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Chained Dogs Need Your Help

Written by PETA | May 19, 2010

Now that spring is in full bloom in much of the country, we won’t be hearing reports of “backyard dogs” freezing in the snow for a while. But other sad stories are in no short supply: Many puppies born this spring will be taken away from their mothers only to end up chained alone in someone’s yard, and they will stay in that same spot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of their lives, with nothing but a patch of worn-down dirt and no companions, scant attention, and all freedom lost forever. And if that weren’t enough, many chained dogs strangle on the chains; get ripped apart by other dogs; are tormented, teased, injured, and killed by cruel humans; or are stolen by “bunchers” who resell them to laboratories. Others will simply starve to death when no one remembers to bring them food and water.

Chained Puppy

But there’s hope for dogs who are suffering on chains. As USA Today reported, dog chaining is “inching its way toward unacceptability” as ever more jurisdictions pass laws banning or restricting chaining. California already has a law restricting tethering to three hours per day—as does PETA’s hometown of Norfolk, Virginia—and the Illinois General Assembly is currently considering a statewide law that would ban dog chaining between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The Illinois bill has passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee.

You can help chained dogs! If you live in Illinois, please contact your legislators and ask them to support Senate Bill 2580. If you live elsewhere, please lobby for an ordinance in your community. To get started, call us at 202-540-2174 for a free guide on getting the job done, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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  • Andrea Lopez says:

    I serioulsy think that corporate storespeople who sell dogs have the right to check up on them have the owners send follow up pictures letters about their dog’s well being. this way we keep a controlled state of not retaining any more animal abuse. others should report immediately when they witness any type of cruelty immediately.

  • Shari says:

    Who ever says that animals don’t have feeling hasn’t looked into the eyes of this puppy in this picture. They feel the same emotions just like we humans do.

  • colin lodewyk says:

    y doggie

  • Paz Calvo says:

    Stop animal cruelty NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  • Jenny says:

    In China there’s animal abusing everywhere! Mostly dogs who are on chains. It’s wrong to leave them out alone.

  • lois yiaski says:

    if you own a pet please let it roam free thru the day in your home or in your backyard with the underwireing fencing don’t cage your pet all day while your at work you would not leave your baby who would cage your baby all day it’s very agitating to these animals just my thought.

  • Tanya Gan says:

    Ban animal cruelty! The only time a dog must be ‘chained’ is when it’s outside on a walk with the owners to keep it from getting lost.

  • Laura says:

    That little dog in the photo is just a puppy and see how sad heshe already looks. Dogs can’t understand when idiot humans treat them that way. It is pitiful. I live in eastern NC people here are totally ignorant horrible. They think nothing of chaining up their dogs ALL the time without attention companionship or exercise. Either that or they leave them eternally imprisoned in pens. We need a law in this area desperately! I think there should be a NATIONAL law passed. Something somewhere SOMEHOW has got to be done. Maybe instead of “Planet of the Apes” this world will one day be a “Planet of the Dogs” where subhuman animal abusing dogchaining trash gets a taste of its own medicine.

  • Jambrina Sakellaropoulo says:

    It’s all about getting a bill written and passed to make chaining animals outside a crime! We need churches to include humane treatment of animals in sermons! And of course we need the right representatives in Congress!

  • annie rogers says:

    maryland needs to straighten up as well……..animal abuse is really getting out of hand and i am sickened at the way people think including my own family members. i think people who chain animals need to me chained first to see how it feels and those that are ok with it done the same.

  • Loulou says:

    I read about PETA Germany and their antifur campaign. Makes me happy! Animal rights in Germany are maybe better than what we can watch here! You can just call an animal rights office and it gets controlled if an animal is fine or chained or tortured.

  • Kayla says:

    We need this in Texas! And it should also apply to cages

  • Lynn Di Mauro says:

    If one feels having an animal in the house is dirty or a burden then I suggest not having a pet….Senate Bill 2580 is excellent. This should be a law across the country. Fines should apply if animal is left out in extreme weather conditions.Reports of animal neglect should never be dismissed or taken lightly. Thank you Lynn Di Mauro

  • Mary Hines says:

    I keep saying this but no one listenslet’s reverse this like in the book Animal farmlet’s chain these owners outsdie with no food no water no shelter and leave them then that is justice!!! I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF ANIMAL ABUSERS GETTING AWAY WITH THEIR CRIMESENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • kate says:

    This sereiously has to stop! it’s torture! Dogs are pack animals and they love to travel miles per day not chained alone in a backyard starving cold tortured… oh my god it brakes my heart.. Why the hell do people keep dogs if their just going to abuse them like this! Chaining should be banned all over!!! angry norwegian!

  • Caroline says:

    I have recently moved to Quebec from the UK and this is a very major problem here generally speaking the value put on animal life is low compared to many other places. With the high amount of agricultural properties it is seen as normal to keep an ‘outside dog’. A new law is the only way people will change their thinking with set timings and heavy fines for neglect. Tell me where to sign up..

  • Dickolene Olivier says:

    This pic just absolutely breaks my heart! How can people be so evil? This is freaking unacceptable!

  • Tonya Alford says:

    Life is life whether you are furry or not! How would you like to be chained up all day? WHY get a pet if you are just going to let them rot on a chain??? Give them a chance! People who do this should be put in jail. Look at how easily Michale Vick got off. This has GOT to STOP NOW!!!

  • brenda cruz says:

    Hello and thankyou for viewing my brief letter I would like to ask to please all dogs and puppies in the united states of america should all be treated like parts of our family they shouldn’t have to be tied up and treated like they are worth no value remember animals feel pain so please unchained your pet treat it with love not hatred thankyou brenda

  • Kay says:

    Without laws people can get away with putting a dog on the end of a rope or chain and let them die outside. Without laws people can get away with spreading disease through their communities. Chained dogs attract wildlife that may have rabies attract coyotes spread tick borne diseases spread heartworm spread parasites. This is a health issue too!

  • Kandice says:

    i have been wanting to get this to happen in michigan well everywhere for a long time. its not right!!! animals shouldnt be tied up all day. 0

  • Natalie Lincoln says:

    God how can human beings be so cruel? It says a lot about humanity really.

  • MaryAnn Scandiffio says:

    Dogs are pack animals. Chaining them is emotional physical cruelty.

  • ivy becker says:

    Through legislature please make prolonged more than three hours a day as in California legislature dog tethering illegal and ban it between the hours of 10pm and 6 am. respectfully Ivy BeckerSchaeffler

  • Bud Hansen says:

    This needs to be made a crime!

  • Tucker says:


  • Stephanie Lonchar says:

    This is so sad it’s because of articles like these that I have changed my mother in laws mind about keeping her dogs outside!

  • celina says:

    Here in Quebec we have many problems with uneducated people chaining there dogs and forgetting them. How do we know if we have a law here? And if we dont how can I help in doing my part for these defenseless animals that have the misfortune of being with these monsters?