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Cattle Rancher Wins ‘Survivor’

Written by PETA | May 18, 2009 / CC
JT Thomas

Last night, J.T. Thomas, a 24-year-old cattle rancher from Mobile, Alabama, was unanimously voted the winner of reality show Survivor.

J.T.’s good looks, southern drawl, and sickeningly friendly disposition pegged him as the token “nice guy” this season—but it was always hard for me to figure out how much of his charm was real and how much was a sneaky trick to win $1 million.

After all, cattle ranching is directly connected to cruelty to animals, life-threatening diseases, and the destruction of the environment, so it’s pretty obvious that any real “nice guy” would never make ends meet by exploiting cows.

J.T., now that you’ve got a chance at early retirement, how about letting the cows on your ranch retire as well? If you ditch the cattle farm and opt for a humane lifestyle, you’ll prove that you truly are a nice guy. Plus, you’d definitely get my vote for PETA’s 2010 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door competition.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Martin T. Smith says:

    Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner. Wow we wouldn’t want to promote free speach and a different opinion. Your web site is truly evil.

  • anne westerman England says:

    the meat industry is the biggest killer of the planet causing starvation because the greedy farmers buy the grain from third world countries where people are starving close by meat is the biggest cause of heart disease bowel and colon cancersand stroke animals were not put on the earth for in england 6 million vegitarins and one million vegans are living proofpeople eat meat because they like the the taste you do not need meat in your body meat eaters eat it for selfish reasons and give no thought to the execution of animals that have feelings andfeel pain i have a clear conscience and to those who say they have everytime you put beef in your mouth think of the people who are starving and if you say you have a clear conscince i say you are heartless and no matter how good looking or sexy jt thomas is he is NOT a very bright boy helping to destroy the next generations future and anyone who thinks differently isnt very bright either and to anyone feeds their children beef your a total numbskull

  • jyp neekon says:

    ocelots r endangred dude and therre si a spoiler! thanx alot!

  • Sam says:

    Well Megan I just hope that even more people talk about animal rights so maybe we’d all CARE ABOUT THINGS OTHER THAN OURSELVES and the world would be a much better place for billions of animals because when everybody joins they make a difference and right now we need to make a big difference on the lives of animals and PETA doesn’t just want you to talk it wants us to act too

  • Ryan says:

    Hmm sometimes I don’t know what to say. As a scientist I know humans were designed to eat meat and plants. But I also know the only reason we get huge farms that are too large to remain humane is because we use the product.. Don’t eat as much meat or raising your own is the only way to go.

  • Logan says:

    Genesis 93 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you even as the green herb have I given you all things.

  • Kurt K says:

    Saucy you interpret your Bible the way you want and I will interpret it the way I want. I’ve been to church thousands of times and I have never once heard my priest tell me its a sin to eat animals. Sorry but my faith is my faith. Nothing you say or threaten me with will change my beliefs.

  • Saucy says:

    Animals were never put her by God for us to eat. Period. That is a LIE FROM HELL. Genisis 129 tells us what God gave us to eat. The Bible also tells us the what the devil gave us to eat. It is called THE TABLE OF SATAN. If you IGNORANT HICKS want to come on this website and defend yours difilations and bloodthusty sins against God and Nature you best leave God out you DAMN FOOLS. I pray to God you eat those words. You stupid RELIGIOUSLY COFUSED FOOLS. And how dare you presume that the compassionate loving GOD FEARING people who inhabit this website don’t know the hard work of caring for animals. WHO THE HECK DO THINK IS LEFT CLEANING UP YOUR GODLESS MESS. GOD WILL DESTROY THOSE DESTROYING THE EARTH. And the NUMBER ONE guilty party is the ANIMAL AGRICULTURE BUSINESS.

  • lynda downie says:

    I’m glad there’s people like you on this earth Barbara.

