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Chase Utley Is an All-Star for Animals

Written by PETA | April 4, 2011

When Chase Utley isn’t knocking balls out of the park, he’s trying to knock out animal overpopulation. The MLB all-star posed for a new “Adopt, Don’t Buy” ad with his rescued dog Jack, who was born in an animal shelter to canine parents confiscated from a dogfighting ring. Chase unveiled the ad today at the Seger Dog Park in Philadelphia to a crowd of two-legged and four-legged fans.

The homeless-animal crisis is a cause very close to Chase and his wife, Jennifer’s hearts. They are both active with the Pennsylvania SPCA, and they started an annual event to raise money and awareness called Utley All-Star Animals. Check out our feature on Chase to watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of him talking about his love for animals, and then enter to win an autographed Philadelphia Phillies jersey! And, of course, join Chase in hitting a homerun for the 4 to 6 million animals who face euthanasia every year by always adopting, never buying.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • rachelkyle says:

    His profession is what it is. I don’t think there are regulation options out there for him to choose from if he wanted to move away from leather. HOWEVER it is wonderful that he is using his celebrity status for something good and bringing awareness to an important topic.

  • ROGER says:

    I love the haters who can never be glad that anyone is doing anything. Buddha is dead, Steve, and so we take ordinary human beings who are helping in one way or the other. Get off your purist high horse and join the real world.

  • steve says:

    hypocrites unite… thank you peta for more destruction of your credibility… lets use a guy who makes a living using a leather baseball glove and cleats and a horsehide baseball… peta,,, you have struck out again