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Introducing ‘Animal Writes’

Written by PETA | May 13, 2010

Animals have some fantastic friends across the pond. Some are famous for their great wit, while others are known for their head-turning, cruelty-free style.

And then there are the rabble-rousers at PETA U.K., who are relentless in their efforts to speak up for all animals who need a voice. They’ve just unveiled a new blog, Animal Writes. It covers all things animal rights, from the wonderful (such as PETA U.K.’s new anti-bearskin ad) to the worrisome (such as the sad case of Drizzle, a pony who dropped dead from a heart attack moments after being used by Prince Harry in a recent polo match).

I’ll admit that if I hadn’t read Animal Writes, I might not have understood how horribly ponies suffer in polo matches. Abuses are so routine that one guest at the polo match said blandly, “It was very lucky that Harry rode her off because we were spared the gruesome spectacle of watching the pony die.”

I for one intend to stay in the know on issues and efforts in the U.K. by subscribing to Animal Writes’ RSS feed. Will you?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Fonte Pitty says:

    Members of the British Royal family huntlove horse racing play polo shoot birds and the Queens guards where dead bears on their heads.If this isnt a bloodthirsty family I do not know what is!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    David Cameron the new conservative Prime Minister of England is planning on repealing the ban on barbaric foxhunting and related blood sports. He his heavily supported by wealthy and inhumane hunters. Queen guitar virtuoso Brian May has done all he can to raise this issue in the past several weeks. Cameron could be a disater for wildlife and animals in England.