  • Barbara says:

    Anybody who is in the business of livestock is violent. The only end for livestock is a violent one. So yes my relatives were violent and anybody who kills animals is violent. As for farmers “paying a lot of money to keep one of their animals alive” … well the animals dairy cows esp. are worth more alive than dead. That farmer saw the cow as a commodity. It’s that simple. He hoped to keep her producing for him for as many years as possible before either slaughtering her himself or sending her elsewhere to die a violent death.

  • rojo says:

    barbara so because your farming family is violent every farming family is? You have issues with the family more than their occupation by the sounds of it.

  • Kurt K says:

    Barbara That may be your experience but I also lived in a farming community and knew many dairy pig and cattle farmers. Its all a matter of perspective. What you think of as vicious and violent may be normal to the farmer. I watched surgery performed on a dariy cow in a barn when I was in high school my friend and I video taped it for our biology class. The farmer paid alot of money to keep that cow alive. Does that seem like a violent man? You have to understand that cows have a much higher tollerance of pain and infection than we humans. What is painful to you is nothing to a cow. They are very tough creatures.

  • Barbara says:

    I come from a family with a very long history of cattle ranching. I can tell you that my relatives grandfather and uncles who ran the family “business” were all like Jeckle Hyde. In public they were as nice and as charming as anything. But at home on the ranch it was another story. Very cold. They would go from simply being cold one minute to out and out violent the next killing and brutalizing the cattle and other animals. If anybody made the mistake of distracting them or interupted them they would immediately turn vicious on them the humans as well. God forbid if you ever questioned their tactics or the family “business”. Cattle ranching is an inherently violent “business”. Anywhere else these people would be looked as psychopaths. Yeah I said it and I apply it to my relatives who were so barbaric and to any others who do the same.

  • rojo says:

    Megan you have hit the nail on the head. It is all about discussion about freedom of choice and invariably making the lives animals we use for food better. No farmer worthy of the profession neglects their animals but sometimes they do need some different perspectives on what welfare truly is. We do need to respect the animals that die on our behalf and treat them accordingly. Statemnets like “cattle farmers are murderous” are simply juvenile and do nothing but polarise debate. Incidently as pointed out by mel the killing is done off farm not by the farmer. A farmers job is to raise those cattle and sell them for hisher living. Anyone is free to buy them.

  • Megan says:

    Maybe this article is being taken too seriously. It’s one thing to have an opinion and to debate it but this is a bit much. In all honesty PETA has done a wonderful job with this entry whether those for cattleranching or against cattleranching know it. Whether you love it or hate it you’re thinking about it. You’re all arguing about this issue and are apparently getting right into it. PETA has you all talking about animal rights which is most likely exactly what they wanted.

  • Sally Joe says:

    WE ARE HAPPY THAT A BLUE COLLARHARD WORKING AMERICAN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DESERVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paintmare06 says:

    No. You went TOO far. JT rocks. He FLIPPIN rocks! Don’t EVEN try to knock him. Just don’t EVEN go there!

  • mel says:

    Brandy two points I want to make clear about my comments 1. My point is that we have people starving in India while there is a food source around them. They refuse to kill animals because they’re afraid they’re a relative. Therefore they starve. A lot of people say “Feed the children around the world” but say “protect the animals” in the same breath. I admit both are worthy causes to a point but there has to be a balance. 2. As far as ranching most cattle are able to roam free well with fence boundaries and eat grass. It’s usually places where cattle are shipped or slaughterhouses themselves where the animal is there to die and be processed that can be a bit dirty. Even there they are cleaner than PETA would like people to think.

  • Kurt K says:

    Uneducated people like you make me sick. Its because of people like you that theres cruelty in the world Posted by Kristian Paxton May 19 2009 0352 PM Kristian If the “noncruel” people are anyting like you with your hateful speech quicktojudge condescending and all around rude attitude then I will stay a “ingnorant hick.” At least that way I can be happy and treat my neighbors with respect.

  • Kim says:

    SARAH You’re the person making assumptions. What makes you think that I’m not from the country? What makes you think that I am well educated? When did I say that it didn’t take brains or education to run a cattle business?

