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Eight Reasons to Boycott KFC

Written by PETA | July 12, 2008

Beachgoers in Fort Myers and Pensacola today got the envious privilege of being able to see planes hired by PETA flying up and down the shoreline towing signs reading “8 REASONS TO BOYCOTT KFC,” and featuring a demonic, blood-soaked “Colonel Sanders” in the act of stabbing a chicken. So without further ado:

8 Reasons to Boycott KFC

  1. Being top-heavy is only cool for women
  2. They do chickens wrong
  3. Sometimes big bright packages contain dirty little secrets
  4. Being scalded to death sucks
  5. If Pam’s doing it, I want to do it too
  6. Cheap food costs animals dearly
  7. Those wings were broken when the chicken was still alive
  8. The “secret recipe” involves de-beaking with a hot wire

I never got to see anything that fun when I lived in Pensacola, though there were a lot of orange people….

Posted by Sarah King

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  • Shalu says:

    Well, Mr P.MCW. It’s a public forum so first stop typing in bold. Every one can shout! By the way let me tell you that vegetarians do not have a weak immune system at all. They are any day healthier, fitter than a non vegetarian. Eating meat that is fed with antibiotics under insalubrious surroundings is not gonna bestow you with the best health. I respect your feelings but please empathize with animals as you belong to the class of the most intelligent species in the world.

  • Alex says:

    For the record Pam’s still super hot Now with that said I support everything that PETA is doing and I am a new supporter of their efforts. How can people live with themselves knowing that a poor defenseless animal has suffered at the expense of their product. My eyes are now seeing an entirely different picture.

  • Kate says:

    P. MCW I think you need to do a little more research yourself before you write something like that again. First off you spelled “carnivore” wrong and scientists have actually found that vegetarians have stronger immune systems than “carnivores” like yourself.

  • Tabitha says:

    I’m top heavy. I also have back problems neck problems my shoulders hurt all the time… Am I gonna be put to sleep?

  • Keshia T. says:

    My husband is the General Manager at a KFC. He is the sole provider for me and our 2 children. And I truly agree with this Mark Lynch guy when he said your efforts would be much better placed elsewhere.

  • mark lynch says:

    i will take you through the process for killing a chicken. the chickens are hung upside down on shackles they are then put through a bath with an electric current flowing through it their throats are then slit and pass over a tank that collects the blood when all the blood has drained out of them they get put through the boiling water the boiling water isn’t used to kill them they are already dead. the hot water softens the skin so that the feathers can be removed. this process is a lot more humane than pulling a chickens neck or slitting its throat. I am all for animals being treated well but I think your efforts to improve the world might be better placed elsewhere

  • dan tran says:

    collen we r not “conivor” tat is just bull. if u dont even noe the difference between canivor and omnivor. second u need both the nutrient of the meat and the veggie to have a balance diet not just veggie and take vitamin pills to replace the meat tat r missing out of daily life. third you cant complain to kfc tat they treat there chicken “wrongly” becaus eit not them it is the slaugterhouse. lastly wat is the difference between a none well treat chicken and a well treated farm raised chicken after they r kill. both of them would feel pain when they die but after they r dead it is the same for both.

  • Jess says:

    Wooooo!!! Go Pamfinally they listen. You don’t have to hurt a innocent animalyer you all say that it dosen’t hurt them butof course it does. Just because they can’t talkdose’nt mean you can get away with hurtingslaughtering little animals. I back Pam up all the way. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  • Paul says:

    I’d eat at any fast food restaurant except KFC. I was reading a book about what they do to those chickens and lemme tell yaNASTY. The book is called “Chew On This” and it made me a vegitarian. By da way I agree with 2 and 4.

  • nick says:

    the chicken stuff is mean and my friend hates you for that sooooooooooooo ha!!!

  • erika says:

    i hated KFC’s food even before i found out about the cruelty that the animals suffer. but you should instead of going after KFC go after the suppliers that give them the meat. i think that would help out the chickens a lot more than protesting the place that the meat goes to not that i LIKE their food beacuse i don’t i remember eating the mashed potatoes and then spitting them out they were that nasty. and they almost hit the person that i was eating with.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    P. MCW Research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health show that the average Seventh Day Adventist in California following a vegetarian diet lives 4 to 10 years longer than the average Californian. “In a study of over 25000 Seventh Day Adventists vegetarians were found to have significantly lower rates of diabetes. Among men in the study risk for diabetes was a whopping 80 higher in men who ate meat after adjusting for weight.” Not bad for people who are “lacking” necessary nutrients.

  • Anny says:

    Ok I will say this God put animals on this Earth to eatwell most of them.He want’s all of his creatures to have a good life and to be happy!What I have seen of just about all the meat using animals is not happy!And all the stupid ppl that were talking about how it is okall this that ppl are doing to animalsthey never once mentioned how they were living b4 the slaughter!plz all of you go veg!

  • liz says:

    yes. “KFC doesn’t ‘own’ any slaughter houses or poultry farms” but this is where they SOURCE their chickens .. taht is the point..! if they sourced their chickens from better or higher welfare chicken suppliers in order to turn into those fried chicken pieces then maybe Peta would get ‘off their backs’.. but higher welfare chickens eggs etc.. costs a tad more.. this is why they’re diggin their heels deep into the sticky tarmac and seemingly refuse to budge an inch.. profits comes first and foremost in their eyes each and every time over animal welfare.. SHAME on KFC!!!

