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Gordon Ramsay’s Latest Stunt Is a Pile of Crap

Written by PETA | May 15, 2007

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Gordon Ramsay runs a restaurant and hosts a TV show in England, where celebrity chefs are worshipped as a form of minor deity. Despite having only 5 TV channels for the entire country, the Brits have more cooking shows even than they have antiques shows, and they have the highest number of celebrity chefs per capita in the entire world. So in England, Gordon Ramsay is a kind of a big deal. He’s also a cold-hearted animal hater—which is where PETA UK comes in to the story. Evidently, Mr. Ramsay’s latest stunt has been to encourage British people to eat more horse meat, even going so far as to feature a horse-meat barbeque on his show, The F-Word. PETA UK’s response to his antics was as swift as it was smelly, and the pictures of their horse-manure dump outside Gordon’s restaurant this morning have been going everywhere in the British media. You can check out some of the press coverage here.

Gordan Ramsay horse manure dump

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  • AUTUM says:

    excuse me but i believe PETA was making a statement with their protesti think everyone who badmouths PETA 4 what they believein can fuck off besides eating horse meat is sick anyway good job PETA

  • Mark says:

    I fail to see the evil in exotic restaurants serving unusual food. There isn’t much new here for the past 2000 years chefs have always brought new items to the table. From lamb to beef pork seafood of all kinds why not horse? Its leaner than beef horses produce far less CO2 emissions per pound of meat than cattle. In effect Mr. Gordon’s choice of meat could be a step in the right direction for the enviroment. But then again PETA is becomming less and less about loving animals and more about bashing corporate research and capitalism. The manure stunt is childish your message is lost because of it and all you have done is wasted valuable manure and soiled the street.

  • jay says:

    anybody who supports eating meat and a nonvegetarian lifestyle is clearly a stupid american who has no class because only retards eat a literally oldastime form of sustenance. p.s it’s all contextual you self righteous half wits. cats and dogs? people eat cats and dogs because they’re starving in other parts of the world.

  • Carlos says:

    The article was obviously written by one of those stupid Americans who have never left their continent.

  • Sarah says:

    Compelled to comment after watching the programme. Yes I eat meat but I am also a practical horse owner who works in the countryside and understand the very real birth and death cycle that is part of rural life. However I have a massive problem with eating horse aren’t cowssheep and pigs enough? Why pursue another animal just because you fancy it. I have no time for JS Porter or Gordon Ramsay the way in which this was discussed was “aren’t we good non lilylivered urbanites really trying to be responsible..crap..give them a bullet and I doubt very much whether they could kill and butcher any is simply a ruse for viewing content and highlights how far removed they really are from the realities of rearing animals. Very pleased PETA did what they did there has to come a point where someone stands up for innocent animals who the hell are we to pick off what we fancy for our own consumption…it’s enough to make you want to turn veggie.

  • rohini kamath says:

    Super demo ….. just when you think that people cant get any nastier to animals ….. this man takes takes the vegan cake !!!!!

  • Me says:

    I think a lot of people here are missing the point about PETA. Yes Peta in general would rather people not eat meat as this is ultimately the best thing for the animals and the environment. The reason Peta even has a voice is because of the cruelty that takes place when humans are involved with the exploitation of animals. Yes you may say that these particular horses had a nice life but once there is a taste for horse in the food industry that is when that will stop. They will join all the other animals that are used for food in the factory farms. Horses are already exploited and treat horrendously for their urine so women can have hormones for menopause. I won’t go in to the sporting side of things and the thousands of race horses that are killed because they can’t run fast enough. My neighbour has cows and sheep and generally they do have a nice life grazing in their paddocks but then they are tortured and transported in 40 degree heat to get to abattiors where they are tortured again or exported to countries that have no animal welfare standards at all you have all seen the videos. Why add yet another animal to the list of poor animals being tortured in the name of food just because you feel like a different taste for today. You will not die if you don’t eat horse in your life time or in fact any meat.

  • Rachel says:

    Ramsey is a idiot and I also would spit in his face if given the chance where will it all end? PETA was right to do this…It’s dispicable for anyone to eat horses “the horror” The sheer thought of it makes me sick.