  • Ever says:

    I was wondering why I’ve been having so much trouble lately spreading the world about PETA and why animals should have rights. But now I’m glad I found my reason. Anyone who comes to these boards looking maybe to get invovled instead find of bunch of bickering name calling hate spreading people. “what a typically ignorant statement form an obviously ignorant hick.” “The problem with this world is people like her. Stupid ignorant selfish greedy complacent cruel cold hearted people.” Obviously people who eat meat and have different opinions on how to treat animals are going to stick around and actually listen to what we have to say when their being slammed. Take the high road people! No one will ever take the gentle treatment of animals seriously if you can’t manage to do it towards your fellow man!

  • rojo oz says:

    tasha it’s because people like you have such vague generalisations about what factory farming really is. there is nothing wrong with educating those who know no better. How you see cattle roaming the Texas plains albeit within fences as being differentand thus cruel from their ancestors roaming the same type of country is beyond me. Nowadays these cattle are free from predation have access to vetenary care and do not want for food and water. Much better existence than nature provides.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The meek will inherit the earth. Cows are meek and cattle farmers are murderous.

  • Alex says:

    Kristian Paxton if you’re going to insult someone it is generally a good idea to make sure that you are actually insulting the person you wanted to insult before mindlessly slamming on the keyboard and hitting post. And calling her a hick really carries less weight when there are spelling mistakes in the sentence accusing her. Thanks for Posting.

  • brandy says:

    I don’t know which India you have seen in pictures but when I was there I didn’t see fat and well feed animals. You would see piles of trash with children looking for food as well as dogs goats and cows. They would just be searching the trash wandering the street and they were skin and bones. It is a horrible environment to grow food and people and animals alike are suffering. I am a vegetarian but people are very ignorant to think that the cows you have on your plate are romping around on a green grassy hillside and killed without suffering. Animals were here long before us and we started off by eating fruits and veggies. Animals were killed for food as a last ditch effort for survival or a delicacy. We have since abused the power we have over animals and are mass producing them to feed our glutton needs.

  • This Guy says:

    I hate to be the guy who throws facts into this but your link either addresses slaughter practices which are a separate division or ranching methods outlawed by even the most lax of state cattle regulations.

  • Tasha says:

    It always surprises me that people who support the factory farming industry continually come to this site to post their nonsense.

  • kristian paxton says:

    actually my comment was related to Lydia. The problem with this world is people like her. Stupid ignorant selfish greedy complacent cruel cold hearted people. I only hope that eventually the majority of the population will evolve further.

  • Kristian Paxton says:

    Allison B….God gave us these animals to eat?….what a typically ignorant statement form an obviously ignorant hick. If you believe in what the bible says animals were put here as companions and not for food. according to the scriptureit wasnt until sin entered the world that humans were ALLOWED by God to eat order to purposely shorten our life spans. This being part of the punishment for sin. Uneducated people like you make me sick. Its because of people like you that theres cruelty in the world

  • mel says:

    C’mon guys he just won a game. Quit putting your little politics into it because he’s a cattle rancher. I don’t think any of you get that in order to keep a balance in ecology some animals must be eaten for food. Overfishing and too much slaughter? yeah I see your point. But watch any footage of India and you see people starving. It’s a place that believes in reincarnation and won’t kill an animal because they’re afraid it might be family. And they don’t have as much grainveggies to eat as they could humans because the cattle and other animals have to eat it too. And you get diseases from alive animals as well as dead. Seriously your arguments get weaker and weaker when you actually read the whole story.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I stopped watching Survivor for two reasons. First the person I wanted to win never did and second because the so called survivors who had a camera crew following them everywhere and if someone got hurt they could be airlifted out if need be and these so called survivors killed a lot of animals mostly fish for food. They were never in a life or death situation. The last Survior that I watched was the one when they were in China a country with no animal rights and a country that skins dogs alive for fur. That was my last Survivor. If they ban killing animals for food on this show I just may watch again but I dont like seeing animals killed for no reason. If they are starving to death they can eat some of the vegetation. Survivor used to give them chickens to slaughter and I remember in the Australian installation some guy who killed a cute little pig. So I have washed my hands of this show. By the way I read that Ethan Zohn the winner of Survivor Africa in season 3 was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Dev says:

    I am saddened that someone who promotes animal cruelty could be rewarded on national television what kind of example does that set?.. very sad indeed.

