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Girl Throws Puppies Into River, PETA Offers Reward for Her Identity

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010


PETA is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies in the video above. Members of 4chan were able to track down the owner of the Bosnian YouTube account that originally uploaded the video and we currently have six possible leads, but the identity of the girl has yet to be confirmed. If you have information regarding this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Hope says:

    I cried watching this. How are people so terrible? Someone should throw her into a river.

  • Jenni says:

    If she can do something like this now you’d better watch out for when she grows up. Lack of empathy is a sure sign she’s going to move on to people next. Most likely a child to start with.

  • Rose says:

    I really really hope she is caught arrested sent to jail and has horrible things done to her in prison. I can’t even believe this. I think the reward should be even higher. I do not wish the death penalty for her I wish much worse.

  • Kaitlynne L. says:

    This is most definitely one of the top 3 sick things I’ve seen in my entire life. I cried for an hour straight after watching this. It really made me realize that there are some sick people out there. It takes a disgustingly twisted person to throw little baby puppies into a river and it takes an equally as disturbing person to record it. She should be behind bars or better yet it a padded room.

  • Fallout says:

    Butchie Cry moar. I’m sure there are people here who DO care just as much about the suffering of humans as they do animals. But guess what? It’s just not fucking relevant to the post. You’re basically saying nobody has the RIGHT to be upset by videos like this. And then “the upper”middle”class always only cares about itself.” lolwut?

  • A Gimenez says:

    Hoping if this are a viral video to get trafic in the web if not we need to do something with this Evil person

  • Brook says:

    What kind of does that to puppies! I want to do the same and more to her!!!!

  • JM Torres says:

    WOuld it be possible to donate money in order to make the reward larger? I would gladly donate more money to catch this creatures the girl and whoever is filming. Let’s make a much larger amount so someone can bring this creatures to justice.

  • Karina Ramsingh says:

    I am thoroughly DISGUSTED and OUTRAGED by this video….. This girl is a sick sadistic freak….. She deserves to be punished for this…. It angers me to no end to listen to her irritating laugh while she does this…. She must be a psychopath… This person is obviously NOT normal! I am outraged…. This makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you to 4chan and PETA for your efforts in tracking down this maniac….

  • Roger C. says:

    Evil chick just pure evil. She looks perfect for the next Hostel movie.

  • Maggie says:

    I shudder to think that that creature the girl in the video belongs to the same species as me. That ‘person’ should be locked up. Those poor puppies never had a chance at life. And she killed them out of spite!

  • Bill Thompson says:

    PETA is usually on the wrong side of right most of the time but they got it right this time. This young lady needs a little water torture herself.

  • Javier says:

    Could we donate some money to increase the reward? This crazy girl should be convicted and her identity made public

  • Erwin N. says:

    oh my god this girl is just sick. What kind of person would be that bad. Their just puppies I hope police find her. She must pay poor puppies.

  • Paula Wood says:

    Who ever filmed this should be charged as well as an ass. to the fact. The person that videoed this didnt stop her! Charge them BOTH!

  • Lizzie says:

    i think i watched this video for less than 30 seconds before bursting into tears. I want nothing less than the death punishment for this disgusting horrible awful human being. oh god. i can’t stop crying. i hate her. so much.

  • Mimi says:

    At first I thought I might be able to handle it. I wanted to see the face of the murderer but the second I heard the first puppy cry I started to sob and had to close it. That is DISGUSTING and cruel and horrible. But 4chan has managed to track down the owner of the account that posted it and get a facebook among other means of communication. She WILL be held accountable for her crimes. The internet and animal lovers everywhere will make sure of it.

  • Butchie says:

    Would be nice if you people cared about all of the decent innocent human beings being allowed to die from illegal wars illness and homelessness all over the world including right here in the U.S. BUT… the upper”middle”class always only cares about itself.

  • Dado says:

    I live in Bosnia and just wanted the world to know that people here are disgusted and deeply truly shocked by this video. I am personaly ashamed that this girl lives in my country and I really hope that she gets arrested and convicted with maximum penalty!

  • yolibeth says:

    R the puppies ok?

  • ashley says:

    i swear some people are getting more insane by the minute ! i can’t believe this scum would kill these helpless little crying puppies she has no soul if she was able to listen to their cries and not stop and turn back around .i was left angry and speechless when i saw just a few minutes of this video . These puppies are so little and they didnt deserve this ! she should have just gave them to the pound or to someone she knows tht isn’t crazy . Like this girl is singing and laughing while she is happily throwing the puppies into the river . How crazy can you be man !!? But i can help this girl is wearing a red “ed hardy” hoodie you can tell abit around 79 seconds into the video . I hope this psychopath gets put away for a long time cuz people like her dont deserve to be walking around!

  • Aaron says:

    I felt sick after watching this. I hope she gets caught. If I knew who she was I would turn her in for no money.

  • novembergirl says:

    i think this girl is punished enough violence is a learned behaviour. she must have been exposed to a lot of violence in her past that can be the only explanation. people arent born evil they are made that way.

  • DLP says:

    this is horrible. i almost cried just watching it. you can hear the poor babies cry before they hit the water.

  • casey says:

    this girl is a piece of garbage. anyone who believes in god should know that we are ALL god’s creatures. that means we are ALL EQUAL. nothing makes a human more important than an animal. their would be more outrage if a newborn baby was thrown into a river and it shouldn’t be like that. again we are ALL EQUAL. nothing makes you any better than your furry friend

  • Harp says:

    This is beyond disturbing. I hope she is found soon.

