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Cash for Cows Definitely Wows

Written by PETA | September 21, 2009 / CC
Dirty sneakers

On the heels of government rebate programs to exchange old, smelly products for brand-spanking-new ones, PETA is working with our friends MooShoes to give compassionate New Yorkers $10 off the purchase of fabulous vegan footwear when they turn in a pair of shoes made from the skins of dead, abused animals.

Leather is bad for animals and bad for the environment, so there’s no excuse to keep wrapping your tootsies in it. And now, newly compassionate NYC consumers who don’t have the money for a cruelty-free wardrobe makeover (hint, hint, TLC—that’d be a ratings shoe-in!) can get at least a little help. Anyone who brings in a pair of leather sneakers, pumps, or loafers to the MooShoes store in New York before September 27 will receive a $10 credit toward a pair of snazzy vegan shoes.

MooShoes will donate all the leather shoes it receives to the homeless youth shelter Streetwork Project, making this one cattle drive with a happy ending.

Written by Heather Drennan

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  • Mel says:

    You’re welcome Smelly feet and to the blogger here thank you for posting my comments. You too have my respect as well because while we all disagree at least we can have a healthy and civil debate.

  • smelly feet says:

    Oh my gosh mel of course i respect your views and honestly getting angry with people on here is in no way going to change peoples minds about things if anything it will do the opposite I or noone can make you change your view on anything its completely your decision and i do respect you for it the same as i hope you respect my views Just the pure fact that although you say you own leather shoes you are an avid animal defender even though you do poke holes in nearly everything peta says but you have your reasons for that. I’d like to appologise for the rather rude skank comment i made i understand now that in your case it was a very horrible thing to say i’ll save that for the fur coat folk i just hope a lot more people on here can see you and your views the way i have over these past few days I dont think your so bad i just think people including myself take your comments the wrong way and once again im sorry I still hate leatherfur products but as long as i dont wear them myself ive no right to judge those that do except fur i hate those people with a passion Ive been raised to love animals and never hurtwear or eat them but i know its never that black and white so yes ive taken in both sides of the argument and thats why im ready to admit i was a bit hasty with this issue in particular and i have to thank you for a good disscusion.

  • Mel says:

    Smelly feet I understand there are apparently better alternatives but as we see in a daily basis even those harm animals. Plastics and other items used to make vegan shoes will produce pollutants that run into our ground water and atmosphere. These hurt animals just as much as my wearing leather shoes when I wear them. This is why I get bugged by groups and yes both sides who tout that what they’re doing is right and will work… when no matter what we do it has a ripple effect on our world. I do look at the animal and personally I will only wear leather because the animal is also used for food. It does disgust me to see animals just killed for furs or other parts and not the whole animal used. Chalk it up to my Native American heritage who respect animals on that side as well as the side that knows that animals serve us as we do them. I know the latter sounds weird but we all have pets who we feed and love hence serving them. The one thing though that still bugs me about some of the more extreme opinions is that if you wear leather or eat meat you hate animals. That’s far from the truth with me. I respect animals for companionship and even if used for food. I am also VERY respectful of the animal if I’m in close proximity to it especially after nearly being run over by a bison a few years ago and more recently by a handler who was riding his horse improperly intentionally. It hurt the horse and it nearly hit me BTW the group got into huge trouble for this when I reported it. But we’ll agree to disagree I do hope however that you at least have seen both sides of the argument as far as the shoes itself. To me that is all I’ve ever asked for when I post here and it looks like you’re the first person who has done that and even if you still disagree at least respect me enough to carry on a polite conversation. As I said that shows a lot about you.

  • smelly feet says:

    Mel it is not my intention to make enemys or be derogotary in any way to anyone on this site so please let me appologise if i have in any way come across like that to you my intention was to simply point out what i feel about people who contribute to animal cruelty by wearing fur or leather. When you wrote and seemed proud of the fact you owned leather shoes it made me feel rather defensive towards animals this is a matter i will never change my opinion on no matter what peoples reasons are be it costenvironment or fashion it is something i disagree with so i think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree your reasons for wearing leather is entirely up to you but i just wish people would take the animal into consideration and not wear it at all. With so many great materials out there there is no more need to use animal skin it dates back to the old school and we as a world have moved forward so there really is no excuse. like i say we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this matter as we both think we are in the right and we’re gonna get nowhere fast.

  • mel says:

    Smelly feet please think here 1. Vegan shoes are not made out of renewable resources they contain oil rubber and other chemical components in them that harm the environment as much as leather does. The shoes still harm the animals. 2. The longer you’re able to wear shoes the less likely more need to be made and therefore less impact. It’s not costs my case in as much as REDUCING the impact I have on earth. If you notice there are leather shoes in museums that are hundreds of years old. For some people those were the only shoes they had as adults and they wore them daily. 3. I’m frankly warm hearted. Just because I do wear leather shoes from time to time doesn’t mean that I don’t care about animals. In fact I do whatever I can to help animals and for those that are used for food and clothing save fur there really IS no reason for that I make sure that those who slaughter animals do it quickly and painlessly. I also want those who do not to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is something that you and others here do not seem to correlate and that’s why the cause doesn’t get translated well and why people such as I can poke holes in it. Again it’s NOT the cost it’s about doing what I can to not add to the impact on our environment by not having to buy more shoes when less subpar shoes which “vegan” shoes are because they totally wear out in a couple of years. What I do thank you for however is that you have been polite to me. This says something about you as a person and you should be proud of that.