  • sarah says:

    i Have a few replys.. Brad..bush is the devil himself.. im not a bush fan.. but to say that just becuse this kids a rancher hes fake im sorry but i Have never been Fake I will drop everything to help a friend ans a stranger my parents tought me kindness twords people and ANIMALS even our food animals. KiM.. as the poster below you said the door swings both ways you lable us as toothless uneducated animal abuseing country folk.. when alot of us have college eduactions and it takes brains to run a ranch you have to be good with finaces schedules ETC And tom you are 100 right!

  • v says:

    Factory farming is cruel and has been proven so. Cattle ranching is cruel as well but nothing is as cruel as laboratories and factory farms. My hope is the the cattle rancher is not as cruel as those folks run run factory farms. Getting bumped off is not exactly a humane way to go. I would not be too keen to have someone take care of me and then oen fine day I get a bullet. Actually doing that to someone is quite disingenuous. How is the ow “processed”? hmmm

  • Michele says:

    I never really understood the whole “animals were put here for humans…” discussion. Nonhumans animals have lived on this Earth millions of years before humans ever did. Bottom line cattle ranching is cruel.

  • Brad says:

    Anyone who chooses to make a living off of the immense suffering of animals is indeed cruel. The “charm” and superficial niceness is a cultural behavior even someone as evil as George Bush can exude such a personality and does not reflect genuine kindness.

  • Tom says:

    In a contest as to what is the most destructive to the environment Urban Sprawl or raising livestock I would say it’s urban sprawl. And by the way why aren’t all of you upset about the petroleum used to make the synthetic fabrics you tout as a better alternative? That’s none to good for the environment either

  • nish says:


  • Annabelle says:

    I wish people wouldn’t label us as Starbuck’s obsessed yuppies! But look at the article just because JT does something we don’t agree with the article is calling him a sneaky tricky guy who is no good. I mean come on! You don’t even really know him. The door swings both ways people.

  • Kim says:

    Livestock farming is terribly cruel and destroying this planet. Study after study has verified that these terrible farms damage our planet more than our cars. I wish that people would stop labeling veggies as lattedrinking upper class yuppies. This is not a class war and many of us veggies cannot afford Starbucks and do not work in office buildings. I am also tired of people manipulating religion to justify their selfcentered notions that the world revolves around them and therefore their taste buds.

  • sarah says:

    Wow.. you people just LOVE making wild acusations dont you… I know many cattle ranchers being raised on a ranch myself who would give you the shirt off there back at the speed of light.. And your whole cattle ranchers cause disese and distruction to enviroment is laughable your citys streching farther and farther into open land is ruining the enviroment.. not the ranchers who want to preserve the land and keep your starbucks and office building at bay….

  • rojo oz says:

    Is it that you can’t believe cattle farmers can be in fact nice people? I know you don’t want to believe it so you can perpetuate the idea that livestock farming is cruel. What could be closer to a natural existence for cattle than roaming the wide open plains albeit with some fences.

  • lynda downie says:

    Couldn’t agree more Liz JT let your cattle retire. A real nice guy would do that.

  • Lydia Hartzler says:

    I for one watched every episode of ‘Survivor’ this season. From the very first show I immediately fell for this good looking southern rancher. When you said that “cattle ranching is directly connected to cruelty to animals” honestly it made me laugh! How could you be so ignorant to think such things? God gave us these animals to raise and eat for human consumption not just to look at. And isn’t it kind of extreme to say that this young man “makes ends meet by exploiting cows?” Someone has to do the job. Have you ever had to do this demanding job of working on a farm and tending and caring for animals? I have and its not a walk in the park but like i said some one has to do it. I don’t care what you say but this is a young man true to his word and is most definitely what you call a “nice guy” and honestly this world could use more J.T.’s.

  • Allison B. says:

    I totally agree with that.