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The Fight Against the Seal Slaughter Circles the Globe

Written by PETA | April 1, 2009

By now, the whole world knows about the horrors of the Canadian seal slaughter. With demonstrations taking place around the world, it’s pretty hard not to notice. Our friends in Canada, Germany, and cities across the U.S. have been out on the streets to spread the word. Check out some photos of recent demonstrations, and then visit our Action Center online to find out how you can organize your own protest.

We love LUSH for being cruelty-free, and now we love the cosmetics maker even more for teaming up with Sea Shepherd to save seals.
LUSH demo
This concerned citizen in Detroit is holding a “hakapik,” a club with a hook on the end that sealers use to bludgeon seal pups.
Detroit demo
Our friends at PETA Germany showed up in full force to defend seals.
Detroit demo
Londoners certainly know how to make a statement!
Detroit demo
This Chicago demo brought tears to the eyes of onlookers. One passerby even took up a poster and joined the protest.
Chicago demo

Inspired yet? Take a minute to read the words of a Canadian who opposes the seal slaughter, and then take action by telling the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee that you won’t support the Olympic Games until Canada stops supporting the seal slaughter.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Dahli Dawler says:

    I just cannot believe my eyes! Innocent playful baby seals have been forced to give up their lives cruelly by stupid selfish companies who employ the cruellest people to end the innocent lives of harmless and defenceless baby seals. So many lives cut sort just for money and profits! God! What is wrong with the people of this planet??

  • amy says:

    I live in the U.S. where sooo many people are unaware of the seal hunt. If you’re interested in staying updated please join my Facebook group httpwww.facebook.comgroup.php?gid2259724474 I say we all go to Canada and rally. ONE HUUUUGE RALLY! I’ll sleep right outside of Harper’s bedroom window if I have to! SOMETHING needs to be done NOW!

  • Rose says:

    Hi I am a Canadian and I am sick of this slaughter of innocent seal pups. I received a letter from the government stating that this was a good portion of their income plus it is tradition. The problem is that most of the money is in the government’s pocket. If they couldn’t profit from it they would not allow it. They don’t care about the maritimers only money. This is not the old days where this tradition truely helped them. With the way the world is sometimes we need to let go of our traditions. I find that slaugher seal pups isn’t a tradition. The government should be helping them find new ways for income.

  • Athena Gerber says:

    There must be primitive people in the Canadian government with very little intelligence with regard to the rights of any living creautres to be humanely treated. i wonder if they would appreciate somebody clubbing their baby at birth and attaching it to the collar of their jacket!!!

  • Neil Warne says:

    One is also disheartened me at the comments he reads on such websites as CBC and even CTV where the majority of commenters on both comment pages actually stick up for the “hunt” trotting out the usual crap about how it’s “regulated and humane” not it’s “economically important” not a chance in hell of that and even daring to suggest that it’s more humane to club seal pups to death than to “let them overpuopulate and starve and of course what goes on in an abbatoir is much worse than the regulated and humane seal hunt it’s “their way of life” slavery was a way of life once and I am starting to wonder if most Canadians hate the slaughter after all I am hoping it’s the ignorant minority posting their garbage.

  • Kiwie says:

    Okay Stop hating on Canada. Canada is not one collective thing we are people and not all of us support the seal hunt. It makes me sick when people write comments like “those sick candian bastard” or shit like that. Do not generalize. I AM CANADIAN AND I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT I DO NOT SUPPORT THE CANADIAN SEAL HUNT.

  • alexandra says:

    I DO NOT understand why someone would want to do that. i don’t understand how someone could stomach doing that its plain disgusting!!! I cry at the thought of the pain they go through and how scared they must be in those last moments and it makes me sick.

  • Eden says:

    I applaud the courage and humility of the Canadians who have posted here. I live in the U.S. and love my country but I don’t agree with much of what goes on here. I feel so sad that the Canadian government still sanctions this barbarity. I have always thought that I might like to move to British Columbia someday for a while I love to ski but cannot even consider it until this barbarity is stopped. I will also do all I can to get everyone I know and everyone they know etc. etc. to boycott the Canadian Olympics. I think that any human who can brutally slaughter the innocent baby seals cannot be anything but a sociopath. How can you go out and club baby seals to death or not quite to death and then skin them sometimes while they are still alive and then go home and be a loving sensitive husband and father. It’s just not possible.

  • Maria Cristina Fonseca says:

    Canadians are barbariansthey smile while kill the baby seal! Also sing while are killing…Jesuswhat kind of people are theyare you sure they are humans? Ill never travel to a country like thatIll never buy something made in Canadaas we say here in Brazil”Everything we do herewe pay here”

  • JJ says:

    I too am Canadian in fact I was born and raised in the Maritimes where the hunt takes place although most of it is in Newfoundland and Labrador which seems to be another country to me. I am AGAINST the seal hunt and many other Canadians are as well. We are not all barbaric and uncivilized so please don’t judge us all the same. I believe to have an intelligent opinion and one that will resonate with others on the topic is to be fully educated on the topic and research the economy politics and history of the hunt. It’s not black and white. This is why the issue is so polarizing. It’s a disgusting practice but the people who support it often get very violent and in your face if you are against it. It seems the opinions and “rights” of a few sealers are more important than the widespread moral outrage at the suffering of so many.

  • Kristin says:

    I am a Canadian and I am ASHAMED of my country for not only allowing this disgusting animal blood fest but subsidizing it at taxpayers expense! These people are barbaric and actually enjoy the killing spree. I have read witnesses describe them singing “Jingle Bell Rock” jovially while they bash the heads of these innocent seals. While oncamera they check the seal to ensure it’s dead before skinning but offcamera a whole other nightmare takes place. And anyone who claims this is some kind of economic need nope. These “people” only make on average $1200 for their killings.

