can provide them with basic needs to keep them alive but are you showing them any amount of love? Living beings have the right to experience joy….You on the other hand use your dogs as a tool to hunt.. Not as a companion…this to me is sad! Dogs deserve better than being provided food water and straw…

  • carlyn says:

    What people dont realize is most people who keep their dogs out side do not take care of them the way they should chaining an animal is what most of this is about. I know a few people who have outside pets and I see how well they are taken care of they have ample shelter food and fresh water. But there are a lot of people who do not do this. they chain the animal up sometimes the food and water is not close enough and these poor animals have to sleep where they go to the bathroom and eat there as well. yes dogs have lived outside for years upon years. But what is the point in having a pet if your going to keep it outside? is it a gaurd dog? if you need that than i suggest you move or buy a gun.

  • sapper says:

    Maya i still do not agree with you when i was growing up we had a border collie Australian blue healer mix and she lived her whole life outside sun or snow and she did just fine with a dog house lined with straw and food and water she lived till she was 20 years old we also had a pure bred beagle who was my hunting partner for many years he also lived outside in a dog house lined with straw and he lived until he was 18 years old and currently we have a golden retriever who lives outside in a doghouse lined with straw and she is currently 8 years old and going strong i wouldn’t doubt it if she lived another 8 or 10 more years the point is as long as the animal has shelter and food and water that is accessible and that is not frozen solid during the winter months they will be just fine.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great post and explanation Maya. And of course outdoor cats are also capable of killing birds squirrels etc. I believe our current domesticated cat originated in Africa. No wonder in the winter you’ll see a cat firmly ensconced over the heat vent and sucking up the BTU’s!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Liz so this jerk is hunting with a bow this is even more cruel than a gun! i thought that red indian hunting ground times are definitely over and they didn’t have another choice but this one here is a real perverted lowlife slick! i really hope that he soon shall bite the dust and there shall be one less harassing the animalkingdom AMEN!

  • REBECCA says:

    I recently went to visit my dad who lives is a very small Texas town and for the first time noticed how many dogs are chained and living outdoors. I grew up in this small town and now that I am a member of PETA I notice animals as if looking at them for the first time. I approached one of the dogs. I was afraid at first he was a pit bull but when I noticed that his tail was wagging I knew he wanted to play. I talked to him and offered him my hand which he licked and then turned onto his back so I could rub him and play some more. He then sat us and looked at me. He had such beautiful green eyes which were so sad and as I looked over him I saw so many flees over his nice cream colored coat. I left feeling so very sad and empty. This poor animal had a heavy duty collar and a heavy metal chain which was attached to a pole. He had a dog house and a bowl full of water. So at least he had a place to go to when it rained or got cold. I asked my dad “why do so many dog owners keep their dogs chained outside” his reply was “that’s the way of life here”. I prayed for all the dogs I saw that day and for the one that captured my heart.

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    lars you’re talking out of my very heart great post!!!

  • Patti Barbeau says:

    My neighbors dog is not chainedbut she spends all her time outside good or bad weather With waterfood in a metal bowl A blanket on the stoop. I do not know if there is a dog house our houses back up to each other if there is she never goes in there.We need to pass A law to protect these animals.I amin Idaho it has been snowing for almost 24 hours now. that dog is freezing to death.

  • MA Moore says:

    Chaining dogs needs to be outlawed! People should have a license to own a pet which includes pet owner training. Animals are not toys. They live breath and feel just like the human animal. OUTLAW CHAINING.

