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Holiday Travel Just Got a Little Easier

Written by PETA | December 22, 2011

It’s tempting to eat poorly during the holidays (so much junk food, so little much time), but now there’s one place in which the old excuses no longer apply: the airport. In its annual report on the state of restaurant food at airports, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine found that 83 percent of menus contain at least one vegetarian item, up from 57 percent in its first survey in 2001.

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I can see the day when flight attendants will offer the choice of “Seitan or tofu?” ‘Til then, all that low-fat veggie fare should make it easier to get those holiday flights off the ground—and once you arrive, you’ll be ready to persuade your family members to go vegan in the new year!  


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  • Animallover says:

    My parents had made chicken for dinner and I refused to eat any of it. I sat there and ate a plate of raw vegetables for dinner(:

  • John Alexander Gibson says:

    The choice for vegans and vegetarians is getting better all the time, but theirs still much more to be done.