  • S.Q. says:

    1. I find that a bit offensive to women. But I guess since you’re all obsessed with nudity it’s not surprising. 5. No I don’t want to do it because Pam is doing it. I will do my own independant research and decide for myself. For all I know videos could be edited facts skewed. The PETA website won’t tell me all I want to know.

  • brandie r says:

    I like 3 and 8. But I certainly wouldn’t make a reason “If Pam is doing it I want to do it too.” Um no. There are things she has done that I would never consider doing. As far as not supporting KFC goes yes that I have already done and do. But I get the point.

  • Coleen Tew says:

    ActuallyP.MCW my good cholesterol is high and my bad cholesterol is very lowmy blood pressure is excellent and my blood iron is greatI give every 58 days and it sinks like a stone! All this from the benefit of a vegan diet. Don’t speak for us until you know what you are talking about.You “conivors” will just have to put up with us rascally vegans we are NOT going away. Get used to it.

  • Carla says:

    Love ’em all!! All the best Peta!! I know heather it sounds like Pepsicola lol!!

  • rick says:

    KFC dosn’t own any poultry farms or slaughter houses. If you want to protest you should go after the farms that raise them.

  • Kimberly says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Pam’s but what she is doing is fantastic. Something needs to be done here. yeah we have the RSPCA but the fines here for animal cruelty is an absolute joke. I live in Tasmania we have a meat works place here that kills meat for Muslims by blindfolding them then cutting their throat. Makes me think its like Agri. I can’t imagine cruelty goes on there. PETA Please come to Australia give it a shake up or set up an office here. For people to treat animals like this they must be gutless pathetic scum of the earth pieces of s

  • Tabitha says:

    I personally am offended by number one even if it did come from a woman. Number three…I think that applies to this organization as well. And number five…be really careful with that statement. Apparently Pam’s done ALOT.

  • Jacy says:

    That is true about what happens to the chickens that make up the meat at KFC and it is sickening! Anyone with a brain and feelings will not eat KFC anymore after reading that!

  • P. MCW says:

    KFC gets their chicken products from reputible vendors. They donot have anything to do with the way these animals are treated. Poultry Beef Pork are replentishable products. The animals are raised to feed human kind. You people need to get a life stop these endless mindless games.. Another thing I used to work in a slaughter house we processed both beef and lamb none of what is on your video ever happened there. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND LEAVE THE CONIVORS OF THIS WORLD ALONE. YOU WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND VEGETARIANS ARE MORE PRONE TO CONTRACT DISEASES DUE TO THE FACT THAT THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS NOT KEPT EFFICIENT DUE TO LACK OF NECESSARY NUTRIENTS.

  • Dave says:

    Can you prove any of this?

  • jada says:

    yeah people like the ones that run kfc are disgusting and like to ruin everything

  • Ashley says:

    Gary with all do respect any animals life that is taken out of this world unnaturally regardless of how it is done is cruel. I have stated the truth.

  • Mark says:

    Gary I think what they are saying is that during PETA’s and other groups’ numerous undercover investigations a significant percentage of birds missed the throatslitting and thus were dropped alive into the scalding tank. Hopefully most of them were electrically stunned though. But many miss the stunning bath too. But the point is that better procedures can reduce unneeded suffering like that.

  • Jackie says:

    Hey all! Can anyone tell me why KCF is worse than other fastfood restaurants? Certainly not defending them just wondering if McDonalds or Wendy’s isn’t just as bad only they use cows and pigs as well…. On the upside Burger King has veggie burgers now woohoo!

  • yvonne says:

    intensively bred chickens.. the fact taht they’re all crammed into sheds for their entire lives with not even a sliver of natural day light to be seen ever ankle deep in their own waste and intoxicating fumes of ammonia in the air enough to make you choke even worst down at their level.. that they are crammed cheek by jowl with hardly any room to move.. suffering joint disabilities beucase they are fed growth hormones in their feed to enhance their ‘super growth’.. relentless excessive artificial lighting to encourage to keep feeding.. deprived of minimal dark hours so they can rest.. I think just these are bad enough.. and ehrm.. maybe yes the killing process is pretty awful to.. if you buy cheap chicken in your supermarket ie not free range or even higher standard chickens and .. yes.. the ubiquitous KFC.. then these are the chickens that suffer and you are supporting it becuase you are buying this product .. and if PeTA is not totally correct.. on the killing process then pls do enlighten us all.. pps. eating less meat is good for everyone !!!!

  • Gary says:

    I worked in the poultry industry for 10 yrs. start to finish. one that sells to Kfc. Go and watch. your miss stating the facts to fit your cause. How can an bird feel with its spinal coard cut. the water is warm to make the blood flow out. Not scalding. The scalding is later in the process just before the rubber fingers pull the feathers. List the truth of the process Please!!!!

  • heather carlisle says:

    what? Pensacola what and where is that.

  • nicole says:

    go pam!!! i am so glad she is here in aus. i”ve been telling all my friends and family not to eat KFC!!!! and finally the truth is getting out to the rest of the country. when will peta be on our doorstep????