  • Cyndi says:

    Yes I have so many scumbags living in my neighboorhood of Newton NC with bakyard chained dogs I see them everyday and these people are so ignorant that they dont think anything of it good thing I call animal control on them as often as possible! KARMA

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Sapper! I’m glad you brought this up. It’s a good topic to discuss. Pets are facinating because all pets evolved from wild animals and now live with humans. Dogs and cats have retained some of their wild physical and behavioral traits and some of those traits have been lost. It is a common misconception that dogs and cats are adapted to live outdoors. Think about the concept of evolution. Cats and dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and over that time they have evolved to become LESS adapted to live outdoors. Their coats have become thinner their body fat has been reduced and their need for hydration has increased. This is a result of living under the care of humans for so long. I am a certified veterinary nurse and I saw it all the time in clinics cats and dogs suffering from frostbite and dehydration. Sadly most pet owners can’t “see” dehydration or and the fur hides frostbite. I’m not talking about dehydration where the animal is just a bit thirsty I’m talking about severe dehydration that causes fatal kidney failure. One things that dogs DO retain from their wild ancestors is a pack mentality. Being isolated from the pack the human family to a dog is extremely devestating to them. In the wild a wolf isolated from its pack is destined to die. Dogs still have that mentality so no dog should ever be isolated. Cats well don’t even know where to start. Cats locked outdoors suffer from frostbite poisoning AIDS fights get hit by cars attacked by other animals drink toxic substances trapped in basements and walls and often get lost. The stray cat we rescued Hugo had earmites so bad that both of his eardrums ruptured and he’s now deaf. One of his ears actually fell off from frostbite and he got AIDS while he was outdoors so he has developed tumors that constantly have to be removed. This is why no pet should be forced outside. Peace Sapper!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Elphaba well said!

  • Liz says:

    Michele I agree with your statement…..cochran is just arrogant and hostile and it’s very clear in his comments that he does not want to be educated about ANIMAL RIGHTS….in stating this it does not make anyone a hater…reading about the animals he kills with his bows and how he enjoys it is not someone making an attempt to be educated about anything…his constant insults to others is revolting…he does not write as if he were a DR.

  • lars says:

    i don’t know where the blog is to ”a shocking look inside Chinese fur farms” so i write what i think of this here in this blog.. how in hell can people hurt sweet animals like this? huh? if one of you chinese fuckers are lokking at my blog now i promise you that if you had done this right in front of me hit a sweet baby bear i would kill you self…HOW THE HELL CAN YOU PEOPLE DO THIS? do something with it people…let the brach go broke of money… i hate people who are fucking up animals.. do i ever see it on real i will go to these people and hit them with something as will hurt veryyy mutch.. seriously..stop this.. the have mutch right to live as we…i care if we can live without their skin… so fuck people as do some kind of things and help me and many thousands and millions of people..stop bying this shit.. let the animals live!

  • sapper says:

    Maya what you fail to realize is that animals were made and built to live outside a dog house works just fine for them they are not humans who cant survive outdoors in any weather conditions that exist but animals have the ability to survive outdoors and they do not suffer as long as the owner is responsible and gives them food and water thats is not frozen solid.

  • elphaba says:

    Thank you Maya. Everyone elsebelieve me I understand your frustration. But please consider taking the high road. Not for me not for Mars or Dr. Cochran but for the animals you’re speaking on behalf of. Anger educates no one.

  • Steve says:

    Dogs have lived outside long before we came along they will be outside long after we are gone. My dog lives outside. when it rains or snow she sleeps in the barn. She has it better than most people and does not come in the house.

  • rojo says:

    John C I have to agree with you about leaving animals out in such cold. I grew up over there and can’t help thinking how lucky the cattle are to be housed fed and watered over winter. It is absolutely freezing.

  • John Carmody says:

    It breaks my heart to know dogs are forced to live outdoors even here in Ireland. Right now the weather is extremely cold and bitter and it sometimes snows and my heart breaks in two for the animals who are not only chained and living outdoors but the dogs with no shelter food or water forced. I pray this cruelty will stop it just cant go on like this and we must stop treating animals in such an awful way.

