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Don’t Say “I Told You So”

Written by PETA | April 6, 2007

We actually didn’t say “I told you so” in this instance, just:

“We are sorry to hear about your injury. We tried to help you and the donkeys. Please tell us that you understand now.”

I thought that was pretty nice of us, under the circumstances. Here’s the back story: Whiteford Agricultural Schools’ superintendent Craig Haugen is receiving a bouquet of flowers from PETA after breaking his arm in a donkey basketball game. PETA had contacted Haugen more than a week before the game, pointing out the cruelty and dangers that go along with these ridiculous events and citing incidents where people have seriously hurt themselves during games. But Mr. Haugen ignored the letter and actually went on TV to say that the game would go on and that he saw nothing wrong with it. Anyway, after we heard he broke his arm, there were just so many possibilities … but apparently my boss Ingrid has this whole big thing about “being compassionate,” so he got flowers and a note and that was it. So there you have it. Enjoy your flowers, Craig, and at least read our letter this time—it’ll do you good.

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  • Rebecca says:

    u guys should go join ur donkey friends on the court Whiteford’s staff did nothing wrong i assure u. I’m asking all of u mean jerks to back off because our school is small and we all like mr. haugen. u guys are really mean being happy that our superintendant was hurt. If it was you would u like to type in ur school on google and have THIS come up?! I dont think so. so next time u decide to be jerk’s to somebody think it through!

  • Danielle says:

    U guys are all wrong about him! He is awsome! I’ts not his fault he broke his arm! Sheesh!

  • Gabi says:

    Hay people you dont know our school or propally anyone in it and you werent there so you cant say anything. no one hurt a donky he probally just got scared. you shouldnt say anyting untill you got your facts srait. you acctually cant say anything unless you were there. stop running your mouths

  • Karlie says:

    You guys are all jacks urself. You do realize you could possibly ruin peoples reputations by these posts and although u say u din’t care just don’t write anything next time. Mr.Haugen is very friendly and I am friends with his daughter. If you realized how small our school was and how quick word got around then you would all regret this. I don’t see any of you trying to play basketball with a donkey… YOUR OWN SPECIES!!!

  • Rebecca says:

    HEY!! I go to Whiteford and that is not my school. Mr. Haugen is very nice and i’m friend with his kid! I assure u that whiteford’s staff did nothing wrong to the donkeys! If ur gonna say something mean at least know ur facts! JERKS

  • Rebecca says:

    HEY!!!!!!!!!! i go to that school i did not go to the game but all of my friends said that the donkeys were not abused in ANY way our school staff is very nice! PS im thirteen and i like our superintendant u jerks!

  • Chris says:

    Just to let your fans know the factsthis is not a picture of Whiteford’s gym nor the superintendent. Shame on you!! Get your facts straight before publicizing information!

  • Caroline says:

    Im not sure what he is trying to do here in the picture dragging a poor reluctant donkey??? AND is this school even for real? C’mon Craig be a real man and stop this nonsense! Caroline

  • Maya says:

    I don’t find it especially amusing when someone breaks their arm just like Steve Irwin’s death was not a great time for PETA to criticize him. WTF is right. Can you say “tacky”? I’ll be honest the Steve Irwin thing put me over the top. What if his young daughter Bindi was a PETA fan? It’s entirely possible she loves animals. Can you imagine how devestated she would have been? I’m a huge PETA supporter and I back you up all the way this jerk should be brought up on cruelty charges and fired from his job for tormenting this poor donkey. It’s revolting. I thank heavens every day for PETA so I’m not the only person on earth who hates seeing snails for sale in some horrid beach store or the only one who goes into a rage when I see those poor betta fish. But between the soft porn sexism poor taste and making fun of people I really feel frustrated with an organization that is so much better than their image.

  • rachel says:

    See?? I told ya so

  • doug says:

    What a Jack”ass” get it!!!! he he

  • Quwen says:

    Awww! That’s so sweet. I’m sort of halfhoping that he doesn’t listen just to have the joy of watching him break something else again but the donkeys are first. I’ll just replay him breaking this bone over and over again all day. xD

  • kelly says:

    This guy is a superintendant???!!!! At a SCHOOL??? And he’s playing dumb hillbilly games with donkeys??? How desperate is this school for faculty?

  • doug says:

    Thank you so much guys for contacting this idiot. I have been searching for how to contact him. i wanted to let him know persoanlly about how I feel about this “event” as well.

  • Michele says:

    I do not feel sorry for Craig one bit. He ignored PETA’s warning and he got injured just as others have done before. I cannot believe how some people can be so ignorant.