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Good News, Shopaholics: HSN Goes Fur-Free!

Written by PETA | July 7, 2008

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Anyone out there who loves to shop without getting off the couch and also hates to see animals suffer will love the fact that the Home Shopping Network (HSN)—which reaches 90 million U.S. homes—has adopted a permanent fur-free policy. In a letter to PETA, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman wrote, “We and the customers of HSN share your concern about the treatment of animals in the making of fur products. As such, we no longer purchase any product that uses real fur, a strict policy that went into effect in the first quarter of this year.”

Ready for even more good news? HSN has also agreed to donate any furry items leftover at the end of the year to PETA so that we can use them in our anti-fur campaign.

Way to go, HSN!

Although dozens of companies have adopted fur-free policies—including Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and the Gap—some callous companies still insist on using the fur of tortured animals to make their products. One of these companies is ShopNBC. Take a few seconds (literally, like 10 seconds) to send ShopNBC an automated message urging them to follow HSN’s lead by dropping fur once and for all.

Posted by Matt Prescott

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  • Gina says:

    Did anyone see Madonna’s chinchilla fur? Saw it in a magazine said it took several animals to make her one coat. Truly sickening she knows better. Same with her hunting quail or whatever saw a photo of her shooting birds with a gun. She makes me sicker now than years ago when she was just a cheap exhibitionist. Instead of maturing into a decent woman she’s what no one should want to be rich or not. Selfish bitch can’t see beyond what she thinks is impressing people and showing off instead of doing good things and helping animals with her wealth.

  • darla says:

    I am so happy to learn HSN is going to no longer sell fur. About two years ago I wrote them a letter stating I would never shop them again if they do not stop selling fur. I received no response. I have not shopped there since maybe now I can. I have never shopped NBC and now I have a reason to never shop them.

  • Jaxin says:

    I’m so happy to see this! Awesome. I contacted ShopNBC a couple years ago about selling fur they’re response completely irked me! Basically they said We don’t condone fur we just sell it.

  • Ana says:

    Next ShopNBC needs to stop selling fur. Their hostesses glorify fur especially Charlene. Great news about HSN!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear PETA After watching your hidden videos on the fur industry I was left stunned and extremely depressed. Soon afterward a friend called me bragging about how her boyfriend was going to buy her a chinchilla coat for her birthday. I sighed and almost told her about what I had watched on PETA but I stopped myself. I had to think of a way to drive the point home and into her head. I decided I had to trick her. I told her “Oh Wow! I am so jealous! Before you buy anything though you have to look at the this site it has the best and most beautiful chinchilla ever!” She gladly went to the website hoping to view some magnificent fur instead it was PETA’s video on the Chinchilla fur farms and how the coats are made. She gasped and yelled at me”I cannot watch this!” But she never asked for a chinchilla fur again. Maybe PETA needs to trick the wealthy into watching because they continue to turn a blind eye to this animal massacre. Thank you PETA for making people aware of this revolting trade. Anonymous

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks HSN!

  • kat says:

    Another victory for PETA and the animals well done!! I wish the HSN would get into pleather but that is for another day Congrats PETA and thank you HSN

  • roxanne says:

    great! now I can return to HSN

  • Holly says:

    Way to Go HSN! The more company’s who go no fur the less fur will be sold and fewer animals will suffer and die. This is very good news go Vegan. Thank You PETA keep up the great work!

  • Judith says:

    Signed and sent on! This is wonderful news. Peace for all animals!