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Diary of a Not-So-Wimpy Kid

Written by PETA | May 7, 2010


He may play a “wimpy kid” on the big screen, but Robert Capron is a superhero as far as his dog, Sam, is concerned. Robert plays Rowley Jefferson in the new movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He and his family adopted Sam after spotting the forlorn pup shivering in a cage at a local animal shelter.

After struggling to survive on the streets, Sam was a sorry sight—his ribs were visible and he had lost most of his fur because of unbearably itchy mange. “I felt so bad for him,” Robert told M magazine. “He’s been through so much.” Today, Robert reports that Sam has overcome his fear of people and has morphed into a snuggle muffin. “He’s so innocent.” says Robert. “I just love him.”

I’m sure the feeling is mutual, Rob. And I think I speak for all PETA Files readers when I say that we love you for giving a castaway dog a second chance at happiness. Why anyone would buy a dog from a breeder or pet store when there are so many lovable dogs at animal shelters is a total mystery to me!

How about you—do you have any tales to tell about tails that started wagging again once they landed in a safe and happy home?

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Nicole says:

    I love hearing stories about famous people doing something like this instead of paying big bucks for the latest ‘hip breed’ of purebred dog. Kudos!

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    All our three dogs and five cats are rescue.Id NEVER go to a breeder! Weve had our black lab Benji for four years now. He was found starving and skinny covered in fleas wandering in a field with his sister. He was approximately 1824 months old when we adopted him. Its obvious from the way hes behaved that hes been beaten and kicked in the mouth. Our vet had to take two teeth out when we first got him one of them wasnt even anchored to anything!He still goes into the submissive position but not as much as he did when we first adopted him. Our vet said that he wouldnt know what hit him coming from that to a family like ours! Hes so good now apart from when hes stealing food . He has such a lovely temperment and is so trusting after all that hes been through.He loves to climb up onto your lap for a cuddle big lump! Our St Bernard was very nervous when we first adopted him. Hed been passed from pillar to post and he was scared of people with sticks suggesting that he too has been beaten. Weve had him nearly 18 months now and hes a changed dog. He loves a cuddle and is so affectionate you wouldnt think hes the same dog. I just cant understand how someone could treat innocent animals like this.

  • Toby says:

    Yes my dog was rescued. Her tail was wagging at some point after the distemper went away. To answer that ‘mystery’ now…it’s simple really Alisa 1. Some people know better but don’t care. 2. Some people don’t know better but would care. 3. Some people don’t know better and wouldn’t care anyway. this applies to some nonhuman animals too I should add.

  • Giovanna says:

    That is so nice! We adopted all of our pets and we love them to death. ALWAYS ADOPT!

  • Jeka Rabbit says:

    Awesome job little dude!