  • smelly feet says:

    I dont mind at all that people disagree with me i dont expect everyone to share my humane values I realise there are people out there who do want to wear animal skins and thats perfectly fine with me if thats what they wanna do just dont be a regular on an animal defence web site when your contributing to the cruelty thats all. And your showing a typical animal abusers values of money comes first u state that u only wear leather because ov the long term cost well isnt that slightly ignorant ov the animals welfare? I on the other hand do not wear fur or leather because i have good intentions towards animals and dont want to see them suffer i care not about the cost stopping animal abuse would be worth millions in my eyes but i guess we ALL carnt be warm hearted. I donate to the homeless and give to charity shops in my town but i think third world countrys need it a lot more. Mel i have read many posts with your comments on and u dont seem a very compationate person im left wondering why u bother coming on here at all..maybe you should set up your own site and call it ‘antipeta’

  • mel says:

    I do I give away my GENTLY used clothes and items to charities and the more messed up clothes if I can’t recycle them and that’s rare I have to throw out. Note gently used. I also give a few new things to shelters. There is no way I’d go and think that a homeless shelter isn’t special enough to enjoy new things too have you thought about that? That’s WHY I use leather shoes they last a hell of a lot longer than the vegan shoes you claim. Therefore I don’t contribute to the pollution caused by creating MORE of those vegan shoes the factories produce a lot of smoke and toxins. Smelly feet you are way too judging on someone just because they decide to not agree with you.

  • smelly feet says:

    Oh and ps all my shoes clothes bedding curtains ect.. i send to third world countrys to help benefit children and adults who carnt go out and buy them They in NO way end up in landfill sites. Maybe you should follow suit then maybe there wont be so much damage to the earth.

  • mel says:

    Smelly feet My feet do not smell. That’s how well they were kept. I’ve also saved hundreds of dollars not having to buy shoes and add to the landfills. Unlike vegan shoes you guys tout which do make my feet smell bad and wear out within a year or two. So those who have those shoes have to go out and buy another pair… which in turn damages the environment. And BTW my current pair of shoes are canvas only because of costs so the Skank part is a rather rude assumption on your part. Igor yes they probably are and if they are made of rubber that uses oil they’re using animals this case the fossilized kind.

  • Igor says:

    I suppose that veggie shoes are made of… … plastic or something from the oil industry? Now how that’s friendlier to the environment?

  • smelly feet says:

    Rank..20 and 50 year old shoes..i bet they stink Well i’d personaly NEVER have my feet in dead animal skin but whateva floats your boat!!! I think people who wear fur and leather are skanks.

  • Mel says:

    I’d like to know why PETA thinks that it should give “environmentally unfriendly” and heavily worn shoes to a homeless shelter for teens instead of giving them some “animal friendly” shoes? I mean don’t you guys want to be seen in a more positive light? This would be a good way to get positive PR for once. Additionally leather shoes aren’t as environmentally unfriendly as you think if properly taken care of they last many years longer than your vegan friendly shoes ever will. Should know I have and wear a pair that are over 20 years old and have even worn a pair of Army boots that are now NEARLY 50 YEARS old and still in excellent shape.

  • Michele says:

    Bjizzle duh just click on the link in the article to see how leather is bad for the environment. Who cares if “PETA files” sounds like “pedophiles”? Do you think PETA is a front for 2 million child molesters or something? Some people have waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

  • Carole Edmonds says:

    I am so glad to see good leather alternatives. I gave up animal products years ago but finding nonleather shoes has been one of the most difficult tasks I’ve had. And the sales clerks can be a challange as well like when one woman wanted to argue me down that suede was not leather. What ever happened to the customer is always right? Thanks…you make it easier for me to be able to enjoy walking and hiking in the great outdoors cureltyfree.

  • Who in their right mind? says:

    This is a great program. It would be even greater if a national retailer would take on this challenge. It would bring so much awareness to people who routinely buy or use leather in their daily lives. What moron thinks the PETA files sounds like pedophiles. The “e” in pedophiles is not long. If pronounced correctly it sounds nothing alike. It also scares me how some sick people’s minds think.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    In Toronto you’re not even allowed to put leather items in the Green Bin composter. I guess they’re not as biodegradable as some leather apologists claim. Pedophiles? I’ve been reading the PETA Files for a couple of years and I never made that association. Scares me how some peoples’ minds think.

  • Wade says:

    But pedophiles is way funny.. Leave it how it is!

  • Steve says:

    What on earth are you people on about? It doesn’t sound anything like the pedophiles. PEE TUH FILES PEH DOH FILES

  • Mischief says:

    ummm…. veggies?

  • BJizzle says:

    How is leather bad for the environment?

  • poopenheimer says:

    Firstly the name of this blog is horrible change it already. Secondly how do I know if my shoes were made from abused animals? I can’t argue the dead part but how signs are there that the animal was abused prior to death?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Leather Tanneries are rife with insanity !!!

  • Igor says:

    So what exactly a “vegan footwear” is made of?

  • redditor says:

    Rename it The PETA Blog already.

  • Hi says:

    Wow what a good article to see on the pedophiles! You pedophiles keep up the good work here!

  • Dr. Taylor says:

    So this blog title sounds strikingly similar to “The Pedaphiles”… good name guys.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Hey not all of us live in NYC! Any way you could make this a national program with an online retailer perhaps? Offering free shipping to mail in our old leather “clunkers” would be good incentive too!