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Girl Throws Puppies Into River, PETA Offers Reward for Her Identity

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010


PETA is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies in the video above. Members of 4chan were able to track down the owner of the Bosnian YouTube account that originally uploaded the video and we currently have six possible leads, but the identity of the girl has yet to be confirmed. If you have information regarding this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Francesca264 says:

    This is terrible… im going to cry….

  • stephanieb says:

    this is the most disgusting and messed up thing i have ever seen. i cried 3 seconds into it. has she been found?

  • bluebios21 says:

    I know this is shocking but this is happening all the time in poor countries like Bosnia. People lack the money andor education to go to a vet and to neuter their pets. So this is a form of “birth control”. I’m from Romania and this kind of things are happening here all the time.

  • painkiller says:

    Everyone should paste this into the facebook walls and twitter so that many others know and maybe they catch her.

  • Stef says:

    So are you advocating a wet clothed swim waterboarding or attempted murder? Just checking to be clear. I’m just asking this to the people who are threatning to kill her over the Internet You are insighting? Recommending assult attempted murder or indeed murder? Or is it just an execution sanctioned by animal rights activists and therefore should be legal? This girl has committed a cruel act and she will be FINED for it not murdered by Internet threats. Women murder their fetus every single day from abortions they abort world leaders teachers priests… I agree what she has done is unacceptable But people are encouraging her EXECUTION. This girl probably not knowing that throwing a litter is bad will be fined and arrested! Not murdered!

  • chase says:

    what is wrong with her!?!?!?!? THAT IS JUST TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED!!!!! SHE IS A SICK AND TWISTED EVIL PERSON!!!!! that is sooo crule!!! not rite what so ever!!! those poor puppies!!!! dead now cause of a stupid girl!!

  • A Shocked Girl says:

    Okay… I feel PHYSICALLY ILL after watching this. Who the HELL would decide to do that to innocent animals. This just shows how horrible some teenagers are becoming. Sure I’m only 14 but… I mean honestly why would you do something like that AND record it?! I just can’t believe this and I feel even sicker now that I sit here and type this and think of those innocent lives that were just wasted thanks to that evil evil girl. I hope she has a very painful demise and lives the rest of her life in jail. She doesn’t deserve freedom after doing that.

  • andrea spencer says:


  • Satine says:

    I have no words… She should suffer what she did to those puppies!

  • Lee Porche says:

    I pray to God that someone turns this girl in and the person filming this video.I can not believe that someone could do something like this. It so cruel. What is the world become when people do stuff like this to helpless animals.

  • maureen says:

    Who will spay her.Well once again the stories are true.I hope this girl is prosecuted and charges are filedwhere is the mother dog? I hope she was taken away from this family or we will hear and see this story again.

  • NecroDancer says:

    Dx omg that is soo cruel I hope she gets arrested soon how the hell can any of her realitives keep it a secret..unless they are just as cruel I HATE people that are cruel like that It makes me sick.

  • joe says:

    hi I did some charity work in bosnia and apparently people do this all the time… people don’t get their catsdogs spayed because they can’t afford it. I do agree this is cruel chucking them in the river but if just this caused so much drama then so much other people should be fined for animal cruelty cats and dogs have their litter 2 times a year and while I was in Bosnia I saw stray dogs EVERYWHERE near the highway and in the center town area.

  • ale says:

    OMG that was so cruel..I can’t belive it how could someone do this? I hope police find her because she’s like a risk in our society maybe she is a psyco or something like that nono I’m so sad for those puppies…

  • JTS12 says:

    You know what my dog was in this room with me when I watched this she went and sat in a corner Now That Hurts.

  • lacey says:

    omg i cant beleve some one wuld do that th those pore pupys!!!why wuld she do it?! she is so crule!!!killing those pupys is a big fat “NO”!!

  • Laura says:

    she just doesnt have a HEART..

  • Grace says:

    Somethings wrong with this girl. You don’t do that just because your evil. She’s sick and twisted and I’m guessing its not the first time. She needs help and she needs to get off our streets and in to a hospital for a long long long time. RIP little puppies you deserved better! love!!!!

