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Happy Independence Day!

Written by PETA | July 3, 2009

Ooh …

Ahh …

Ooh …

Ahh …

Remember, the Fourth of July comes only once a year, but you can make your own fireworks every day with veggie Viagra! Enjoy your holiday!




Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Neil Warne says:

    Melissa I’m not surprised you were traumatized or even depressed by the seal “hunt” I imagine millions of other Canadians are too. This might well be a good leverage point with ol’ Stevo Harper and I really cannot understand what is wrong with most MP’s in the Canadian Parliament. I can only hope and pray that they will wake up soon.

  • Ringo says:

    Dana im just like you a 12 year old girl who cares about animals so much and i agree with you 100 except i am vegetarian KEEP FIGHTING PETA! ANIMALS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HUMANS ARE AND LOTS OF PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE THAT!!!

  • Jim C. says:

    I want to know if there are people out there that are willing to boycot or get the word out to boycot the United Football League. They have said they have given “open arms status” to let Michael Vick the football player into their league. You remember him the guy who got a light sentance for the dog fighting he allowed on his property but said he did not know about it well the courts decided differently. How can an institution allow this its all about money and if they are boycotted there will be no money. They should be ashamed to allow this guy back into any league. He should have been given a long sentance of having to clean out pens at shelters. These people make me so sick. To have seen photos and read about the way these poor animals were treated. The unspeakable torment they went through and then discarded as so much trash. I have the sweetest little Boston TerrierI got from the Humane society he was a rescue dog. I have found out that his teeth were filed not broken per my vet and that this is a practice done to dogs that are used as “bait dogs”. They have their teeth filed so that wont do harm to the prized fighting dogs. They are thrown in the ring with the prized dogs so that those dogs can practice their fighting skills. My dog is the cutest and sweetest little guy and so loving and loyal. It breaks my heart to think of the others that have not been saved as my dog was. Please if Michael Vick is allowed to resume football in any way we need to spread the word that people need to protest and boycott the United Football League or any other institution that allows Vick to play for their team. There are too many young men out there that have Michael Vicks skills but dont have his mentality that some living creatures are thought of as so much trash. Shame on you United Football League maybe if people protested your really poor decision and a poor turnout hits you and other in the wallet enough pressure would be put forth to throw Vick to the street as he allowed animals to be thrown out in the trash. Jim C.

  • stoptorture says:

    “Your countrys relationship with its victims is its actual relationship with you yourself when it victimizes them due to the type of body they got born in because you and anyone you care about could have just as easily been created by God with that body type among the created beings in your country.” I posted an attempt at some basic thoughts on this concept at

  • Dana says:

    I am an 12 year old girl everytime i see these pics and or stories about amimaldogs and cats inperticular i cry i do eat meet but i feel gilty for it i fully support you peta i dont have any money to donate and im from canada so i feel ashamed to live here cause of the seals! KEEP FIGHTING FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS ! love u peta

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    I accutally meant comparing an orgasm easily obtained with a vegeterian lifestyle to fireworks Neil. Unless thats not a pun and I’ve warped the definition of what a pun is then by all means let me know.

  • Melissa says:

    Stop bashing Canada on our holidays! We should be proud of our countries good attributes rather than dwelling on the bad on the holidays. I understand that we have flaws and very big and devastating ones but you have no right to bash our country when yours is no better. I’m not saying I think that the Seal Hunt or anything else is OK because I did a huge project on the Seal Hunt and it traumatized me. I’m just saying that if you bash Canada the bash America too!

  • Charla says:

    I think use of excessive fireworks is a form of cruelty to animals particularly dogs. I have 4 dogs and one of them Danny does not even respond to sedation to control his aggitation and shaking when fireworks are being set off at all hours of the day or night from late May through August and sometimes longer each year. I like fireworks. I do not like them however when people set them off at all hours of the day or nightmy husband is ill I am his caregiver I need my sleep. Last night someone set off firecrackers ever 15 minutes or so until around 6 a.m. today. Danny and I woke up with every round. I can hardly function today and Danny is begging for mercy along with me. Danny also needs his sleep. Nobody is getting sleep around here and we are becoming a potential collective explosive breakdown! My neighbor also has to sedate one of his dogs due to fireworks. He agrees with me that its acceptable to have to do that for one or two days in July but not for the entire summer. We only get reliable peace when the weather becomes too cold to attract the neighborhood compulsive fireworks consumers into their backyards to explode fireworks. Has PETA ever addressed this issue? Surely my neighborhood is not the only one that is outofcontrol where fireworks are concerned! I’m surprised that anyone can afford so many fireworks these days. I’m NOT surprised however that the parents of fireworks addicts allow their children to continue to offend others with their inconsiderate attitudespoor parenting is at the root of this problem and many other community problems as well! I called the nonemergency police phone number and they transferred me to the fire department. The fire department told me that fireworks are not illegal unless they shoot higher than ten feet in the air. Well the perpetrators had some of those as well last night. I said I would go find out the addresses where such illegal fireworks were set off. The fire department told me to “be careful.” Now I am not a person who loses her temper very often though lack of sleep can render me more vulnerable to lack of temper control. But I resent it that the fire department informs me that I am potentially in danger if I complain about an illegal activity! They tell me to complain to the mayor on Monday. I plan to do that but I do not have much hope for any resolution through him! Zoning priorities here include the outlawing of clothes lines garden sheds basketball hoops on driveways and many other even less innocuous issues. Good lord! Has our world gone mad?

  • carla says:

    Neil… Japan and China are the worst! Not America. And Brien.. Canada needs to wake up where the poor seals are concerned. I am not sticking up for America or any country. Every country in the world is guilt of animal abuse in one way or another. People all need to wake up and start treating animals they way we treat human beings.

  • Neil Warne says:

    You didn’t read the post properly I think Pepsi One is Fun in particular the last bit where I said “there are many good aspects of the nation” those “good” aspects being the many who will fight vigilantly for animal rights.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Couldn’t resist one pun could you?

  • Neil Warne says:

    And not forgetting that America still has a number of faults regarding animals and people and GWB’s record which I doubt people will forget in a hurry. Having said that have a good 4th of July anyway as there are many good aspects of the nation.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Animals in America have no independence. They have no rights and are subjected to lethal and cruel atrocities each and every day.