  • Maureen E. Roth says:

    As a Brit living abroad I was shocked that this awful Gordon Ramsay is so popular in the UK. Here he is on one cable channel. Trying to translate his language is bad enough but there really is no need because his foul personality comes over as a kind of henchman from the middle ages. Happy around lots of blood and gore I am sure a nice bit of good old manure shouldn’t bother him. Horses are on a higher spiritual plane than Mr.Ramsay.

  • Becca says:

    Just to state the obvious There is NO humane way to raise and slaughter an animal. Whether it’s a horse cow or pig…it is still being killed. I found this stunt by PETA to be brilliant. In an field getting the attention of people will make them think twice about what they’re doing. Well done.

  • Steve says:

    From Steve to Steven This is not a matter of diet this is a matter of evolution. Here we got a first vegetarian minority announcing the coming future end of Neanderthal! Capito?

  • Steven says:

    The horses were being looked after fine as far as I could see. They were wandering around in a big field. I don’t see the difference between them and the cows in fields all over the country. Just because people have them as pets doesn’t make it wrong to eat them. Some people have chickens and pigs as pets. If the horses were being cooped up in wretched little cages like poor battery hens I could see your points but the fact is they weren’t. Don’t get me wrong I agree with a lot of what PETA stands for but when it comes to banging on at carnivores it just gets stupid and ignorant and it does make me wonder what your limited diets are doing to some of your heads. People eat meat and will continue to do so. Leave us alone to do it in peace and if you don’t like Gordon Ramsay then don’t watch.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Some of the people on this board are absolutely unbelievable and I feel such shame for you. Evidently you have never been taught the very simple word “Compassion.” Do you even know what that word means? I think not. I had my sweet horse for over 20 years he carried me on his back ever so gently. Taking me places a car could never reach he passed with his loving family by his side. What a horrific way of saying thank you sweet boy for carrying me all of these years and then having him slaughtered and eaten. I feel anyone that could do this was raised by someone that exhibited no compassion what so ever. They also raised you to be the “Classic Bully” as you have demonstrated on this board. I also had no idea that fighting for a life was considered a “STUNT” thats a new one. All of you bully’s should hang you heads in shame. How very sad you are. Judith The Buddhist

  • cappuccino says:

    the criminals envolved here are rather the animal haters on this blog! it’s always you starting to be offensive and jojo as far as i know from your earlier statements you never were a peta member! fuck off we don’t need you sucker! and all you here ignorant idiots if you hate Peta so much why then are you spending aaaaall your time on this blog i piss you off!

  • Tim says:

    Heather wroteThose of you who wrote nasty things back to PETA as well as about the innocent animals you think you are justified in murdering….should just all fuck off yourselves! I think anyone who thinks killing is ok should be killed themselves and just so you know this guy is a real fucking idiot and disgusting foul human being as you are all too. Good example here of “do what I say not what I do”. Heather needs to spend her time chasing carnivores in Africa to stop them from murdering other helpless and soulful animals. They are foul disgusting as we ALL are too.

  • Wick says:

    Real facts? Evidently Mr. Ramsays latest stunt has been to encourage British people to eat more horse meat even going so far as to feature a horsemeat barbeque on his show The evidently in this statement shows that whoever wrote it didnt see what was shown on programme at all. Ramsey was not encouraging people to eat Horse meat. Janet Street Porter was the one who did a thing about ‘alternatives’ to eating beef lamb pork and chicken because of mad cow disease and bird flu let alone what other problems may arise with other meat eaten in this country. Let alone the horse BBQ statement there was no horse BBQ on this televised programme at all. Yet heather still talks about REAL facts and yet there is none in the opening statement of this artical. The ‘evidently’ comment proves no research was done and this act of vandalism is totally unsubstantiated and unneccasary. This also leads me to wonder who will pay to clear this up? As far as i know it will be down to a local council and tax payers money. So the argument is really about how these animals are treated while in transport and how they are inhumanly killed. Neither of these points have anything to do with Ramseys programme. I personally think with the unsubstantiated claims here that the manure stunt was just that a self highlighting stunt to get Peta in the papers and gain some much need publicity. Unfortunately even tho they say no publicity is bad publicity This act is a final nail in the coffin for anyone tryin to do good for animal welfare rights. This kind of act is vile and juvinile and the people who did it should be arrested and prosecuted for criminal damage. Acts like this will never get me to become a vegetarian let alone back those who are.

