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Collapsed Horse Tied Up, Dragged, and Hoisted on Forklift (Warning: Disturbing Images)

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 20, 2013

Like all horses who are forced to pull carriages, Jerry has to work in all weather extremes, including the scorching summers and the bitter winters of Salt Lake City. He hauls tourists through the busy, congested downtown streets, inhaling fumes and competing for road space with honking cars. Last weekend, while pulling tourists, he apparently succumbed to the 98-degree heat and collapsed. The heat radiating off the black asphalt on which he was pulling a carriage would have been far, far hotter than 98 degrees.

Jerry was too weak to stand, so his handlers tied ropes around his body and dragged him into a trailer.

They drove him to the stable, but he was still too weak to stand, so his handlers put straps around his limp body and hoisted him into the barn with a forklift.

Jerry’s owners said that he collapsed because he suffers from colic. We are doubtful and suspect heat exhaustion, although colic can be brought on or exacerbated by heat, dehydration, and stress—three factors that essentially define daily life for horses who are forced to pull carriages.

What You Can Do

PETA is once again calling on Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker to prevent tragedies like this one and support efforts to ban horse-drawn carriages on city streets. More regulations on this practice won’t solve the problem. Regulations can’t reshape Salt Lake City’s densely urban environment, and they can’t change the fact that horses are extremely sensitive to loud noises. Contact Mayor Becker and let him know that you oppose forcing horses to pull carriages.

Please support PETA’s ‘Free the Horses’ campaign! We are aiming to raise $40,000 to expose the ugly truth about horse drawn carriages. We have until September 24. All we need is you! 

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  • Erica Duvall says:

    I am so discusted at this animal abuse practice. It needs too stop

  • Laura says:

    So sad. The owners of the horse and this business should be deeply ashamed of there selves! Poor horse. Animals are that loyal and too scared to disappoint they push there selves to their absolute limit – to exhaustion. Disgusting. Shocking. So sad. Too sad. Just wrong.

  • silke says:

    please stop this!!!!

  • Christine says:

    Salt Lake City is not a place for horse drawn carriage rides. City is not safe with cars and trains. Horse drawn carriage rides should be in open areas without cars and distractions and more in an atmosphere that is familiar for the horses.

  • Burtha says:

    There is no need, and will never be a need, to see a living creature suffer. There are other brilliant ways of traveling without putting other living being through pain, and even death.



  • Amel BIOUD says:

    make them pay for it, and prevent other from doing it

  • Ellen Ewers says:

    Heartbreaking…Sicken me!!!

  • Marjorie Hulse says:

    This is so cruel it has to STOP !!

  • Alma says:

    This is absolutely appalling! It is inhumane and complete abuse! Please ban this type of activities!

  • Sue Yates says:

    This is no worse than cock-fighting or pitt bull dog fights. All is pure cruelty from the start to the finish. These are living, breathing creatures that feel pain, have emotions and souls. It is outright murder and it isn’t right. Just one day, I would like you to take this horse’s place and see, feel and hear everything that violates this animal’s very being. How long would it take for you to be on the ground suffering like he?

  • Susan White says:

    This is so disgusting and should never happen to work horses in this sort of heat is disgusting and very cruel some people make me sick all they are out for is the horse to make them money they need to get of there own arse and get a proper job that don’t put these poor horses in danger of collapsing from over worked in extreme conditions, if this horse keeps getting Colic then it needs to be investigated by a VET.

  • Brenda says:

    This is a horrible sight to see. I am appalled to see such abuse. This should totally banned.

  • Michele barry says:

    This is a disgrace and sad that as humans we are still doing these horrible things to animals. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW! For the love of God have a heart, please.

  • Nicola Parr says:

    I totally oppose the abuse of animals, in particular, horses being forced to pull carriages. The images of the poor horse collapsing, in the heat, and then being dragged and lifted by a fork-lift truck, were nothing short of despicable. I urge you, as Mayor of Salt Lake City, to please prevent tragedies, such as this, by banning horse-drawn carriages. Thank you for your attention, Yours sincerely, Nicola Parr.

  • Élise Vadnais says:

    this is completly discusting and no heart. in

  • Ellen Ewers says:

    Heartbreaking…sicken me!!!

  • Marjorie Hulse says:

    This is so cruel it has to STOP

  • GC says:

    This is cruel and disgusting! I am appalled that Salt Lake City would treat animals such as this poor horse to pull carriages in the oppressive summer heat!

