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‘Glee’ Stars: Gifted and Compassionate

Written by PETA | November 30, 2009 / CC
 Jenna Ushkowitz


Confession: I’ve rewatched the final performance of “True Colors” from last week’s Glee episode on my DVR like it’s my job. And lucky for me, it is. My Gleekdom isn’t entirely work-related, but with so many compassionate actors on the show, I need to tune in. First, Lea Michele spoke up for horses by posing for an ad against horse-drawn carriages, and now comes this tasty tidbit from Jenna Ushkowitz about her Thanksgiving:

We make homemade stuffing—my mom is making Tofurky because I am a vegetarian and we just eat a lot! … I am trying to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Ushkowitz joins tons of other celebrities who enjoy cruelty-free meals and save lives every day of the year.

Written by Logan Scherer

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