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House Crushes Cruelty Videos

Written by PETA | July 23, 2010
chadmiller / CC by 2.0

Just three months after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as “overly broad” a law intended to ban the distribution of videos depicting illegal cruelty to animals, a new bill aimed at stopping these vile videos has passed the House of Representatives in a landslide.

This bill, called the Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act, would outlaw “obscene” depictions of acts that violate cruelty-to-animals laws, such as “crush” videos—in which women kill puppies, kittens, and rabbits by stomping on them with their bare feet or in high heels. “These videos have no redeeming value and clearly fall outside the realm of protected speech,” says Rep. James P. Moran, D-Va., one of the sponsors of the bill. “Not only are they viciously inhumane to the animals involved, but they also teach behavior that can lead to other violent crimes against animals and humans.” Thank you, Rep. Moran!

Please get everyone you know, today, to urge their senators to do the right thing and approve this bill.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Abril says:

    Can someone (preferably a reliable source) give me an update of any information on this bill? I’m writing a research paper and I think it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness to stop this cruelty.

  • Tanya Stewart says:

    Words can not begin to tell how I feel right now in regards to having awareness of this now. Just when I thought I have seen and heard it all of how sick humans can be…..I have to say humans act more like animals than the life here on earth called animals. There is no rationalizing, or finding any reason whatsoever to find this act as a person’s right!!!! These little animals are GODS children just like you and I. I guess some so called humans think is just ok to kill and get off on it. This is nothing but the act of demons and demons come in all colors sizes, and sometimes are called man, woman, or even child. Sad, but True. If you are a decent human being you will do all that you possible can to stop animal cruelty and it starts with being aware of the reality of the sick mind of some humans and their vile acts against innocent life called animals. PLEASE PRAY, GET THE WORD OUT OF THIS CRUELTY AND DO ALL YOU CAN TO STOP IT. Thank you!!!! and God Bless!!!! us all woman, man, child and every innocent life called an animal.

  • harshad says:

    THIS NEEDS TO END IMMEDIATELY! SEVERE punishment should be imparted.. y dont just people realise that how beautiful, innocent and clean and pure animals are…!! y cant those people see the pain of the animals they are torturing!! i havnt seen any video or pic, but the very imagination gives me shiver and depression..!! PLEASE SOMEBODY STOP IT..!! 🙁 I Wud be glad if i could be of help, other than this comment. harshadontheline (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Kathryn says:

    I always try to give human beings the benefit of the doubt… that there is inherent good in humans, but then there are things like this that make me lose all faith in humanity. I can not understand how people could possibly enjoy making or watching these videos. They are sick, twisted individuals who have absolutely NO place in society. I’ll never be able to watch these videos, if I did, I would end up feeling incredibly depressed and sick. I hope that this bill passes and becomes law so that these “human beings” can be punished for such cruelty.

  • Jackie says:

    Gina you are beyond brave. There is no way I could have watched even one of those videos without puking and feeling major depression. Thank you for having the bravery to view such horrors and still be able to fight for the rights of animals. These people who participate in animal torture there should be a version of a Saw movie kind of torture for them. If someone made a horror film where these kinds of “people” got tortured to death that would be epic! Oh and we shouldn’t forget to include a character who’s a horror film director that thinks animals being harmed is entertaining even if it is fake. Maybe Eli Roth would like to direct it! I recall him doing a poster for PETA or PETA 2 before.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Back in the bad old days before I was a Christian I went to the Sick And Twisted Animation Festival with my future husband his best friend and his best friend’s wife. For those of you who have never heard of this this is animation for adults Beavis And Butthead got it’s start here as did Itchy And Scratchy who later got added into The Simpsons and a lot of other off the wall not for children stuff such as Home Honey I’m High. Most of it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and I was enjoying it until a crush video came on…some girl stomping earthworms with her bare feet. Now granted they were not kittens or puppies but they are living creatures and from having disected one back in high school not being brave enough to say no to dissection I knew they had central nervous systems and could feel pain. I left the theater and went to the lobby where I told one of the promoters that since the crush video was live action and showing the actual torture of a living creature it should not be in an animation festival. Seeing a cartoon critter get whacked on the head or run over by a cartoon train and immediately come back to life is very different from seeing the live action version of an animal being killed it is really dead and does not bounce back up to do the next scene.