  • me says:

    she doesn’t live in germany that’s a hoax!! police is with that german girl right now to PROTECT her because people want to kill her and stuff like that but it’s not her in that video.

  • King Kong says:

    If she is 12 yo and also if the person who is filming is underage. There is nothing can be done other than getting their parents to pay some fine. Maybe some counselor sessions etc. On one hand throwing innocent puppies is bad on the other hand makes me wish she throws PETA members into the river.

  • Jackie says:

    Meg Schramm this is why I feel guilty about watching horror films where bad things happen to cats in them. I feel my cats might think a real cat is in trouble and then might think I’d do that to them. Although I’m pretty sure the second part is my projecting my emotions on to them. I won’t watch the video because I’ll have nightmares. I don’t understand the poster who says because she suffered living in Bosnia she should be counseled and treated like a victim. Yes bad things happen in some countries that doesn’t mean that it crosses out the cruelty that this girl participated in. Although I agree with the concept that if you’ve been victimized you can go two ways become a victimizer yourself or become someone who has more empathy with those who have suffered the same as you have. I still am upset that murders like these aren’t treated on the news the same way it would be if this girl drowned a baby. Everyone would be all over this if she drowned a baby even though those puppies were just as defenseless.

  • Natalie Tate says:

    After watching this absolutely appaling video that basically brought tears to my eyes this question comes to my mind…what is the purpose for doing this to something so helpless? is it pleasure? is i satisfaction bc everyone around her including herself knows shes a coward? is it to just get rid of the puppies? What could possibaly be going through somebodies mind when they do this kind of horrid act?

  • John says:

    Clearly this girl has something wrong with her so I think what is best for her is to go to jail then a nut house because clearly shes not a normal person if she thinks throwing puppies into a river is fun. Paying 12 dollars isn’t going to make her learn her lesson. I’m a dog lover I’ve had many dogs in my life right now I have 2 lovely shelter dogs that I adore dearly and if anything would happen to them my life would be shattered then I see this little girl throwing puppies in the water It upsets me that someone could be this cold and heartless as to do such a thing. I hope they throw her ass in jail.

  • zeljka says:

    I and few other people fight animal cruelty in Bosnia..But state just do one…get them of street and if noone comes to pick them up they put them to sleep….There are so many dogs and cats straying on our streets beacose noone take care of them…I ask ppl of good will to come and help us…Plz we need help to save their lives…Thank you all in advance

  • Rebecca says:

    This is gut wrenching. i literally started crying i feel like vomiting. how could people be so cruel and heartless?

  • feeling sorry for the puppies says:

    omg… that girl is sick really really sick she needs mental help or something if she could not take care to the dog or she could not have them at her house then she should done the right choice of bring them to a shelter and if you are girl that is reading all these comments what happens if someone though your babies in the river like this that is so hurtful to see this video R.I.P lil puppies hope u are have a better life now since that lil girl is not your owner anymore

  • cristen says:

    they found out her identity i heard!! someone posted in on 4chan… apparently she lives in germany i hope to god they find her charge her and throw her ass in jail. im a future dog trainer and i specialize in aggression and abuse so this sickens me…

  • Randy says:

    This was hard to watch…. and disgusting…. however at the end she says something with a german or dutch accent. so that is something to go off of…

  • Emily says:

    WHAT?? OMG I thought the first dog was fake!! OMG OMG OMG OMG this is horrible!!!!!!!!!! She needs to be arrested! I can’t watch this anymore! those poor little puppies!!!!! D’

  • Alice says:

    I’m sickened by this it makes me feel sick to my stomach to know that someone would do this.

