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Jane Lynch’s ‘Glee’ful Animal Coaching

Written by PETA | May 12, 2010

Whether she’s playing a maniacally mean cheerleading coach on Glee, a randy store manager in 40-Year-Old Virgin, or a freakishly fanatical poodle pimp in Best in Show, actor Jane Lynch is a comedic genius. But my new favorite is her recent performance in a new PETA public service announcement.

The Chicago native also penned a letter urging Mayor Richard M. Daley to pass a law requiring city residents to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. Why is Jane so gung ho to support PETA and help tackle the companion animal overpopulation crisis? She tells all in this exclusive interview:


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Feeling inspired to help homeless dogs and cats in your own community and beyond? Fantastic! Remember to always adopt and never to buy—and make sure that your friends, neighbors, and coworkers know your reasons why.* Talk to everyone you know to explain how spaying and neutering can help save lives.

Written by Karin Bennett

*Yes, that rhyme was intentional.

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