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Ellen DeGeneres’ Puppy Troubles

Written by PETA | October 18, 2007

TimeInc/Creative Commons

For anyone who may have missed this story, Ellen Degeneres adopted a puppy from a shelter a little while back, but gave him away to her hairdresser when she found that he wasn’t getting along very well with her cats. When the folks from the shelter called to check up and found out what had happened, they took the dog back from the hairdresser, who didn’t meet the standards of a background check that the shelter requires of anyone adopting an animal.

An awful lot of people have been contacting us to find out where PETA stands on the issue, so I figured I’d share our official statement on the subject, since there really is a bunch going on with this story. Here it is:

At a time when so many people in Hollywood—like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton—are making impetuous “pet” purchases, PETA commends Ellen DeGeneres for adopting a homeless animal from a shelter rather than buying a dog. Every purchase of an animal from a pet store sentences to death an animal who is desperately waiting in an animal shelter for a home. We know that Ellen was trying to do the right thing in finding the dog a new home. She just missed a step in neglecting to contact the agency first. PETA does think that the agency’s policies of doing home checks and not allowing people to transfer animals to others are good rules that protect animals. Ellen was just trying to do the right thing—she is a huge animal lover—and she surely has learned from this experience.

So there you have it. It really sucks that Ellen had a bad experience after doing the compassionate thing and adopting from a shelter, but you can’t really fault a shelter for going the extra mile to make sure everyone who ends up with one of their animals is likely to be a responsible guardian. I guess we just see both sides of the story on this one.

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  • Nadine Tyree says:

    I am not happy about today’s Steve Harvey show. Doesn’t Ellen produce it? It was promoting Ringling Barnum and Bailey circus….Really?

  • lvscats63 says:

    I feel for you Ellen…I am now going through the same thing. I adopted an unspayed puppy and gave her to a new home when I could no longer take care of her and my cats did not get along with her. Now the CKYRHS is threatening abandonment charges for me giving her to a good loving home.

  • Yuki says:

    Ellen did the right thing. I find it sad that a rescue bashes a family for having two children under the age of 14. They were 10 and 12 they aren’t 3! Any dog who has a loving and caring home should be there. Better than being killed for food and clothes right?

  • VestaGirl says:

    Go to for the email exchange. It’s all there.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Thanks for backing me up Judith. Nick is shall we say a “special” kind of person. I would invite everybody here to go to www thesmokinggun com. FINALLY the other side of the story visavis email exchange. Hmm. Sorry to report to all of Ellen’s sycophants here that Ellen’s account of this saga was less than forthcoming. I guess those rescue ladies aren’t the bad guys after all. Shame on Ellen.

  • Cheryl Ortega says:

    Did the shelter do a back ground check on Ellen or did her status convince the shelter to allow adoption? Having the Passion to save helpless animals does not always balance or match “doing the right thing”. I commend the Shelter for taking the steps to insure the animal was taken care of.

  • Ana says:

    Ariel Thanks for the laughs!!!! The haters always seem to respond to your comments most especially when you describe their “attributes”. You seem to touch a nerve! LOL! I applaud the manner in which you offer substantial intelligent comments to support your position. You and Michele demonstrate both your intelligence and courage even when bombarded by insipid and utterly ludicrous comments. Keep fighing the good fight.