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Police Refuse to Help Suffering Horse

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 7, 2011

A frantic PETA supporter contacted us after she witnessed an underweight horse collapse and thrash around on the ground. It was clear to our caller that this poor animal was in agony and likely suffering from colic.

Law enforcement was contacted immediately, but according to our caller, when the officers arrived, “they just stood around her, watching her suffer.” A PETA staffer worked on getting a veterinarian out to the horse, while the caller tried to track down the horse’s owner. Within an hour of the call to PETA, the horse was gently released from her suffering.

At our urging, detectives are now investigating the cause of the horse’s illness as well as the condition of the other horses on the owner’s property.

If you encounter an animal in imminent danger and local officials won’t help, call PETA to receive immediate assistance.

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  • lisa says:

    I have to agree with Sydney’s comment if an animal is in distress dont call the police they dont care or will do anything, peta should of been there straight away and not prologed the horses suffering.

  • Sydney says:

    Trust me, I will be calling the local humane society long before I would dare get PETA involved

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    This reminds me of what very recently happened at one of the two most fameous amusement parks in Southern California (not the one where the Mouse lives; the western themed one). One weekend in November a member of the public waiting in line for the stage coach noticed that the horses pulling the coach seemed exhausted. She reported it to one of the operators. Moments later one of the horses collapsed and was pulled and stepped on by her team mates. When this got on the local news, the only thing the executives of the park had to say was that the veterinarian was looking into the incident. I think PETA should look into the incident. If the person moderating this has not guessed the name of the park, e-mail me at the address given and I tell it to you.