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Facebook Fans Network to Rescue Neglected Horse

Written by PETA | November 9, 2009

Recently, a good Samaritan from a rural Florida community saw an emaciated horse and became determined to find help for the animal. After his calls to local authorities failed to rouse a response (perhaps because the horse’s owner allegedly has political connections), he issued a plea for help on Facebook, posting a photograph of the starving horse and urging his friends to pass the information along, hopeful that someone would know how to help rescue the animal.


The photo of the emaciated horse makes my skin crawl, but I can’t help comparing his jutting bones to the ones shown in this diagram. He really appears to be a living skeleton.


The man’s post went up, and PETA’s phones started ringing with calls alerting our Cruelty Investigations Department to this urgent situation. We didn’t waste a second in contacting local law enforcement, and within hours the sheriff’s department seized the horse from the property. The horse was rushed to a veterinarian for evaluation and is now awaiting adoption.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can offer more than high school reunion pics. and “pokes”—as this incident shows, they can also save lives. PETA now has over 300,000 Facebook friends. May we count you as one, too?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • sophie says:

    Poor baby! I saw an article today about some guy using Facebook to find the owner of a camera network sites are a lot more effective than we seem to think they are!

  • Deborah says:

    Good work! I also live in Florida and had a very similar situation about 3 years ago! I got NO response from local authorities and the one that did FINALLY arrive was the sheriff and not very helpful either! I called PETA thinking I would leave a message and they would call me back on Monday as it was a Saturday. About 30 minutes after my call I had a PETA lawyer contacting me ASAP and guided the entire transaction of getting the horse removed from the property within a couple of days. Some people complain about PETA but when you need them THEY are the organization that will respond in a positive manner. Keep up the good work! Always keep looking for opportunity to help the helpless.

  • person says:

    “Human beings are made of body mind and spirit. Of these spirit is primary for it connects us to the source of everything the eternal field of consciousness.” animals have a natural awareness they don’t need to be given limits like we do coz we act blind not in harmony with the string of consciousness. Horses are connected in silence they stand alive whatever human’s sickness decides on them. EVOLUTION

  • melissa says:

    I just don’t understand why this happens! You would think that peta has changed things a great deal but you just keep getting these images of poor animals beaten and starved. Why aren’t these low lifes who do this getting what they deserve? eye for an eye!!! I want to be able to see these people starved and beaten.

  • Lea says:

    This is a good lesson for everyone. Get out your cameras video cameras. DOCUMENT animal abuse and GO PUBLIC!!!

  • Sammy girl says:

    Job well done guys!!!! Everyone and everything desrves to be treated equally. THAT INCLUDES HORSES! Thanks soo much for helping this poor guy out! I bet he’s a butiful horse now that he’s put a little weight on! Thank’s again Sammy Girl

  • mooly says:

    why do people have 2 be mental!!!!!!!why cant they just b normal!!!!!!!? if u r mental then u shouldnt have animals animals r for normal pple so get lost mentals no affensejk!!! anybody who have animals and r mental than sell the animals and stop being idots even though everybody know that mental people cant stop being IDIOTS so STOP TRYING TO BE NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!! CUZ YOUR NOT!!! but tryin b nice to ur animals kk!!

  • linzay so not normal but o well says:

    what a jerk. wat is rong with som a these pple!! well i think its terrible. cause i got 3 horses and i think that terrible also. COME ON PEOPLE B NORMAL 4 ONCE!!! sheesh! horses r awsome so there!!! hahahhaha dont u judge me either! but i can judge u all i want!! hahahahha so there!!!

  • Sammy Girl says:

    OMG!!! Whats wrong with this selfish jerk!?! Get a job loser!!!!

  • Sylvia Kenerson says:

    Animals are a big responsibility so if you can’t handle that don’t get a precious little animal and neglect it. that is just horrible. if you can’t take care of it give it to someone that can take care of the little creature. animal cruelity is in no way right no matter how you put it. ITS WRONG PEOPLE!

  • Lynn Strickland says:

    Unfortunately we see to much cruelty in the world. I never will understand why people get animals and don’t look after them. All they have to do is give them away to someone who will love them. I think those type of people are very evil and i don’t have time for ignorance they know what they are doing.. Northern Ireland has the uspca and Don’t even start me about them. Useless comes to mind! Lynn

  • marea says:

    Look at him… he is a gorgeous horse i would love to see him as he is now hopefully nice and fattened up happy and healthy.. hope we get an update.. beautiful animal…. disgusting pathetic owner once again…

  • Sam says:

    WAY TO GO!!!! Its people like that that are needed in our see something like this and MAKE a difference..!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jill says:

    Great story! But why was this horse so emaciated when it had plenty to eat the grass? It must be something more than that. So sad. I had a horse once and we fed it hay and hot warm grain with lots of fruit in it every night but there were lots of other horses that ate the grass… I am confused.

  • authenac says:


  • carla says:

    Wake up Human race.. this is going on everywhere to so many animals. It is way way overdue to put animals first and foremost. I have and will go to any extreme to do what I can to help animals.

  • Dee Reich says:

    Kudos to you for taking immediate action in the name of this horse. One person CAN make a difference think what ALL of us can do if we work together in this most worthy of causes. Glad to know the police took it seriously and acted without hesitation. Hope this beauty is adopted by people worthy of herhim.

  • Dee says:

    Heart warming story…hopefully the horse will find forever home that will care for it with love.

  • Viviana Martinez says:


  • lesley williams says:

    Well done wish we could get authorities to move that quickly in England!!! Also your animal protection laws are much stronger which is fantastic..!!

  • Patricia Rodriguez says:

    Please help us to save this beautiful horse! We Can Together!!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Thank you to all who care about animals.

  • autumn joslin says:

    if someone was young and lazy and didnt change a water bottle in an outdoor rabbit cage and it froze for the animal neglect could u ever feel better about it?at the time i didnt feel guilty .

  • Alexandra Parvaz says:

    Poor guy. Nobody has any business owning animals anymore. Not when we treat them this was. In fact I have a hard time believing that my species deserves to walk the face of this earth.

  • Robin says:

    That is awesome!! Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to get the police to do something. Good job! Thank to the good Samaritan whoever you are.

  • Melissa says:

    That’s so awesome it goes to prove that Facebook MySpace and other online communities can be used for greater good to help spread awareness! It’s nice to see people using their connections for good! More people should! o