  • Diana F. says:

    How horrific. What is this world coming to? Girls and boys being sold into prostitution war and animal cruelty and the harm of our planet. I remember that there was this video they sent my Aunt. In it there was a monster woman who was stomping a black puppy on a curb with her heel repeatedly. They didnt show her face. We were both literally drenched in tears. We couldnt bear it and she immediately closed the laptop. As for the monster in the video you can see she was doing it because she wanted to. You can see it. I didn’t see video but paused at the beginning. You can definitely see this morons head and side facial profile. If she didn’t want the puppies why didn’t she give them to somebody else? She could have dropped them off at the shelter. Whoever was the one that filmed is just as sick as the monster doing the throwing. I know I would not be able to film that. I would tell on her and stop her. She is the product of bad parenting bad TV watching and all the violence that people are exposed to in the world. My mom never lets me watch any violence and I think this is why I hate cruelty and war. She also taught me that we have to be one with nature one with the world and respect the living which includes Earth and all of Gods children which include animals. I do read though see TV where I am aware of bad things happening in the world and dream of a world full of peace and love. I hate all the wicked things in the world. Both this thing and the one filming should be thrown in jail and taught that animals are just like anyone else and have feelings and rights. She can be punished to the full extent because I believe she is no longer a child she doesn’t look like a child any more. A criminal starts with doing a violent crime against a helpless animal. People who suggest spaying her are not right. They did that to people who were labeled as insane so they wouldnt reproduce. That included even if they had something as simple as ADD depression and minor bipolar symptom. I hope God helps her the one filming and their families. Salvation can only come from God. If you dont have God then you are not saved and you wont stop at doing bad things. I hope God cleanses her heart and spirit and that she repents. I hope he puts her in the right direction. This all can only start with her the one filming and her family. If none of them want to change and let God enter their heart then they are stumped and her reckless and violent path will continue. The puppies are now in Gods realm. They are being cared by him and I hope that they are better now. If she is captured and turned in I hope she is taught that animal cruelty is not right. This can easily be solved. YouTube and whoever else had posted the original video by the original person can track the account. Even easier the computer. It can be achieved by getting the IP number of the computer which can lead directly to the computer that posted it. That is how a website knows how many times you have visited it and contacted them. I want to end this with one thing. What goes around comes around!!!!! P

  • GodShouldNtForgiveYou says:

    OMG … What kind of person is this?? She can do it easily so tat i’m sure tat she did it alot time . You tis useless person should be JAILED forever and u’re wrong to be born out! CURSED YOU FOREVER !!!

  • Andres Aguilera says:

    I don’t like animals like most people do but this made me sick I feel horrible.

  • Rebecca says:

    Don’t forget that the person videotaping this act is JUST as at fault as she is..they just stood by and watched it happen! I hope they both rot in jail AND in hell!

  • lindajean says:

    I too believe it is in everyones best interest to find this girl along with any one else who was taking part in this so she doesn’t get away with it. I think it could lead to abuse to a human being next. If she could be so cruel and unfeeling what would stop her from doing it to a small baby next then as she gets older killing anyone will be for the fun of it too! Look how many psychopaths that murdered started out this way. The problem is that our society doesn’t put any value on an animals life. I have always felt that there should be laws set up to punish animal abusers but it just doesn’t seem to matter to those running our government. If you listen closely it sounds to me like she is from another country other than the United States? Do other countries possibly allow this to go on maybe?

  • javier says:

    Please be true at 43 seconds of the video looks good the girl’s face please to serve as something … … .!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  • Jake says:

    I’ll add another $100 to that reward!

  • Luke Osman says:

    I had to stop watching after 5 seconds. . . It’s just sick and wrong. I told my friends about it and they already knew. Horrible because it’s spread but wonderful because this horrible heartless thing is going to get found. I hope it rots in jail.

  • Laura Mercado says:

    OMGshe is evil please come forward and turn her in!!!

  • Hannah Greco says:

    That girl is SICK! you could hear the puppies as they hit the water! they should have hte FBI and everyone possible looking for her. What kind of SICK and TWISTED person could do such a thing??? She deserves to get a life sentence in prison.

  • Saar says:

    these people should have the death sentence poor little helpless puppies.

