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Dozens of Dogs Rescued From Hoarder

Written by PETA | August 3, 2011

The situation was dire for more than 30 dogs and puppies languishing at the home of a hoarder in rural Georgia. Confined to cramped cages, chained, or simply running loose on the unfenced property, the dogs were filthy and crawling with fleas, and some were losing their hair because of untreated mange. Their owner couldn’t even afford to feed them, so most of the dogs had no food. The water they had was dirty, and they were heartbreakingly emaciated. Because of limited resources, none of the dogs had been spayed or neutered either, so they were breeding uncontrollably, and the situation was only going to get worse.

After being alerted to the dogs’ plight, PETA contacted PETA member and activist extraordinaire Anna J. Ware, who works closely with the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS). The AHS team leapt into action and departed the very next day, drove for six hours, and rescued every dog on the property.

Now, the happy pups are getting much-needed food, veterinary care, and socialization. And while they wait for the homes and families they deserve, they’re being smothered with TLC.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Julie says:

    Thanks Peta and the Atlanta Humane Society…. great to see my donations being put to good use. And thanks to Godess Anna J. Ware…the animals thank you!

  • Felipe Kohon says:

    Thank you for being compassioned against this poor creatures.

  • Felipe Kohon says:

    Thank you for helping this poor animals. Only love and compassion will make us have a better world

  • Alana says:

    Excellent work! Those puppies are so adorable, and no animal deserves to live in those awful conditions.

  • Leslie says:

    Thank you and a special thanks to the Atlanta Humane Society for helping these poor souls. Keep me the great work.

  • valnyc says:

    Hi- Could you tell me where the pups have been sent to and what breed/mix breed they are? Thanks fellas! Great job, as always! I follow closely every PETA step! ,-) Val

  • Sherrie says:

    I will never get how someone can let their pets live like that… nevermind having so many. Glad to hear those animals are being taken care of and that someone had the decency to take the step they needed to have a better life.