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Chris P. Carrot at the Tea Party

Written by PETA | August 30, 2010

PETA at Glenn Beck rally


In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.‘s historic plea for nonviolent change, PETA’s very own Chris P. Carrot and “cow” brought a message to those attending Glenn Beck’s “I Have a Dream”–themed rally Saturday to think about compassion for animals by going vegan. The outpouring of high-fives (and cold beverages) from the crowd made it clear that our nonpartisan purveyors of peace were indeed the life of the (Tea) party.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Maggie Shayne says:

    How insulting. You’re hardly going to get any converts by holding up a sign calling people who attend a Tea Party rally the equivalent of the Nword. What a wasted opportunity.

  • Tahler says:

    Cute mascots. But it’s tea partiers…not “tea baggers”.