  • Dave says:

    If this legislation passes couldn’t a meat packing company cite this law to suppress the sale or distribution of a video like Meet Your Meat? This law the was struck down for being too broad gave exemptions to videos used for education or journalism. The new law doesn’t include these exemptions.

  • Ramesh117 says:

    Actually these “crush” videos are a subset of BDSM involving animal abuse where the viewers and participants getoff sexually on the cruel domination abuse and killing of animals. There are even such videos on youtube and other nonBDSM horrific acts of animal cruelty such as people feeding live animals to snakes and other types of abuse just for “fun”. The human species is the most evil of all and never ceases to disgust me.

  • Hastaroth says:

    What kind of people are these “crush videos” seeking to please? I meansince these videos are produced with the intention to “entertain” a certain group of individualsshouldn’t the authorities first try to find these individuals and punish them for creating the “market” in the first place?

  • Lidija says:

    WTF? I come back to this blog every once in a while and every time I read something I can’t believe and have never heard about. Crush videos? Never heard of it. Let me get this right there are people who BUY these videos to watch women “crushing” baby animals with their feet? Seriously??? Sometimes I feel like I am from another planet. I could have never imagined anything like this. Another question How come this was legal in the first place? I don’t know what else to say. Speechless….

  • Ramesh117 says:

    Society falsely believes that women only want “nice” treatment of themselves and weaker creatures but nothing could be farther from the truth as many women get off on dominatingbad behavior to themselves to others and to animals and not just in a fun way but often in a bullying sadistic way and they often enable and encourage this behavior in men living thru his bullying and domineering ways vicariously.

  • Patrice says:

    I urge you all to click on “urge their senators” and send a message to all those in your state. You only need to type one letter then copypaste to each senator. I have done so and will pass this along to others. We must do everything we can to stop animal cruelty abuse torture and murder. Become a member of Peta today. Proud vegan 81509.

  • courtney says:

    thats foul. but even though these ‘crush’ vids are banned thank goodness who would ever watch? people are disgusting it is also outlined that Exception. Subsection a does not apply to any depiction that has serious religious political scientific educational journalistic historical or artistic value. so you can still sell vids with cruelty obviously not just killing although i have NO CLUE why you would want to watch an animal die if they have a religious scientific educational etc etc ‘purpose’. so an animals suffering and death is just education to us. or religious rites. what a sad world.

  • Elaine says:

    But if this bill prevents any videos that show cruelty to animals would that mean PETA couldn’t show undercover videos about cruelty in the meat industry? If so that’s not right because that’s a big part in how PETA gets their message across. Let me know if I’m wrong please. I’m just having trouble understanding this completely.

  • Connie says:

    These videos are absolutely disgusting and promote hate and crimes again humanity. I have lost faith in humanity. Hurting animals in any way is sad and disgusting. I wish we were harsher with animal cruelty laws. Lets put these bastards behind bars! People stomp on animals thats horrible! Approve That Bill Now! This is not something we can turn our backs on! We must act Now! This cruel and inhumane behavior needs to be stopped. These people are Morons! That sounds better. To crush animals and get away with it Animals have feelings too just like humans. I think they should pass the law on the crush videos and give anyone who commits these acts severe tougher punishments.

  • Amanda V says:

    This is great news. These videos are disgusting and so are the people who enjoy watching them. My congressman Elton Gallegly R of the 24th congressional district was a tireless advocate and authored the bill to overcome the Supreme Courts decision to strike down federal law barring the sale of crush videos. I am proud to be in his district.

  • Marea Gray says:

    hmmm give me the names of these bitches that stomp on gorgeous little baby animals and watch me stomp on them… simple.. vile and disgusting.. hope their parents are so very proud of the delightful daughters they have bought up… !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Fruit says:

