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Fox Comes to the Aid of Minks

Written by PETA | August 19, 2010

With Sweden poised to consider whether it should ban all fur factory farms (the country has already banned fox fur farms), the Stockholm-based Animal Rights Alliance has just released a new video showing the horrors that it found during its undercover investigation of 17 mink farms across the country. To help ensure that the footage is seen by decisionmakers, CSI star Jorja Fox sent the video to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt along with a letter describing the nightmarish conditions on Swedish fur farms—conditions that clearly violate Sweden’s Animal Welfare Act. You only have to watch the first 30 seconds of this undercover footage to understand exactly why fur farming must end, but please show it to people who might need a bit of a push.


Horror revealed on Swedish fur farms from Djurrättsalliansen on Vimeo.


Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Hunter Arndt says:

    Well im going to start off by saying that I do believe in the fair and ethical treatment of all animals. I am also sure that this comment will not be posted but I hope that at least one person will read it and get something out of it. To answere the question that you are probly thinking yes I do hunt trap and fish. No dont stop reading this just because I said that please read on. I do not agree with the way that some animals are raised on farms. There is some truth in some of the peta comments. Now dont get a big head all because I agree with peta on a few topics. Yes some animals are raised in confined spaces and thier pens are not cleaned properly. The people that are guilty of raising animals in these types of ways are wrong. Altho with the exception of a few idiots just about all farmers are very kind and very mindfull of thier animals. Peta has no right to condem all farming hunting fishing and trapping. Man is the best conservation tool there is and almost all outdoorsmen are very considerate of all wildlife but every group has a few bad apples I am sure peta does to. I hunt fish and trap to put food on the table and to help keep the carrying capacity of the land in check so mother nature does not have to take on the full responsibility of controling animal populations. I dont know if you have ever seen a fox population explode in a certain area but it gets ugly really fast. Once an overly abundant animal such as the formentiond fox exhuasts its food source disease and starvation occure. Mother nature surely can take care of herself but she is careless. Have you ever seen a fox that is starving to death or a litter of fox pups that all cought mange because of overpopulation and lack of food. I have and I can tell you its worse than what any human could ever do to and animal. Hunting is humane trapping is humane and fishing is to. Just to make my point The artical on this website about the Massachusetts’ trapping bill H.4943. The authore of the artical wrote this about the body grip trap also known as a conibear. “The traps clamp down on the bodies of the animals who then suffer an agonizing death takeing minutes to finally suffocate.” Now as a trapper I have harvested dozens and dozens of animals in these types of traps. And never once have I ever found any evidence of the animal suffering. These traps are designed to instantly dispatch the animal and they work very very well. There is nothing inhumane about these traps. Also every state has very strict laws about trap size and placement. Most states have a maximum inside jawspread limit for bodygrips. These laws are designed to keep pets and other nontarget animals from being caught. We trappers and hunters certainly do not want to harm anyones pets. Everyone with an ounce of sence would greatly appriciate it if Peta would do its homework every now and then and look at actually helping wild freeroaming animal populations. I can garantee that if all wild animal populations are left unchecked you all would be begging for hunters and trappers to come to the aid of mother nature. Please actually do some research and try to do something for the animals instead of acting on your own particular views. Pay attention on what is going on in the woods swamps rivers and lakes. You will find that we outdoorsmen are helping out mother nature more than we could ever harm her. And we donate more to conservation annually than any other oraganization. Do your homework for once and learn something about conserving animal populations. I would like it if someone could wright me back with your views on how to controle animal populations without the help of outdoorsmen. P.S. Im fairly sure that the plurel for mink is mink not minks. But if im wrong please correct me. Thanks for takeing the time to read this.

  • pauline says:

    after watching the video it makes me more angry that not enouhg is being done to stop this there is no need for fur of any decresption dogcat etc as its just a means of some people making money and the people who wear the fur to satisfie their vanity.sick

  • maureen says:

    If all of these stories are true and I believe they are then could someone tell me why can’t this horrible industry be seen on television as Judith Meikle has stated?It is obvious that some of these house of pain killers knew they were being taped so aren’t we a country of FREE SPEACH? Why can’t these videos be seen by the millions of people that watch television. Any one have an answer other than being sued the truth is the truth bet if the consumers saw where their coats are being raised and clothing trimmed in fur they wouldn’t buy it and if they did see it and still wore it they JUST DO NOT GIVE A DAMN…… I’d bet that a T.V. station would not show it because somewhere somehow their affiliates own or promote this barbaric form of torture.

  • Sharon says:

    This is so very upsetting that this even goes on! I pray with all my heart that these and all other animal farming is completely put to an end. Fur belongs to the animals not humans. This is apseloutely disgraceful and how these people can sleep at night knowing that their money comes from this barbaric industry. ALL FUR FARMING MUST END!

  • Cynthia Franke says:

    Please dont buy some clothes with pelz. Let the pelz his owner. And go vegan!

  • Anastacia Pigaleva says:

    I’m Swedish and I was seriously ashamed of my country after seeing that video. That’s just disgusting that in this day and age we still don’t have laws to protect ALL creatures.

  • maureen says:

    Isn’t it amazing all the coats and hats and gloves that are wasteddead from disease cannibalism infections in the name of the fur industry.I do not know a person that would buy a garment made from animals. It definetly makes my stomach turn seeing videos of animals kept as hostages until their deaths.The mentality of people that do not see anything wrong with this is pure evil money driven blood suckers of humanity literally. It shakes me to the core in knowing the world we live in has no compassion and or empathy for another living being. Animals are destroyed just for living when homes are built the animals have no where to go so they are killed as being a threat to people people are a threat to people. People are what is destroying the world we live in.I am ashamed to be a part of a world that everything and everyone has become dispensable. You would think that as many people that find this stuff hard to swallow would not stand up against all of this we have a voice a common thread of humanity that speaks louder then the degree of inhumane treatment of all living things and no one is loud enough and then there are those that lend a deaf ear.When I leave this earth I will have known I kept my end of the bargin of not destroying life as we know it. Life is precious we never will know when it will be our turn. It is the same for humans as it is for animals when you die you to will soon be forgotten at first all will remember you all the stories but then time passes and we forget to remember the ones before us.So I say to you all while living out your life be kind to all as you will never know all the people you have touched for you too will soon be forgotten.