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Is Congress Protecting Ringling?

Written by PETA | February 25, 2011
wolfsavard/cc by 2.0

Mr. Smith, where are you when we need you? PETA has learned that Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, not content with hiring an ex-CIA agent to spy on us, is now trying to use Congress to bully the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) out of doing its job.

According to sources on Capitol Hill, the staff of the House Committee on Agriculture, at the urging of a lobbyist for Ringling, summoned the USDA to  justify an unannounced inspection (as inspections are supposed to be) that resulted in citations against Ringling for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including failure to provide veterinary care to a young elephant who is suffering from chronic lameness. In response, PETA has sent a letter to the committee chair and ranking member asking for a meeting to discuss Ringling’s long history of animal abuse.

When the USDA attempted to perform its inspection, Ringling employees refused to allow the inspectors to enter for more than an hour. Hmmm … makes you wonder what Ringling is trying to hide, doesn’t it?

If you’re shocked that Ringling has resorted to hiring spies and using Congress to sweep its abuse of animals under the rug, read this eye-opening Salon article for more on the circus’s shady dealings.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Aimee says:

    It seems they have more than Congress in their pocket. I announced my intent 2 protest & I saw 1 of the 3 news stations I had emailed pass by me; not a mention of the 15+ protesters there that day. Not by the “news” stations, radio sations.. it’s disgusting (because they advertise with every one of them)

  • me says:

    I was protesting a Ringling Brothers circus years back in Seattle. I was at the building that held some animals watching. There were a bunch of horse stalls in there. At one point a man was going around to each horse with a garbage can of water. The horses were so thirsty they were desperate for him to bring the water. One horse who had not been given much to drink at all, the man slammed the stall door on the horse’s head twice as the man tried to stop the horse from drinking but the horse tried to continue drinking. I have worked with horses for half my life and first of all they should have water, plenty of it, in their stalls. Secondly, the man was giving them less than 1/4 of what they should have been offered if they had not had water to chose to drink. It was awful. No animals should be in the circus because the owners and caretakers don’t care for their well being.

  • Tanja Marcijan says:

    Je pence que les monsieurs congresseurs n,ont volu voir le verite de cruelle jusqu,a animals… Et je pense que le profit de ces monsieurs et circo est envolve aussi….. Tres triste!

  • Jessica says:

    This is exactly why my husband, son, and I will NEVER attend ANY kind of show that uses animals. Circus or otherwise.

  • Kara says:

    i think that congress helpin the ringling brothers is an atrocity!! i would like to help

  • Honduras, Tegucigalpa says:

    There should be a circus formed with all circus owners around the world… they should be chained and fed poorly, forced to work and sleep in the cold… maybe after some time they would understand how much we hate what they do with animals in their business of horror.

  • keith says:

    No surprise here then ! on another matter has anybody read in the papers about the fate of 15000 animals on a Russian fur farm near Moscow.. apparently they are starving to death ( due to the owner being involved in money laundering ) sadly Russia has no or very little animal protection laws except for a select few agencies ! any chance Peta Europe can throw a life line ? Thank you for reading !!

  • Barbara Hegedus says:

    Pathetic! But not surprising. The quality of our “representatives” in Congress insures that animals will continue to suffer for our amusement. Animal Welfare Act be damned, I guess.

  • melmac says:

    Given the rate of potential and intentional sabotage on the circuses, I’m not surprised this challenge occurred. Unfortunately, there are groups (present company excluded) who will intentionally stop at nothing to destroy groups they do not like. My guess is though that if there are indeed reasons to challenge this on both sides, they will be heard out. BUT both need to be heard out in order to be fair. (You would want the same if someone accused PETA of something they may not have done would you?) In the end truth will prevail.