    Guys I am glad to see you don’t approve of these so called “crush” videos. However I was expecting a bit more outrage and comments from you guys. The reason why is because I don’t think you understand just how SICK these videos and photos too are! I have seen more comments and outrage from you guys on articles talking about some designer not ditching fursskins then there is on this article. Granted this article isn’t even a day old yet but still. As someone who has seen these videos let me tell you just what they actually do. They dont just “crush” the animal. They the woman take an animal sometimes dead sometimes alive they’ll lay the animal down on the ground and then they just start stomping on the animal with their high heels. They stand on the animal kick it and then finally they start putting their weight on the long part of the high heel so that it goes Schrruuush right through the animals flesh bones and organs sort of like jabbing the animal with a sharp pole. So therefore the animal usually has holes all over its stomach and finally to kill it if it isnt already dead the bitch will stab the long part of her high heel right through the head of the animal. Yes it goes right through usually forcing some brain matter out of the side of its head and the animal then is left there dead with holes all over itself its brains hanging out of its head laying in a puddle of blood. All the while the bitch who did this has a smile on her face and is often laughing through the whole ordeal. THIS is why PETA feels this ruling is such a big deal cause I am sure they have seen these videos before and know just how sick twisted and deranged these videos are! If you think that someone simply keeping small frogs in a tank at Brookstone is such an evil thing then try watching one of these videos. I guarantee you’ll vomit after watching one. I was actually thinking of posting a link to a photo or a couple taken from one of these videos just so you guys could see for yourself just what I and PETA are talking about but then I was afraid my comment wouldn’t get posted. But trust me they’re pure evil and you will never see things the same way again. After personally myself seeing cats burned alive in their cages for the camera dogs thrown off bridgescliffs small animals blended alive in blenders pigs sliced in half with chainsaws alive cats decapitated animals kicked against walls dogs dismembered into body parts “crush” videos and etc.. you lose all hope in humanity. You dont know how many times I have wanted to hunt down these people and behead them with a machete maybe slice their bodys open alive but… well look at me I am just rambling on now… Sorry about the length of this post but the point is this kinda stuff is sick twisted and evil. Any steps we can take to prevent any of this kind of shit should be taken seriously. So I urge you guys to spread this article to anybody you know maybe spread this comment if you wish and get as much support for this bill as possible. It may not end all the cruelty towards animals and people too in this world but atleast its a step in the right direction!

  • sandy says:

    That is just it no woman I know would do that! She is a monster!!!! She needs help! Severe anger issuesbut what she did was a crime and should be and to post it!! Wow! Hope the doctor can find out why this sick monster gets off on posting it and showing off about it like she just caught a big fish or won a grammy!! No what she did was show her stupidity!

  • Emily Fox says:

    If i could make one law it would be ‘What you do to an animal happens to you.” to me that would be the most amazing law no more slaughter houses cruelty like this skinning animals nothing it would be a perect world

  • Lisa Felder says:

    Just when you think you’ve hear it all……demented humans have come up with yet another cruel and inhumane practice to harm creatures that cannot protect themselves. How pathetic.

  • April C. says:

    Absolutely atrocious! Animals are people 2. Let me rephrase that…animals are better than people! I dont know what has gone wrong with society but its a very sad world we live in 2day. I love animals so much neglected abandoned beat i wish i could help save them all give them a wonderful home that they all deserve. Animal cruelty in any form is disguisting should not be tolerated should most certainly be a felony! to the people out there who take part in these videos or gross acts against animals i would love 2 put my 6 inch heels on and watch you bleed very slowly painfully 2 death.

  • Nicole Mlakar says:


  • SMF says:

    Wendydid you read the headline? The House overwhelmingly voted to ban such videos. Get off this site and write to your senator to do the same if you want our government to act.

  • Denia Soto says:

    What kind of humans would do such a thing. To crush animals and get away with it. Animals have feelings just like humans. I think they should passed the law on the crush videos and give anyone who commits these acts severe tougher punishments. Humans need to find another type of entertainment that doesnt involve hurting animals.

  • Regina Ripley says:

    What kind of woman would do this ??? Are they really that hard up for cash or are they just mentally ill??? And the person filming this seriously SICK!!!!!

  • ValGal says:

    I just sent emails to both of my senators. It took less than a minute each and I know I did my part to stop this insanity. Please do the same.

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    This terrible video business must be stopped this is horriffc and takes out humanity to the lowerst of levels. All animals deserve respect and loving care!

  • Wendy Marciante says:

    I simply can’t believe this type of thing exists and our f$+g government isn’t doing anything about it!!! Who on earth would even want to see this let alone participate??? I’m indescribably disgusted!!!

  • Laura G says:

    I have lost all faith in humanity. How can ANYONE receive any kind of pleasure from watching something so horrific? How could any woman participate in a video like this? Absolutely disgusting and unforgivable. I’ve written to my senators and I urge everyone else to do the same.

  • Eternity-Summer says:

    Omfg people stomp on animals thats horrible! That bill better be approved.