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Help Add a Real Rescue Dog to the White House Pack?

Written by PETA | April 20, 2009 / CC

Lots of people are still hopping mad and flat-out disappointed that the first dog, Bo, came from a breeder—and who can blame them? After all, people working in animal shelters (the ones who are experts in the overpopulation crisis) know that buying from breeders spells certain death to an estimated 4 million dogs and cats each year—dogs and cats who didn’t need competition from litters that were produced simply for a profit. These hardworking people are the ones who personally have to say goodbye to the dogs they come to know, love, and care for—because there aren’t anywhere near enough decent homes for them all.

So, here’s an idea that we and others such as Jana Kohl have proposed to the Obama family: Keep Bo company by adopting a second non-allergenic dog, this time from a breed rescue, a pound, an animal shelter, or from the lists of homeless animals on the Internet. There’s no doubt that the Obamas mean well, or they wouldn’t have given a donation to the humane society, got Bo fixed, or arranged that complicated “He’s a reject from someone, no one bought him” deal. So, hopefully, they’ll learn from their missteps.

Please, offer words of encouragement on this topic by writing very polite letters to President Obama. His family is just like yours: They just didn’t “get” that a rescue means a rescue.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Renata Watson says:

    Another great place for resucing animals “A Better Life Dog Rescue” “Forgotton Felines”.

  • Phyllis says:

    Allergies are no excuse! None! There ARE hypoallergenic dogs in pounds. There are rescue groups who were dying to provide a hypoallergenic dog. The allergy issue is secondary the real motivation is they wanted a designer dog. There’s simply no legitimate excuse.

  • Pat Marin says:

    I say this as a long longtime PETA member and active supporter for the humane treatment of all animals For God’s sake Give Obama a Break!! With his daughter’s asthma he has an issue that is hard to solve with a rescue dog or “mutt” as he called it of undetermined genetic background. I would think that if there had been a dog that was able to be assured of being nonallergenic he would have given that pup a home. I am a parent of a most wonderful loving rescued Portuguese Water Dog. it took me 4 DNA tests to determine what she was. I loved her from the first moment without knowing what she was and only wanted to know her background in order to guard her health. Thanks to Obama’s interest in Portuguese Water Dogs it led me to look into the breed where I found attribute after attribute that fit her to a T including her “strong migration instinct” which probably led to her becoming lost from her original owners. Then the DNA test confirmed it. Just another way I have benefited from the fact that we have elected Obama as our president

  • WolfGirl21 says:

    They should! I actually thought of that and suggested the idea in a comment on the blog when Bo was first mentioned on PeTA. Petfinder is amazing! That is the website pix of the cats and dogs at the shelter I volunteer at are on and I’ve come across many other rescues all over. I agree volunteering at a shelter can be hard since you want to take every animal home It’s the same way for me at my local shelter so many cute and beyond wonderful cats and dogs there. The Obamas could easily find a wonderful little companion for Bo at a shelter or a rescue. “Love. Guaranteed.” From a Mutts comic

  • michelle simpson says:

    i think that is a great idea. i volunteer at the animal defense league frequently and i breaks my heart to see only the puppies getting adopted. are there are so many dogs that need good homes. i think obama adopting a dog from an animal defesne league would be wonderful.

  • Aliaska Brozen says:

    PLEASE give Bo some doggy company this time a real rescue dog from a shelter. It will be good for BO and make a lot of us out here very happy and set a much needed example. And there are many nonallergenic dogs available at the shelters.

  • Phyllis says:

    Oh PLEASE! They knew exactly what was meant by “rescue”. These are not dim witted unsophisticated people and we all know that Obama got more mail on this issue than on any other. They knew exactly what they were doing. They said what the public wanted to hear then they found a way to get what they really wanted a designer dog. The “donation” is a pay off. And while getting a second dog frmo a shelter would be possible and would be a good thing to do it will NOT undo the damage that they have done by making this once obscure breed high profile. I suspect anyone will be able to find many of these dogs abandoned in shelters in another 2 3 years. They lied. They could have gotten a rescue dog they chose not to and I don’t intend to let them off the hook.

  • shannon says:

    The Obamas’ top priority in finding a dog was finding one who wouldn’t trigger a severe allergic reaction in their youngest daughter. The challenge is finding a dog who can best fit that need and who is compatible with the family as a whole. Shelters and rescue groups may not be able to fill that need all the time. Obviously these are the best ways to go but sometimes it simply doesn’t work out.

  • Marlar in Kansas says:

    OMG I LOVE Petfinder…. I found both of my fur babiesKitties on this site. And i have spread the word of its wonderful powers. For most people going into a shelter is depressing it wouldn’t be depressing if people didn’t breed or buy might i addbut with petfinder you just see the amazing animals and get to skip the “glum” per say. Also a good way to find a forever friend is to volunteer at a shelter by spending time with the animals you can really find out what kind would fit you personality and lifestyle. From my experience of volunteering at my local shelter i find it hard to leave with out wanting to take one home every time!D So why doesn’t the Obama family make a day out of volunteering at a shelter I’m betting they wouldn’t be able leave without a pound pup