  • KathyF says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Not only is Ramsay an animal hater he’s also a misogynist as well. Us foodies can do without him setting an example. And Paul the point is that animals AREN’T being treated as humanely as possible. So it IS an issue and if you don’t like being forced to confront it imagine how the sentient animals feel having to live and die in such horribly cruel conditions.

  • Tony says:

    This is a pointless stunt. It is PETA shamelessly breaking the law criminal damage and self publicising their ’cause’ because they have a bee in their bonnet about people eating horses. Ramsay has done nothing wrong here in my opinion. He wasn’t talking about any transportation issues just giving people an alternative to boring old lamb beef pork and chicken. All of which i think are delicious by the way. PETA UK should be ashamed. A pathetic publicity stunt which has only made them look bad really. And made sure someone goes home needing a bath after cleaning it up. There is more pressing issues for them to ‘deal’ with than someone eating a horse on TV.

  • heather says:

    Those of you who wrote nasty things back to PETA as well as about the innocent animals you think you are justified in murdering….should just all fuck off yourselves! I think anyone who thinks killing is ok should be killed themselves and just so you know this guy is a real fucking idiot and disgusting foul human being as you are all too. Those of you who are supporters and agree with saving animals and our planet should be complimented for your efforts. This world is sick enough….just turn on PETA and check out what really happens in factory farms and slaughterhouses…do you still think it is ok? How is killing humane? Was it humane years back when we stood in front of each other and shot one another only to suffer a slow miserable death while fully concious without medication…well that is what animals endure everyday and it is sickness! Those of you who think it is ok to take part in this truely have a screw loose. I am soo sooo sooo sick of people telling me a devout vegan that I have issues….NO you h ave issues! I respect life and I respect the environment and for no other reason do I choose my lifestyle. No one and no animal should suffer at the hands of anyone. Yeah we evolved but take us out on the safari and watch how long we survive….You need to get your heads OUT OF YOUR DISGUSTING AND SMELLY ASSES and wake up. THANK YOU PETA THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….without your craziness no one would know a damn thing. And you can tell these idiots who replied back with negativity are ignorant and should check out the REAL facts.

  • Paul says:

    Well what can I say? I actually watched and enjoyed last night’s episode of ‘The F Word’ much like the previous series really. I think that Gordon’s ideas about ensuring that his children know and understand where their meat comes from is admirable. Too much food these days is preprocessed gunk and we really do not know what these foods contain. Even the ‘fresh’ veg in a supermarket has been treated so that 1. It survives a long time in STORAGE 2. It lasts a while on the shelves after the storage time has passed. Also the fact that vegetarians eat veggies and the rest of us eat meat something that human beings actually EVOLVED into thus allowing the species to survive should be just that. Live and let live. Finally one of the previous comments I read suggested that Man was not supposed to eat meat and that all life should be respected. Well I doubt that respect comes into it when YOUR life depends on it. As long as the animal is treated as humanely as possible then it should not be an issue. I really do hope that PETA get stuffed for their stupid stunt. Just like terrorists who work to enforce their particular views on people PETA appear to be doing the same. I was mostly on PETA’s side when it comes to fur etc. Now I start to question if that should still be the case…?

  • Door Knocker says:

    About two weeks ago in my French neighbourhood a man ate horsemeat. He stated always when the horse suffered much during the killing I know it because after eating that meat I’m very nervous and agressive so you see the consequence of such a thing and I just would like to tell to all these horse eating beasts on this site that your heartless stupidity speaks for itself the horse served us in war and peace in a humble attitude like an angel just suffering without complaints but I tell you that there shall come a doomsday where all of you shall shout and cry on your knees and nobody shall hear you!!!

  • Bruno Hager says:

    I think this PETA stunt is ok because if you like it or not it’s drawing the attention on the matter it makes people think if they like it or not! And this is the important thing!!!

  • JoJo says:

    Im cancelling my PETA membership forthwith after this shitty stunt. A very immature thing to do PETA. Its all gimmicks gimmicks gimmicks with PETA. Oh and we have over 300 TV channels here in the UK get your facts right. I bet you wont post this message will you?

  • The Minstrel says:

    They indulge in meat of cow and horse Stuff their bellies like in France. Using brutality and force Enjoying this earth’ last dance. It’s disgusting for my horse and me to see such ugly thing! Who shall survive? This we shall see When there shall be no earth no king!

