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Gas Chambers: Alive & Killing in Your State?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 5, 2011

Anderson Cooper recently welcomed Daniel to his show, a 5-year-old dog who survived being gassed at an Alabama animal control facility.

Reportedly, Daniel was crammed into a gas chamber in Florence, Alabama, with four other dogs. Carbon-monoxide gas was pumped into the chamber for a “standard 17 minute cycle.” When workers opened the chamber door to remove dead animals, they found Daniel standing among the dead dogs, alive.

Death is not quick for dogs and cats who are gassed. Locked in dark boxes and slowly suffocated, the dogs commonly scream and the cats go berserk, trying to claw their way out. Many go into convulsions as they struggle for air and try to escape. Daniel must have witnessed a horrifying scene inside the gas chamber, and he is living proof that this crude method doesn’t always work. Some animals must be gassed repeatedly; others have been found stumbling around in landfills after being mistaken for dead and dumped there.

It is not the fault of animal shelters that animals must be put to death, but if the most we can offer homeless animals is an exit from this world, then we owe it to them to ensure that it is painless, peaceful, and dignified. If your local animal shelter or pound is putting animals down with any method other than an intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital (the most humane method), urge the shelter management to switch (see PETA’s tips for helpful information). You may have the law on your side if you live in one of the 18 states that have outlawed some forms of gassing. If not, write letters to your legislators demanding a law against these torture chambers.

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  • Angela Abfalterer says:

    Unbelievable – which cruel ways of torturing an killing LIVING CREATURES a human being is able to conduct….. Methods which we only know from the Holocaust are still used!!! My god!!! Animals have at least the same right to live as we are! So let them live and at least don’t kill them in such a lengthy and cruel way!!!! PLEASE BE CONSCIOUS!!!!

  • Yulia Mikhalchuk says:


  • Serge says:

    Love your last sentence, Trish. Are you paying attention, Peta??

  • Trish McCauley says:

    Why would you say, it’s not the workers fault animals have to be put to sleep? No animal should have to be put to sleep. Dr. Kavorkian was imprisoned for “putting to sleep” people who requested it on their own. Anyone who puts animals to sleep should be imprisoned just the same.

  • jessica weppler says:

    We need to do all that we can do. please spread awareness. Here is 2 petitions that need to be signed. they will be sent to congress. also there are some great ladies on facebook doing all they can to stop this. the name of their fb page is “Take Action-Help Ban Animal Gas Chambers”. i suggest like it to follow. they are constantly updating victories and legislators email and contact info so that we may right them to get this to stop. if the people do not speak up, this will never stop!

  • melissam says:

    I had no idea this was even aloud to happen I feel honestly sick.

  • Allena says:

    As a Jewish animal activist, this makes me sick to my stomach. The horrific images of the Holocaust gas chambers are popping up once again. This is sick, mean and horrible.

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Abolish this barbaric practice – this is man’s best friend we’re talking about!

  • Joseph M says:

    This is horrible. I am sick to my stomach.

  • debard marie says:

    the cruautée Enough !!!!

  • Vicki Sola says:

    Difficult to believe that such barbaric cruelty is taking place in “civilized” countries like ours. (What kind of person gets up in the morning, drinks a cup of coffee, showers, then goes to “work” and commits such acts, then supposedly looks themselves in the mirror at night?! It boggles the mind. It must be stopped!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    It appears that the concentration camps are still being used, only this time its dogs and cats that are enduring one of the most inhumane deaths possible. Shame, shame, shame on all countries that still use this method of ‘murder’. How can these people sleep at night knowing they have inflicted even more torture and abuse on these poor animals?

  • Sofia says:

    What can we do for help????

  • Sandra DB says:

    UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF ANIMAL RIGHTS “Article 3 a) No animal should be submitted to bad treatment or cruel actions. b) If the death of an animal is necessary, this should be sudden and without fear or pain.” “Why Should We Love Animals? Because they give everything asking for nothing back. Because they are defenseless amid men’s weapons and power. Because they are eternal children. Because they don’t know hate or war. Because they don’t know about money and only seek the protection of a shelter. Because they explain themselves without words. Because their eyes are as pure as their souls. Because they don’t know about envy or grudges. Because forgiveness comes natural to them. Because they love with loyalty and truthfulness. Because they recognize and appreciate respect. Because they don’t buy love, they just expect it. Because they are our companions, eternal friends that never betray. And because they are alive. Because of this and a thousand other reasons they deserve our love! If we learn to love them like they deserve, for being creatures that feel, suffer and need us, we will be closer to God”. – Mother Theresa of Calcutta

  • Joolz says:

    thats really awful, japan is doing that too epsecially dog n cats from pets shops that dont sell while theyre cute enough. it should be banned completely and those fined highly if caught doing so

  • elke zeich says:

    stop this cruelty, now