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4 Things to Do 4 Your Dog on the 4th

Written by PETA | June 29, 2011

Ah, Independence Day. Old Glory, veggie dogs, and terrified canines cowering under the bed. At least, that’s usually what it consists of in my household. For animals, fireworks aren’t festive—they’re frightening and sometimes even fatal. Many dogs and cats flee in terror during fireworks displays, jumping over fences and even breaking through windows. They can be injured, struck by a vehicle, or lost and never found.

dennis_matheson/cc by 2.0

Here are some suggestions for keeping furry loved ones safe this holiday weekend:

  • Keep animals indoors in a quiet, secure room, and stay with them during fireworks displays. Never leave animals outdoors unattended, even for a second, and don’t take them to fireworks displays. The deafening booms may cause even normally calm animals to panic and bolt, dig under a fence, or injure themselves when they become tangled in their chains.
  • Close blinds and curtains, keep the lights on, and play classical music at a normal volume or keep a loud fan running.
  • Make sure that all animals are wearing collars with current identification tags. A microchip is even better, since it can’t fall off like a collar or tag can.
  • Encourage your city to switch from fireworks to safe and dazzling laser light shows.

Happy Independence Day to you and all your family members.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • AllCreatures says:

    Everyone who is against the banning of fireworks (*Cough*Kim*Cough*)has obviously not read PeTA’s article on why you should skip the fireworks this season. Read it and come back to me with your answer.

  • Susmita says:

    I really appreciate these suggestions. All animals are different — and of course the owners know the animal best — but I think these suggestions are applicable and helpful for a LOT of animals. Thanks!!

  • ChuckW says:

    I thought this was GREAT advice, and I’ll be doing it, with my Buddy, tonight! Thank you!

  • Jenn says:

    I’m with Kim on this one:)

  • Frances says:

    I don’t know about stopping fireworks but I can understand keeping your dog inside because fireworks are scary for pets. Just because they are scared of something doesn’t mean we should stop doing it if it doesn’t directly hurt them. Should I stop vacuuming my house or using plastic garbage bags too?

  • Leanna says:

    I have 2 dogs that are terrified of fireworks. Am I going to take precautions to keep them calm? Sure. Am I going to expect my city to do away with their annual firework show that is part of the holiday celebration of freedom? Of course not. That is ridiculous.

  • Dawn says:

    Kim, I really think that you’re missing the point. I’m so glad that you’re far away enough from all the noise, however, a new dog owner may not realize the effect that fireworks has on his/her dog, so this is good information to be passing out. My cat goes to hide from thunder, so that means I’m leaving my iTunes on to stream while I work tonight to ensure that she has a safe place under my bed to escape from the bursts of fireworks outside, should there be any. I’m so glad that you have made a game of this with your dogs, but for those who won’t be home, and may have their dogs outside and their neighbor a few houses down has some fireworks, they might come home to an empty yard. I’m so glad YOU thought about how silly it is to generalize, but for many, this kind of announcement is just the reminder that they need in order to keep Fido safe tonight.

  • Kim says:

    While I do agree with being sensitive to your pets needs and aware of their ability to tolerate this kind of noisy display, it is silly to generalize and say that we shouldn’t have fireworks displays….I have four small dogs and 6 cats and while the cats aren’t the first at the door to watch the fireworks, they just ignore them in the safety of my house – my dogs on the other hand always join me on my deck to enjoy the fireworks displays….I have made it a game to ‘look’ and find the lights…they love it….but we aren’t right next to them either (which would be dumb)….