  • someone from a world says:

    someone must have seen the puppies in the bucket because it didnt have a cloth over it how crule hope someone drownses her the stuipid red riding hood

  • Arminko says:

    I just want to make some things clear to folks here.First of allthere are news that some granny found and rescued puppiesgoogle it.I have a friend in Bugojno and he said that this is just a hoax made by some people in Bugojno to save a girl from further punishments and attacksHow he knows that?Because he lives in that place Bugojno is a small placethat is what is he heard.Puppies are probably died in a riverno false hope no granny saved them.Granny who “saved them” in picture holds some puppies who are pretty differentand asking for money too.Secondas some sites are sayinggirl is under a psychiatry treatment until before further actions from the law and police.This also is not true.She is taking a rest at her aunt abroad.Maybe her parents will pay some smaller fine.In some places in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is tradition to throw and murder newborn puppies and cats because it is believed it brings good lucksimilar to some cannibalistic traditions.I have nothing against a girl or her parentsonly for an act that she did.Please investigate further this case.Bye

  • scott wilson says:

    The problem here is not necessarily what she did but what led to it. We as a society have separated ourselves from our environment telling ourselves we are not like animals. This allows us to think about everything as a commodity and when you turn something into a commodity you are no longer required to relate to it so you can justify the horrific conditions you place them in for the sake of better returns on your investment and the betterment of your life and your family because after all you’re nothing like an animal. On another note I grew up on a farm with my three brothers and three sisters nearly 200 miles from the nearest town and we lived extremely self sufficiently never having anything new raising crops and animals in equal amounts now we had both dogs and cats which from time to time would have litters with feral strays. When this happened if we couldn’t give the kitten puppies away to family or friends keeping in mind there was no quick drive to the nearest vet or even the next door neighbour We had the choice of 1keeping the litter and potentially more not mention the problems of inbreeding later which we couldn’t feed 2 letting the litter take off and go wild feral and kill native species 3 Killing them. Dad used to break their necks but Mom didn’t have stomach for that so she used to drown them in a 40 gallon drum and bury them. Everytime this happened we’d the kids be beside ourselves and Dad would say ” the only way we can stop this by watching when they go on heat and penning them in in the first palce so we’d watch the pets like hawks the best we could. But nature usually finds a way around whatever we do and sometimes you have to choose between something that’s wrong and something that’s worse.

  • Jan says:


  • Jordan says:

    Oh my god. I hope she gets a life sentence in a nice white padded room with a view because that’s freaking messed up.

  • Borgisbor says:

    Horrible. But the saddest thing is that that’s not so unsual. Even I was told to do the same when my dog got unexpectedly pregnant already had another two dogs. I was outraged and of course did not! Disgusting how some human beings can be.. Happily in the end my puppies found new homes

  • JJ says:

    The video is disturbing but some of the comments here are way more disturbing than the video. The girl is 13 from rural Eastern Europe. You think this kind of euthanasia isn’t common there? She isn’t doing this just to be cruel did you see the glove? Maybe the dogs were sick or her family thought they were and they told her to do this. The nearest animal shelter is probably 100 miles away what can she do? I have no clue why she would be dumb enough to laugh and then post the video online though. I’d call her simply ignorant not evil. Maybe some you idiots calling for her torture and execution should calm down a bit gather what few remaining brain cells you have and focus your rage on some larger more important issues. This is lynch mob mentality at it’s worst disgusting. The same goes for PETA $2000 to catch a 13 year old girl total waste of money. What a joke.

  • Angry Person says:

    This is horrifying and so upsetting. I cannot believe what I just watched. How can people do such things? Those poor defenseless puppies! She is a sick coward who wouldn’t dare harm big humans and resorted to taking it out on helpless puppies. This is extremely sick and I am disgusted disturbed upset horrified and angry after watching this.. I really cannot believe how someone could do such a thing. I hope this woman is caught and given the punishment she deserves. This is murder. I do not care if these puppies aren’t human they are lives and the woman responsible should be charged with multiple murders. I will not sleep tonight. DISGUSTING.

  • finally fed up says:

    I decided not to torture myself by watching. However I may decide to watch it if someone put the girl and the filmmaker in a box and threw them in the river. I am tired of people excusing horrific acts on reasons like she may have been exposed to crimes in her country. In my jobI have met many people who are war refugees and they have seen and been victims of horrible war crimes. Most of them have post traumatic syndrome and depression but it has not turned any of them into cold psychopaths. If the story about having to kill the puppies because they were ill is true there are many more humane ways to put an animal down I know because I come from a family of farmers. Let’s be real she just said that and said she was sorry on her postif it was really even her that posted because she got caught and got harrassed. People that live on farms and have to put down sick animals do not laugh about it and film it.