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Escaped Tiger Costs Trainer a Million Bucks

Written by PETA | January 13, 2009
tifft / CC
Tiger in cage

What might have been just another story of shoddy circus animal handling came to a karmic conclusion last week when a tiger trainer, Josip Marcan, agreed to pay nearly 1 million bucks to settle a lawsuit resulting from a huge traffic accident. The accident was apparently caused when one of Marcan’s tigers escaped into the wilds of NYC—in this case, the Jackie Robinson Parkway—while traveling with the Cole Bros. Circus.

Demonstrating the spirit that has made the business of using and abusing animals in circuses the very definition of heartlessness, Marcan blamed everyone but his own whiny self. He called the injured drivers “reckless” and slammed the NYPD officers on the scene, saying “they just wanted to shoot the tiger.”

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for the tiger, Apollo, who was captured and returned to circus life.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • hillary says:

    I disagree with the folks who have said that essentially the tiger “at least wasn’t killed” or people saying that if it truly escaped for good it couldn’t have survived. The point is I believe the tiger would have been better off it it had been killed quickly at least it wouldn’t be enduring daily torture at the circus.

  • Viksterz says:

    I do not appreciate about all the animal killing all around the world and i am mad at that to that they are killing inisant animals that dont do anything to other people besides that they animals protect themselves and their young

  • patricia says:

    poor tiger because people who suddanly break to avoid a tiger in the middle of the street because a moron is making innocent animals work while he hides behind a curtian cackiling while he counts his money

  • Jaclyn says:

    I get so upset whenever I hear the word circus I don’t even know where to start. This poor tiger should be in a sanctuary every circus should be closed and every trainer should suffer…. I’ll stop… only in a perfect world right?

  • Michael Essi says:

    When will we learn that wild animals do not belong in city environments. I hope to bring this message home clearly when Ringling rolls into Orlando this week.

  • BRANDIE says:

    unfortunatly this tiger probably doesn’t even know how to survive on it’s own. Had he happened to escape forever what would his life become? Also had he attacked any person romaing around this innocent tiger most likely would have been put down. In no way am I saying his circus life is much better. I just think the tigers situnation is horrible all around. He is in a no win situation.

  • Aneliese says:

    Well at least the tiger isn’t dead.