  • Aleasha says:

    Everybody has a right to their opinion…even if their “opinion” is terribly wrong and misguided. I agree that one person on this blog…not naming any names…is constantly making insulting comments but they have every right to do so. Just as we have the right to ignore their stupidity. They are probably antiPETA because they do not want to admit to themselves that they are living their life with cruelty and causing suffering to other creatures. I’ve come across a lot of people like this. They are just in sick denial.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Elphaba I back you up 100 percent on that statement. Of course obscenities threats and just plain bullying should not be tolerated and obviously Jack has the final word on that. But having been personally attacked myself here I have to say that my best strategy is to just ignore the idiot if they give me grief I have better things to do than worry about some weird freak typing away in their basement who doesn’t even have anything to contribute to our discussion. However if the only people on the board are PETA supporters then it’s a big wasteoftime lovefest. Way better to educate than to pat ourselves on the back. I like hearing opposing points of view and we have to have a thick skin if we’re to make a difference! Cheers!

  • kelly says:

    Most people who chain a dog outside don’t really want the dog anymore. It is their way of dealing with a problem. Befriend the person and work up to asking them to let you have the dog. Offer to buy the dog if need be! Or trade for something they want. Then you can rehome the dog. You can also offer to help them put in fencing or invisible fencing or offer to help to work on training problems. Even with a doghouse life is hell for a chained dog.

  • Dana says:

    Elphaba I am not sure how long you have been posting on this website but it is important to know that Cochran is not just some new person everyone is picking on he has a pattern of being arrogant and just plain baiting people into arguments. I would agree that the antis are good to give balance to any situation…and are also a chance to help people learn….Cochran is not one of these people that post here out of lack of knowledge for situations or a want to learn both sides he is here to only give grief to people that are against his very way of life….he argues against us on every point that Peta brings up…we say black he automatically says white………..Go back and read some of his past post you will find he just is an instigator.

  • Caboose says:

    Michele occasionaly he does

  • elphaba says:

    Can you guys please cut out the hating on the anti’s? How are they ever going to learn anything if you keep insisting they get banished? Everyone has the potential to come around if you give them half a chance. You guys aren’t and I’m disappointed.

  • Michele says:

    Liz I agree. One of Cochran’s more recent ones was pretty disgusting with him deliberately showing off about the animals he has eaten recently. Just like Mars Cochran continues to provide nothing of value to this forum.

  • Marcy says:

    this reality makes me extremely sad. I will never understand people that think dogs are only meant to be outside and chained! If they were lose at least they would have a chance to look for shelter. I also do not get how leaving a domestic animal outside in freezing conditions is not ILLEGAL. It’s a nobrainer really it’s as bad as beating the animal or starving him. How come people are not prosecuted for this kind of neglect?

  • Caboose says:

    include some wirecutters and a hacksaw with that “package”

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    That is the best PETA ad I’ve ever seen! keep up the good work!

  • liz says:

    Jack Why do you continue to allow cochran to make insulting remarks to animal advocates on this blog? The idiot also has to constantly remind all of these good people here about his hunting. Terrible!

  • Susannah S says:

    Poor sad dogs! I will never understand people who get dogs and then won’t let them in the house. What IS that? How can they think that life on a chain is life worth living?

  • Dana says:

    I can not wait til the day we can push a law into action that makes this illegal… no animal should have to live life on a chain!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    What’s terrible about this is that here it’s against the law to starve an animal rightly so but it’s not against the law to leave them outdoors to freeze to death as long as they have some lame kind of doghouse outdoors. I say if your state does not have a law against it call the police and maybe they can speak to the dog owner and convince them that no one is pleased with their animal abuse. Also on the nokill post I mentioned a website where people can build a shelter for cats forced to live outdoors in this terrible cold here it is httpwww.alleycat.orgresourcescare.html5 If you can’t build this fancy of a house or can’t afford a dog igloo just use a sealed cardboard box with a square hole in it and put fleece blanket inside. Don’t feed the cats unless you’re adopting them as indoor only cats. It has been well below zero here and I pray that no animal has to suffer in it ever again!