  • Rich says:

    I don’t personally see the problem with eating horse meat. I don’t see a problem with eating any type of meat. I don’t like fruit or veg so I don’t eat them. If I also didn’t eat meat theres not much I would eat. I do think it was wrong what you did as it’s so childish. You don’t agree with what he did on his program but it wasn’t done distastefully so why take such drastic action? Do more things in a peaceful manner and not so brashly maybe more things would get sorted. At the end of the day everyone is entitled to an opinion if anything Ramsey opened up peoples mind’s. A lot of people get the impression your forcing opinion onto them and thats not way to get supporters.

  • doug says:

    “I eat meat. I enjoy meat. I am a coeliac so if I went Vege I would die from Malnutrition.” Im sure you mean Celiac and that is completely untrue. A healthy Vegan eats many many whole grains and a diet free from Gluten. There is actually a Vegan cooking blog that got nominated for best food blog. She is a gluten free Vegan from texas Axsvegan is her name I think look her up.

  • Aoife says:

    I am an animal lover I also consider myself to be a realist. The idea of eating horse meat is not a pleasant one. That is my opinion. However Gordon Ramsey suggesting this as an alternative meat source is not something that you should get so riled up about. He is not suggesting everyone should forget about beef and go horse instead or torture the animals.And you obviously have not done your homework if you consider him an animal hater! Do you hold demonstrations outside every restaurant that offers horse meat?? I could give you a few addresses of restaurants in Italy if you feel the need. But really I don’t believe in furthering your cause by dropping a load of manure. Immature and futile. Also a waste of good fertiliser.Please continue to focus on the more important issues of animal safety such as torture and ill treatment.

  • Steven says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The horse that Janet Street Porter ate was ethically reared for the purpose of being killed and eaten just like any cow sheep pig or chicken around the country. The footage clearly showed the horses in big fields where they were free to roam where they wanted. I can’t understand why you all think it was so barbaric just because it was shown on TV. Surely it’s better for us all to face up to the fact that our meat comes from animals and not a supermarket shelf Ramsey is just showing it how it is. Get used to it.

  • Philip Le Roux says:

    Oh sorry I forgot to say congratulations on a truely spectacular publicity owngoal. You have just given Gordon Ramsay the kind of advertising even Saatchi and Saatchi couldn’t buy. Regardless of the ethics of the arguement he is now able to paint himself 100 as sinned against rather than sinner. Oh and you have also caused an environmental pollution incident that some poor person not you of course probably on the minimum wage has to clean up. I sincerely hope you get fined for flytipping as I would if I took a load of horse dung and simply dumped it on the land of someone I didn’t like. I have eaten horse meat in France and while I wouldn’t rave about it nor would I as you would deny people the choice to eat it. The Horse afterall is a prey animal we are natural born predators. One cannot argue with 5million years plus of evolution.

  • Philip Le Roux says:

    I eat meat. I enjoy meat. I am a coeliac so if I went Vege I would die from Malnutrition.

  • horse whisperer says:

    just a completely inhumane idiot without knowledge of anything can eat horse meat and also be proud of it! I spit in his face!!!!!!!

  • kt says:

    PETA was right to do this…..we live in a world were people do what they like with out thought or consideration its about time someone pointed out its not ok. i dont wanna see a horse carted to a slaughter house on a wim of i fancy that so i will just kill it. how selfish does the human race have to get. have respect for life! we could live in a much better world if we werent so fundemantally selfish

  • Alistair says:

    Regardless of the content the tone of this article is condescending and ignorant. If you want people to support your cause perhaps you shouldn’t patronise or belittle them.

  • Steve the Monk says:

    Things are happening in this world I would not believe them…

  • Dan says:

    I would like to say i totally agree with the things Paul Norris see above has written. And added to that i would like to know whether or not you are completely free of any bad habits or thoughts something which you people seem to suggest with your selfrighteousness. But hey that is only my humble opinion and who am i?? Anyway thank you for listening and good luck. I will however in support of free thought and action go out and find a place where i can try eating horsemeat. D.Patyn

  • Dom says:

    Shame…stunts like this seriously damage an already delicate credability with the general public.

