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Don’t Kick Sand in This PETA Caseworker’s Face

Written by PETA | May 25, 2010

Animal abusers, be warned: You do not want to mess with PETA cruelty caseworker Kristin DeJournett. Not only is she relentless in pursuing justice against people who hurt and kill animals, she’s also a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Kristin DeJournett


After a rigorous series of tryouts that tested competitors’ stamina, technique, and expertise, Kristin was recently chosen from among thousands of black belts across the country to participate in a prestigious international Tae Kwon Do tournament in England.

To prepare for the competition, Kristin and her teammates met twice weekly for grueling practice sessions that lasted up to four hours. Kristin also trained daily for at least an hour with jogging, sprinting, and calisthenics—all fueled by a vegan diet, of course.

“I was able to build lean muscle and shed fat by eating lots of vegetable protein (tofu, beans, and faux meat), whole grains, and a ton of leafy green vegetables and fruits,” says Kristin. “I’ve noticed that a vegan diet helps me feel quicker and lighter on my feet.”

Kristin reports that Team USA cleaned up—all the teams earned gold medals in their age groups—and Kristin captured the bronze in an individual event!


Kristin DeJournett


Are you a vegan athlete? Post a comment below to tell us how you fuel your workouts.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • MeatEater All TheWay says:

    I could never go vegan. I don’t know why but I just cannot stand the taste of the vast majority of vegetables the only exceptions so far being carrots which I think are ok and a spinach and cheese mix which is neither vegan or particularly healthy due to the cheese.

  • Aura says:

    troller I am a competitive swimmer and have been for thirteen years eating nothing but a vegan diet. I swim 5 or six times a week and average about 7000yrds per workout supplemented by plenty of dryland workouts and weight lifting. I find my diet to be more than sufficient and use protien sources such as nuts and legumes seeds and soy products to supplement my diet of mostly green leafy vegetables. There are many really good protien products that are geared toward athletes that are already vegan goo packs protein bars etc.. I’m not one to push my diet or lifestyle on others but considering you visited I will say that I have found that the members of my club team that are vegetarian or vegan tend to have more energy and get done with our sets faster and we tend to have a better attitude about doing our workm overall. Maybe you’ll consider it but if you don’t I still wish on you great successes in your swimming carreer. Good Luck!

  • Kenady says:

    I agree with lacey troller you obviously are a bit blind thats okay but you need to smarten up pal I’m also a swimmerVEG and I bet I could dominate you P

  • Aleksis says:

    That’s awesome!! Good for her! Troller You see nothing wrong with your diet because you haven’t tried anything else you would be amazed by how much more energy you had if you ate even at least vegetarian you would also be helping to prevent any sort of long term illnesses. Even though you said not to inclue any moral answers how can you possibly not want to try to be a vegan after all of the horrors PETA has posted? Seriously..

  • Megan says:

    I’d rather walk my dog ride my horse play volleyball…whatever as long as it doesnt involve a gym. For some reason i hate “working out”. I’d rather feel like I accomplished something than go to a gym to walk on a treadmill for an hour. Whoo hoo!

  • Lacey says:

    Troller How do you know your diet hasn’t dragged you down if you haven’t tried a different one? By a “normal” diet I assume you mean one that includes animal products although I don’t know why anybody thinks it’s “normal” to consume decaying flesh and the milk from another species.

  • Myshkin says:

    Weights 3x a week and marathonhalfmarathon lover. Been vegan for 15 years. I eat out a lot for work so that’s when I get my tofu faux meat treats naughty fried stuff I work out and I’m vegan so I can eat anything. Then at home I eat tons of rice pasta beans veggies. Huge bowl of fresh fruit and oatmeal every morning. During workouts I love all the gel’s and gu’s they’re all vegan Clif Bars Builder Bars postworkout and Vega company protein mixes etc. My mom is vegan and just ran another triathlon at age 69. Won 1st place in her age group AND the group below. I think meateaters should get special treatment during racesthey’re obviously handicapped by their clogged arteries and extra weight!

  • Katie says:

    My vegan diet fuels my running and there’s “no whey” I’d use any protein except HEMP!

  • Missy says:

    I am an avid CrossFitter a program that unfortunately endorses meatbased diets. I love proving time and again that a vegan can excel at CrossFit. Even after lifting more weight than the others in the gym I still hear “just think of how much better you’d do if you ate meat!” After a workout I eat ground hempseeds mixed with unsweetened soy yogurt drizzled with agave nectar and loads of water.

  • Arun says:

    Before and immediately after high intensity workouts bananas and dates suit the best. Whole grains legumes and fruits contain plenty of healthy carbohydrates. Sprouted beans is my favourite protein source and ofcourse I don’t miss a chance to fuel myself with a variety of locally available vegetables and ground flax seeds. It is important to eat small frequent meals about 56 times a day particularly if one is on a lowfat diet. I try following Brendan Brazier’s ‘Thrive’ nutrition plan. One can sign up for it at httpthrivein30.comsignupnow. It is free. One might also consider buying his book Thrive The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life

  • troller says:

    I swim six days a week distance is about 7000 yards a day. Junior National qualifier and all fueled by a NORMAL diet. I see nothing wrong with the way I eat and my diet has not dragged me down in term of athletic performance so tell me why should I change? And to challenge you a bit you may not evoke any moral reasons.

  • Savanna says:

    I event! I ride a beautiful black Canadian thoroughbred named Xena. She is super strong for me so I have had to build strong arm back and core muscles. I eat tons of tofu which may just be my favorite food now. I also eat whole grains and becoming a vegan has made me try all different kinds of fruits and vegetables I wouldn’t have enjoyed as a meat eater.

  • kath D says:

    I LOVE stories like this. I am a vegan and a Personal Trainer I get tired of hearing people say you need meat to build muscle! Not true! Kristin you’re an inspiration!

  • debbie gericke says:

    Where is Peta in assisting the wild life and sea life in the oil slick mess in Louisana? We need help from you!

  • Kim says:

    Molly and I enjoy going on long hikes usually by a lake or stream where she can let out even more energy and keep hydrated sometimes I think I hold her back. She’s an SPCA special so I’m not sure what she’s got in her but she loves to run so I try to take her to the dog park everyday too for at least an hour. Other than that I try to fit in some pilates at home…

  • Sarah says:

    I hate working out at the gym or on a boring walking track or even walking around my town. I prefer walking and jogging the trails at my local park with my dogs going for a ride with my horse or bike riding.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    I don’t like workingout but get a workout by doing yardwork doing manual labour at work walking ‘my’ dog and riding my bike. I’m vegan and get plenty of excercise via activities which actually have a positive outcome beyond the workout itself. I recommend the same for you! Instead of getting on a workout machine maybe try doing a job which helps others safely pick up trash in public help at a shelter or go door to door asking people not to be Jehovah’s Witnesses… you can workout for a good reason other than your health! It can be stimulating!