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Cat Survives 200-Mile Car Ride—in Engine

Written by Alisa Mullins | December 23, 2011

A cat miraculously survived being trapped in the engine of a car during a 200-mile trip. The cat was discovered when the driver of the car stopped at a rest stop after smelling something burning. With the help of a passing police officer, the driver was able to free the cat, who was wedged in the engine compartment and had suffered burns to his right side.



The terrified cat was rushed to a veterinarian, underwent surgery, and is expected to recover. A search is now on for the cat’s guardian, but if no one steps forward to claim him, he will be put up for adoption.

This cat’s story is unusual only in that he survived. Every winter, countless cats are injured and killed when they crawl inside engine compartments, seeking warmth, and are slashed by fan blades when the unsuspecting driver starts the car.

Help prevent a tragedy by always banging on the hood of your car on cold days before starting it. And as always, keep your cats safely indoors—and urge your neighbors to do the same.

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  • petaFriend says:

    I saw once a cat burned to the rips at one side 🙁 This one is really lucky.

  • Jennifer Baotic says:

    about 5 years ago my kitty got injured because he went into a car engine as well . luckily he’s fine and we still have him today. I hope that kitty finds a good home after surviving that horrible 200 mile drive .

  • Cathy says:

    I wish the cat a speedy recovery! And thanks for the tip on banging on the hood of the car – I usually check the back of my tires most of the time and never thought to look under my hood

  • John Alexander Gibson says:

    It’s a miracle that the cat survived but hopefully he will have a fast recovery. The Cat will need great emotional care, I know he will find the right owner.