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Hidden Cameras–Coming to a Billboard Near You?

Written by PETA | October 30, 2009

Yesterday, the enormously talented (and playfully goofy, but more on that in a minute) singer/songwriter Joel Gibb of the indie band The Hidden Cameras was in Ottawa to unveil a billboard reminding everyone that “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks.”


Joel Gibb


While other compassionate celebrities have opted to wear our seal T-shirt to point out that the annual massacre of baby seals is a big, bloody blot on Canada’s reputation, Joel got into the spirit of things by donning our seal costume for the unveiling (well, part of it, anyway).


Joel Gibb


To read more about what Joel thinks of the seal slaughter, check out his interview with Exclaim!

Or you could check him out in concert—The Hidden Cameras are currently on tour. (No word yet on whether Joel will be performing in a seal costume.)

Written by Heather Drennan

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  • diane carvello says:

    what can i do.? i have always said i want to work for peta. I will pack my bags and go to canada and get in the way of people. what do you do about this. You pay my way to canada and my expenses and i’ll go with a team. my facebood page is all about peta. go look. Diane Carvello.

    Diane, you can get more information from the following links:

    Thanks for your continued interest in helping animals!

  • Helleojagasip says:

    Hi VEry nice posts i’sure i’sts nice

  • emma says:

    he didnt actually put hidden cameras in the billboards hidden cameras is the name of his tour or something it confused me for a sec too i thought he was out to spy on people in the street or something lol that pic haunts me and i carnt understand why this is still legal the part in micheal jacksons earth song vid which shows a nobhead just about to hit the seal still sends shivers down my spine i have to look away when i know its about to come on the day this ends will be one of the happiest days this world has ever seen. those poor babies dont deserve this its barbaric and disgusting and those who do it are pricks and very small ones at that.

  • Len says:

    To see a face that is the exact opposite of Joel Gibbs’ cool compassionate countenance click on this link httpwww.dfompo.gc.caministerministrebioeng.htm.

  • coopsta says:

    Love it this is awsome. SAVE THE SEALS

  • bandchicky314 says:

    Wait so this guy posted cameras in a billboard sporting the “Save the Seals” logo? I’m really confused and probably sound really stupid right now.

  • roxanne says:

    Joel Gibb is sexy and so compassionate. what a Catch. Catch cute guy not fishes.

  • Randi Jackson says:

    thanx this is a grotesque massacre and it needs to stop the beautiful innocent seals dont deserve this

  • Nicole Ann D'amico says:

    I dont understand how this could be allowed. Laws need to be passed this is insane and the fact that this is legal says alot about the human race! its not good! This breaks my heart. Its not right!.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s enraging and infuriating that the Canadian Government is so inhumane to allow the sadistic killing of seals to continue.

  • lynda downie says:

    What a great guy! Thank you Joel.

  • PigPal says:

    Great billboard. That chilling image should help spread the word. What up Canada? Why would someone support this? Illegal to film the slaughter? Hmmm…

  • Raven says:

    Thanks so much Joel Gibb for doing this for the seal’s in Canada. You rock!