  • Jeanette Melissa says:

    Gosh what is wrong with these people? you can her in the beggining those puppies cry they havent even opened their eyes yet. I have 2 dogs when i was watching the video on the part where the puppy was yelping my dog gave me a look as if she knew that another dog was in trouble it was horrible i had to stop watching it. I dont know why people do this they are laughing and its not funny! Shes doing this to animals one day shes going to do this to her baby or her kid because she feels more powerful. Shes a psychopath.

  • danielle says:

    How can people be so cruel to poor defenseless animals. Dogs and cats just want to be loved and have a friendship with their owner… it makes me so sick that people can abuse these beautiful creatures. I was in complete shock when I saw this disgusting child smile as she violently threw those whimpering angles in the river. I hope they find you and throw you in jail you evil disgusting excuse for a person.

  • Natalie says:

    Such a coward!!! she has to take it out on innocent helpless puppies.. this person was definitely not loved or hugged as a child. She was raised by scum people like this do not deserve to breath our air.

  • nocomment says:

    i kow identity off this girl

  • Amie says:

    I know the girl is sick but what about the person holding the camera? I think heshe is just as sick!!!

  • Justin says:

    This Girl needs to go to jail for the rest of her life! She committed 6 accounts of Animal Cruelty and 6 felonies!!!!!!! Trust me she NEEDS to get the punishment even though she is not legal among the Audult Courts!

  • Karen says:

    She deserves to go to jail. Serial killers start off with animals and lead up to people. This person cannot be out in public but in a mental hospital. Anyone who would think this is ok should be contained.

  • earthgirl says:

    That girl is truly evil. She has some bad karma headed her way. She’ll get what she deserves. Count on it.

  • Richard says:

    Animals kill because they need to survive humans just kill for fun. This sickens me I just don’t know what to say. She’s already dead on the inside.

  • Moira Stone says:

    I couldn’t get past 2 seconds of this to tell you the truth. My German Shepherd who absolutely loves puppies she’s had 2 litters of her own in her lifetime and also fostered a litter after she was fixed that was rejected by another local dog got really freaked out when she heard the crying on this video and I’m headphones! And she’s got weak legs but she stood right up and was ready to rescue the pups on the screen. This is sadistic and…and..HORRID. I don’t believe how nasty this girl is.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Ethnic cleansing and civil war are such wonderful things look at an example of the wonderful people it produces I am saying this sarcastically. This girl has probably seen things no one who has never fought in a war or who has never seen or experienced the atrocities of war can imagine. She has probably experienced a nightmare every day while she was awake if she was raised with this how can we expect anything better from her?

  • LeAnne says:

    This is terrible! I can’t believe somebody could do something so cruel. These are living creatures and deserve a chance in life! What a rotten person. She’s lucky that I’m here and she’s there because I would lOVE to get my hands on her!

  • Jen says:

    First I find this girl’s actions horrific. That being said I believe that anyone who wishes someone would throw her in the river or drown her is probably no better than her. Here is hoping someone finds her and prosecutes her to the greatest extent of the law. Also although the video is terrible to watch and tore a few strangeled sobs out of my own throat it is not the ‘worst thing I ever saw’. This is pretty tame when compared to the monster who tortured and killed a cat a few years back ON CAMERA in the name of ‘art’. Doesn’t make it right of course.

  • Milana says:

    I wish i knew who this was in the video so i could turn her in.. i wish people like her had a separate planet.. because they are ruining this one.

  • Catherine says:

    is it true that she has already been identified and she had published a public apology?

  • Usman says:

    Very disgusting act… but if she’s in fact Bosnian I have to wonder to what extent the Serbianled genocide psychologically impacted her. She could just be a sick girl along with the person taking the video. Very sad.

  • Emina says:

    I just wanna say that I’m from Bosnia and that girl does not need help cus she’s not traumatized she’s just insane and cruel. She needs to be punished!

  • Kimberly M says:

    How horrific of a crime…and who is the jerk that left the comment… And even if you are not an animal lover how can you not be moved by this horrible crime??? What is are youth today thinking? Was this cool?…….NOT!!!

  • Jeta says:

    the act is miserable and what makes it more devilish is the way of publishing it like there is smth to be proud of what kind of joy is to make others suffer this is totally a sick mind …. this act must be punished !!!!!

  • mary says:

    Does anyone have an update about this? I’ve been hearing that it was because she didnt know what to do with the pups and whatnot. There is not any reason those puppies died like that. i was honestly in tears while seeing this. I want this girl jailed. How could someone be okay with just throwing a box full of pups into water. I hate her.

  • Carmen Jennings says:

    This girl will pay her dues karmically for this despicable act and lead a life of pain and misery. The universe will take care of her and the people who taught her to kill!

  • Cheyenne<3 says:

    I have never been so digusted in my entire life. You really have to be sick and twisted to do this. And to make a game out of it. If you want to throw something in a river throw a rock. Better yet throw yourself. WE NEED TO FIND THIS GIRL!

  • Shannon says:

    I’m not usually an animal rights activist or anything but I am literally crying. I couldn’t watch the whole video. This girl is sick and deserves to be punished.

  • Kelly says:

    I’m not PETA supporter but I hope they find this girl. get her arrested. She is very sick person to do this to these puppies that probably havent open their eyes and havent even started walkin around yet. Helpless puppies!!! She got me so mad.