  • Paul says:

    Seriously? I cannot believe the article I have just read which is massively factually incorrect! This almost seems like jealousy of a popular figure and is basically an unfounded attack. How can you justify a comment like “Gordon Ramsay is a cold hearted animal hater” where is the evidence? Just because he rears then butchers animals on his show. Haven’t people been doing this for thousands of years no doubt with far less care than Gordon does on his show. Believe me I am far from a Gordon Ramsay lover but felt compelled to voice an opinion of the spiteful article I have just read. 5 TV channels??? Ever heard of Sky? I also like the fact that you say “evidently Gordon is encouraging more people to eat horse meat” so you don’t actually know? If you read about the show it is merely discussing it as an alternative At the end of the day what is the difference between a horse and a cow? Except that maybe a cow isn’t generally humiliated by jumping fences and racing courses! I think the horse manure stunt was immature and irresponsible I truly hope PETA have to pay for this act. Thanks for listening Paul Norris

  • stuart says:

    I fully support Gordon Ramsay in his endeavours to promote healthy diet and if that means the odd innocent little animal has to make the ultimate sacrifice then so beit. Is it PETA’s objective to have a population of overweight unhealthy people creating an ever increasing burden on our society but with happy smiling animals which only exist for our pleasure anyway or should people like Gordon Ramsay continue to promote healthy eating for all including vegetarians? No one can condone mistreatment of animals and I’m sure Mr Ramsay would support this but your response serves absolutely no purpose other than to highlight what a bunch of infantile idealists you really are. Your ideas are simplistic border line ludicrous and in no way in tune with the majority of society. Anyway must go cute furry animals to be slaughtered and eaten!

  • Anon says:

    What a load of bollocks ! PETA should stick the vegies up your arse maybe then you’d have something worthwhile to discuss. Leave those of us who choose to eat meat to enjoy and source it ethically but dont spout off constant crap about meat. And one final note I’ve been to france and can vouch that horse meat is indeed very lean and tasty and I will continue to feed this to friends and family who enjoy it knowing what it is.

  • Steve Monk says:

    Why don’t you fuck off and let people make their own decisions! Your worse than the people you campaign against!

  • Australian says:

    Ha ha ha ha! This is brilliant! I used to say well…so hungry I could eat a horse! Note its a phrase meaning I’m so hungry I’ll eat anything just in case anyone did’nt know! But I don’t think I could ever have eaten a horse even when I was’nt vegetarian! I am now and intend to be for the rest of my life! Horses are for riding and loving not for eating!

  • Stephen says:

    What symapthy I have for your PETA cause is undermined by pathetic stunts like the manure dump outside the Ramsey restaurant. I don’t particularly care for the man but your bigotry does you no favours.

  • lisa says:

    As a horse owner I found watching last night’s programme very upsetting.The thought of eating any meat turns my stomach but for people to suggest eating what some people have as pets is just disgusting. What’s next Gordon cats and dogs?

  • Paul Roseveare says:

    Not the best way to enter a debate to be honest.

  • debbie says:

    Well done Peta! There are enough animals killed for meat in this country without Mr Ramsay encouraging eating horse. Keep up the good work Kind regards Debbie x

  • Mary says:

    Ramsay is a real sicko. For his show last season he raised two gorgeous pigs and slaughtered them all in the name of entertainment. He hates vegetarians and is now getting more and more outrageous with his animal killing antics. This person said his worst nightmare would be to hear one of his kids say they were vegetarian!! He is a horrible horrible person.

  • Linda Brooks says:

    Is there nothing that this man will stop at his continued attentionseeking antics to raise his television ratings and continue to try and shock the nation? As a horseowner and watching this I was appalled at the lack of sensitivity to those of us that have a love for our equine friends. And as for Janet StreetPorter bbq’ing horse steaks outside Cheltenham Race Course left a distnct bitter taste. Clearly she has no compassion and has never been close to a horse! Would they eat their pets?

  • Frances says:

    Hey I was just wondering why isn’t anybody at PETA doing a press release about the addition of rennet to all masterfoods chocolate? I appreciate that 99.9 of masterfoods chocolate isn’t vegan but it’s still a huge issue for the number of vegetarians who read the site. Maybe I’ve missed it but still I’d be interested in PETA’s take.

  • drew says:

    That’s awesome! That’s totally awesome!

  • doug says:

    all i can say is YES YES YES!!! I have a chef here in the city I contacted about horse meat a while back too…