  • elizabeth biscuso says:

    All animal loversprotectors should ban together and boycott Canadian seafood products. Red Lobster primarily uses Canadian Seafood. Any and all efforts of a concentrated boycott will certainly hit these cold blooded killers in their pocket books. This is an organized mass murder of innocent helpless baby seals. What a bunch of blood thirsty cowards!

  • Holly says:

    People need to stop buyingWearing FUR and other animal products of anykind. I remember watching a video about the seals being killed when I was 17 years old I am now 51! I can’t believe this is still allowed anywhere in the world. We seam to be out to distroy everything on our planet that makes it beautiful.

  • Evelyn says:

    All of you who participate in this cruelty should be ashamed and have your names posted publicly.

  • Mandy says:

    I am Canadian and I am very much against the Seal Hunt. The majority of Canadians are against the hunt though we need many more to speak out protest !!!

  • Elizabeth Emmons says:

    I really have no desire to visit a place that does this. People should boycott Canadian products and not travel to Canada.

  • suzie says:

    compassion is no longer alive in society!!!! this is inhumane and evil!!! i dont understand why animals always have to suffer!!!!

  • mlo says:

    The Canadian politicians are so out of their minds it’s almost comical….but I know this is no laughing matter. Everyone should read “words of a Canadian”. Captain Paul Watson is an amazing person and what an amazing story of how he became a guardian for whales. Ingrid Newkirk and Paul Watson are both true heros in this world and they deserve some notable awards or recognition.

  • Angie says:

    It’s really a shame that a “civilized” country government can tolerate this poor babies… But on the other hand it is great to see so many people are conscious and say and do sth against this cruelty. The voice of the whole world must be heard we dont want this anymore in our world not any species being killed. Even to survive humans kill animals in such a cruel way that it is imperative we become vegetarians. Thanks Peta and all people who are against this horror.

  • Alex says:

    I am Canadian and I do NOT condone this and yes I too thought we Canadians were “nice” but I guess not. The government doesn’t seem to care. I’m angry horrified and frustrated that my influence seems so miniscule. To hell with Steven Harper.

  • Maureen says:

    The sealers are definitely strange men it seems they hae become immune to the terrible suffering of seal pups this makes them really scary people!

  • Kudohu says:

    Clubbing seals especially baby ones is really wrong. But for fashion it’s ok? clubbing anything to death is so not right on so many levels. if u have to kill u kill to survive not cause it’s for a fashionable coat. Ohhhh Canada.

  • oceanworior says:

    these sager smoking apes are torturing the baby seals in their nursery the Canadian government knows this and is determent to try to sustain this barbaric cruelly with Canadian tax payer money for something that has no place in a civilized society.

  • Mrs Rebecca Thompson says:


  • Jennifer says:

    I am all the way in Australiathis is has been going on for decades and the Canadians moral compass is still not working! I wake up in the morning and think that it will be night in Canada and the killing will stop for a few hours. But then I go to bed at night with these terrible images in my head thinking it will be daylight now and these heartless people will be going out on their boats to do more killing. It is nothing short of an “Auschwitz on Ice.” I want to physically get out there………. I just cannot think of words to describe how I feel. It just doesn’t seem like anything that us decent people do seems to make any difference to them they just thumb their noses at the rest of the world and do what they like. PETA Humane Society and Sea Shepherd need to get their heads together band as one HUGE force against this.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    You can watch a trailer on the upcoming ARME documentary “Skin Trade” that shows Paul Watson and Martin Sheen trying to get a straight answer on the seal hunt out of a Canadian politician I’ve got more chance of winning So You Think You Can Dance httpwww.skintradethemovie.comskintrade.html

  • Brooke says:

    i have given a letter to my vice principal of my school and i have convinced her to let us talk to the 6th 7th and 8th graders and ask them to donate money to give. i am like you all are i love animals so much and the article you sent me broke my heart and i had to take action. you should recive a check in the mail in about 2 and 12 weeks for this cause. i know it will break my heart more but please send my mother more of these articles so i can help more animals. thanks you 13 year old Brooke p.s. please visit the website i thanks so much for helping this animal cruelty stop.

  • Ciara says:

    Seal clubbers just have no life of their own so they take lives. Of course they want the cash they receive. They do VERY inhumanely because they want to do it quickly. Anyway everyone knows what I would just go on and on about so forget it. THANKS A LOT PETA! I’m thinking about going VEG

  • AJWx says:

    It is baffling how something so horrific can still take place in a country that is suppossed to be civilized and developed and all to satisfy the demand for an unnecessary product fur and to combat a problem created by people declining fish numbers caused by human over fishing. It’s another case of an innocent species suffering because of our greed and stupidity. This needs to stop.

  • Jannine says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying my eyes out right now!!! Why can’t they just stop???

  • roxanne says:

    actually these pictures are no way near the actual footage of the clubbing. I see have nightmares. i seen one baby seal cub with a partial head bashed and blood spewing crawling away from the Slaughterer. It broke my heart. What kind of people do this thing? shame on Canada shame on USA for not boycotting Canadian products.

  • SLC says:

    So sad… Many of them after having been hit escape only to die in the ocean in agony. Barbaric…I’m not for this hunt or any other…but if they keep doing this…could they at least use bullets…quickerless suffering. I guess it costs much lesser to use the same fug stick over and over. These violent bastards do the job quickly because they are paid by the piecemeaning that the more seals you kill the more money you make…so they do it quick and many seals get their skin taken of their back still conscious. We must stop this Canadian carnage.

  • Aneliese says:

    Great photos!

  • Rainbow Warrior says:


  • Telina says:

    Go after the Amish Puppie Mills!!!