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Government Nixes Zoo Handouts

Written by PETA | February 2, 2009
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$825 billion. That’s a lot of stimulus package. And Congress says zoos and aquariums won’t see a penny of it.

While that’s all well and good (as zoos are no vacation homes for animals), we’ve come up with a proposal that’s a win-win situation for some big zoos.

We have offered to provide a lifetime supply of fruit or a donation toward animal care of $1,000 for every animal if the zoos end their breeding programs and reinvent themselves as sanctuaries for exotic animals rescued from circuses, abusive owners, and roadside attractions. Or, a zoo can get our money or fruit if it becomes a modern “virtual zoo” with animatronics and video footage of wildlife instead of real captives. That way, the animals are happier and the zoo has less work, more visitors, and some funds.

Do you think they’ll go for it? Click here to read our letter to the Denver Zoo, and then tell us what you think.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • lynda downie says:

    Great offer Peta.

  • Susan Ballarini says:

    Great letter! Dennis Kucinich state rep from Ohio is vocal about animal rights. I wonder what he is doing in his home state for other species regarding the stimulus package.

  • stray says:

    pommawolf we dont want zoos to get money to continue what they’re doing. Zoos are not nice places for animals I think you missed the point of this post that these animals need to be in sanctuaries not on exhibit as props.

  • Brad says:

    Thank you for doing this! It would be a slap in the face to all of us who have boycotted zoos if “our” government were to bail them out. I like the idea of turning zoos into sanctuaries however I am unsure how this will work in cities without keeping the animals in close confinement.

  • Pommawolf says:

    Wow. The government can bailout the loser greedy sob’s in banking and the auto industry but when it comes to what really counts..animals and zoo’s…the government BAILOUTS.

  • Michael Essi says:

    PETA rocks! Just this weekend I watched a news report on the underfunding of zoos and aquariums because of our currently bleak economic forecast. Many zoos are closing down exhibits because of this! From my point of view we should be jumping on the coat tails of this situation by reminding people that it is not economically feasible to continue doing things the way that “they” are used to doing things. Does the idea of “CHANGE” ring a bell to anyone? Can we afford the economic consequences of a wild animal used for entertainment rampaging through our communities? Can we afford to commit to continue breeding captive animals and feeding them for their entire lives? …and the list goes on and on. Stand up activists for animals! This is our cue!

  • roxanne says:

    If they really care about the animals as they alway claim to do so then they should accept this kind offer.