  • Roberta says:

    Please do something about the treatment of the Horses on the streets in Salt Lake City, Mayor Becker. Stop people from forcing horse having to pull carriages. Roberta

  • Tami Cilk says:

    Absolutely hideous. I haven’t partaken of such sightseeing activities in over ten years since I discovered the horrible abuses these beautiful animals have to face. Maybe some owners are more responsible, but until they entire industry is cleaned up I will not be a part of it. It is an absolutely FAIR statement to say that the owners of this beautiful animals should be made to walk the streets of the city harnessed in intense heat and carrying the same weight ratio this horse did.

  • Taharaa Wong says:

    This is heart breaking to look at. This should be banned!

  • Paola says:

    Horses need rest and water. And this type of business should have limits. And shifts. Fair shifts. If this is gonna keep happening. Get smart about it. Care for them!!.. Somebody plz do something. Come up with better ways. Keep them cool if they have to be in the sun . Goodness People!!

  • Georgina says:

    Time to retire that and all of your horses. Do what’s right!

  • diane Rois says:

    I’ve visited Salt Lake City and it’s a beautiful place but not when animals being abused and forced to work in 98 weather. I loved and enjoyed your city regulations need to be changed before I visit again. this is one thing I do not want to see when I visit your wonderful city.

  • Iliana Diaz says:


  • Patty Pacheco says:

    This is the 21st century, not the 1800’s. Ban horse drawn carriages and end the cruel abuse!

  • April Hazelett says:

    I think the people should have to pull the carriages – they won’t last a day! The last time I suggested this, I was informed “it’s against the law” – like anyone would actually do it anyway. Im not a religious person, but I do know in the Bible there is a verse about “an eye for an eye” – isn’t that what I’m talking about? These horses have made money for these people for years & now they won’t even take care of their money-makers. Not very good business people or human beings!

  • Sue Eanes says:

    In 98 heat-what else! Heartbreaking-did they even try to cool him down? And he is DRAGGED while obviously in distress? This is animal cruelty and I just don’t understand why it isn’t a chargeable offense? Did this horse survive? If he did-he should be taken from the owner and put in an animal sanctuary! SHAME!

  • Bill Marcus says:

    How can you allow this go on, put the a hole in Jail who did this to the horse. Send a message.

  • neelam says:

    please stop this…

  • Vivien South says:

    This is totally unacceptable, the cruelty and mistreatment to this horse is beyond me!! Where were the animal welfare representatives?? Did the owner get prosecuted for cruelty?? Damn well should have been!! Shame on him!!!

  • cynthia waring says:

    This is horribly sad in every possible way. This should definitely be banned especially under such terrible conditions. It’s just plane mean and cruel!

  • Aury says:

    Please stop such tragedies like above. They are living creatures.

  • Aline says:

    Really sad!! The exploitation of all animals should stop!!

  • Eve says:

    No words to describe the cruelty of men!!! These people should get a lesson!

  • amanda says:

    Thats awful. That poor horse! Forced to walk on almost 100 degree roads!

  • Mel Ari says:

    This disgusts me to no end! The absolute reason why I refuse to ride the carriages!

  • Hune Kovac says:

    These people need to be prosecuted. This is FELONY animal abuse. I can barely even look at this picture and think what this courageous animal was going through. This is inhuman treatment.

  • Marina says:

    This makes me sick. We CAN’T let s*** like that happen any more. WE can change this.

  • sheila says:

    that’s a shame

  • Randy Thomas says:

    I have visited Salt Lake City many times and have spent many dollars there. I will not be spending another dime there, nor will my family or extended family until your barbaric practice of allowing Horse Drawn Carriages is stopped. It is inhumane to these poor animals in such weather conditions and dense urban environment. Shame on you and shame on your city for allowing it.

  • Caroline says:

    Please stop this cruelty. It’s appalling!!

  • Louise Cara says:

    its absolutely disgusting, as are the people that ride on these carrages are too, no thought for the animal. Money talks im afraid and as long as people are willing to pay the animals will suffer. Human beings can be very cruel!!!!

  • hailey sorenson says:

    its so unfair to treat the horse like this, I think u should stop all this cause you wouldnt like it if you where made to do this.

  • randi sorenson says:

    its so unfair to treat the horse like this, I think u should stop all this cause you wouldnt like it if you where made to do this.

  • Caroline Potter says:

    Please end this cruel practice in beautiful Salt Lake City. It is cruel and unnecessary.

  • Anju mehta says:

    Please stop this cruel act

  • Stefan Karthaus says:

    Jerry… Love You Peace!!!

  • Alexander Foster says:

    Seeing this, who are the real animals?