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Demonstrators Declare, ‘Free Tilly’

Written by PETA | March 1, 2010

This past weekend’s weather may have snowed in New Yorkers and sent Hawaiians running for the hills, but pouring rain in both Orlando and San Diego didn’t slow down PETA demonstrators outside SeaWorld amusement parks. Armed with wellies and warnings, they delivered urgent messages about SeaWorld’s ticking time bombs.


She’s determined to reveal SeaWorld’s checkered past.
SeaWorld Demo


SeaWorld Demonstration


Experts agree: Whales like Tilly, who grabbed and killed his trainer in front of horrified SeaWorld patrons last week, should not be crammed into tiny tanks and trained to perform tricks for their dinner. These marine mammals are 6 tons of frustration and misery, and it’s really only a matter of time before tragedy strikes again. SeaWorld’s cruelty to Tilly and other captive orcas is bad enough, but the corporation’s refusal to stop cashing in on the whales is also irresponsible and dangerous.

As for me, I’ve only seen orcas once, and that was from deck of a ferry boat in Seattle. They were leaping out of the Puget Sound, and the whole scene took my breath away. Like anyone else who’s ever spotted these magnificent animals living as nature intended, I know that their sad lives at SeaWorld is nothing like it.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Elizabeth Ducasse says:

    The show must end SeaWorldit’s time to let orcas and dolphins “See” their “World.” Set them free!

  • John says:

    The Japanese of course they just don’t know when to stop whale huntingits kind of pointless anyway there should be some whale sancuaries if so maybe Tilly could go there.

  • John says:

    The reason Tilly killed his trainer was quite obvious he couldn’t take the cruelty anymore this same stuff happens in circuses in any case set Tilly freescrew Seaworld.

  • sheila says:

    do u not understand that if Tilly is freed to the wild that he will die. I do agree that he should no longer perform in shows.

  • Carole Stough says:

    I am always writting to save some animal from somethinga cruel lifeof some kind. As long as MAN uses any animal for riches the cruelity will always be. It’s called greed.The circus seems the worst to me .I wish someone would really enforce the care laws for these creatures.

  • sarabell says:

    I think that seaworld is great but they should stop the animals in it or it will be hopefully shut down

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Since Tilly was taken as a two year old would he be able to survive in the wild now? That is my only concern to having him released which Sea World would never do. Are there any whale sanctuaries that he could go to? A place where the Japanese couldn’t get him? But they only go after Minke whales as far as I know but pretty soon there won’t be any more Minke whales for them to kill since they are the only whales they go after. But I think they also go after Humpback whales too. I’d say boycott Japan and all Japanese products that the US imports! But back to Tilly. I just hope if by some miracle he is freed he can survive in the wild.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Tom though we would love to release these majestic creatures into the wild immediately we know it’s not feasable since they were born in captivity. However their instincts tell them they need more space than a concrete pool! There are marine wildlife sanctuaries on coastlines everywhere where these animals can be placed. And who knows? Perhaps if there were a system where orcas from these theme parks could live together in a larger captive area then be released together as their own “pod” could that work?

  • Tom says:

    There are two separate issues here. First is the conditions at Seaworld and whether or not animals should continue to be bred or captured for theme parks. Then there is the issue of what to do with the animal already there. You have to handle the two issues separately. As to the first that decision rightly or wrongly will be made by patrons by the power of their wallets. As to the second point what to do with Tilly and the other animals who have been raised in captivity That is a more complicated issue. You can’t just throw a domesticated animal into the wild. Make no mistake in many ways these animals have been domesticated to a certain degree. They were never taught how to hunt or to evade predators. They lived their lives up to this point in tanks and were given food at appointed times. How are these animals supposed to learn these skills? many of these animals are already adults so the time they were to be taught has passed. If just released they would soon die of starvation or from a predator. I’m not saying they should continue to entertain but simply releasing them isn’t feasible either.

  • Linda A says:

    I am not a PETA member however I am absolutely Against ALL of this Abuse of animals! We are a disgusting species!

  • Jane says:

    Well done PETA and thanks to all the members!

  • Laurie Dowdy says:

    Cafe Press has “Free Tilly” tshirts!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Keep the pressure on. People are listening!

  • Rob says:

    I’m very proud of these brave and determined protesters. The ONLY favorable outcome to emerge from this latest incident seems to be the amount and depthquality of national media coverage examining the inherent cruelty of keeping this animal in captivity. It really is surprising and heartwarming and I don’t think we would have seen that even five years ago. Change is coming. It’s slow. It’s too slow in fact. But the very fact that there have been so many successful vegan books films etc. in the past few years indicates that there’s a market for this information. We’re getting there. PETA keep up the pressure please!

  • Shelby says:

    On the say day we held a protest in front of the Miami Seaquarium about 40 people came out just like we do the last Saturday of every month to urge them to retire their lone orca Lolita who has spent the past 39 years in the smallest orca tank in North America that is illegal by APHIS standards. For more information check out or facebook friend Shelby Proie.

  • Logan Scherer says:

    Kim Simmons Thank you for your interest in our blog! Unfortunately posts on The PETA Files are written only by PETA employees but we would love to see your page. You can share it by posting it in the comments section.

  • Kim Simmons says:

    Hello I am a PETA supporter and animal rights enthusiast and I also have a FB page to Free Tilikum. I would love to post on your blog.

  • Ileana Carmen Carare says:

    I may not have been pysically at the demonstration but I strongly support the pledge FREE TILLY AND CLOSE DOWN SEA WORLD!!! Boycott all similar means of “entertainment” using live animals!! Regards Ileana Carmen Carare