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Camouflage Deer?

Written by PETA | April 1, 2007

As of this week, hunters have something new to worry about in addition to accidentally shooting each other and embarrassing themselves in public: Not being able to find any animals. At least that’s the idea behind HIDE (Hunting Is Downright Evil), an anti-hunt group based in Minnesota that has been tranquilizing deer in popular hunting sites, painting them camouflage, and re-releasing them into the wild. According to HIDE President Jamie Drysdale, the group, which has more than 60 members in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are able to camouflage up to 12 deer a week, and hundreds of infuriated hunters have already submitted letters of complaint to their state governments. Here’s a picture of a newly camouflaged buck from a hunting preserve in central Minnesota:


Amazing. Anyway, HIDE, here’s wishing you the best of luck confounding hunters around the country. I can’t wait to see the bear pictures!

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  • Kyle says:

    I’d love to have a camo deer head on the wall.

  • clarc says:

    you all seem to think animals feel pain the way we do.from my experiance hunting and fishing,animals do not feel what we feel from a similar injury.and when over populated nature will take them in a much more painfull death.

  • navy guy/ hunter says:

    well, this was a funny joke, i think it would be pretty cool to see a camo deer. but seriously, im a hunter and i dont see why everyone is making such a big deal out of this. i’ve noticed that a lot of comments posted seem to be from teenagers and the like, which is cool, i was a teenager also and had very powerful opinions myself. just let the joke be a joke. just because this is from ’07 doesnt make it anymore/less funny either.

  • my freezer is full of venison, duck, and pheasant says:

    I hunt for food. Sure, in this day and age it is not necessary as it once was. But guess what? Hunted meat is much healthier, much cheaper, and it tastes great. It feels satisfying to know exactly where my food comes from. Sure, I love hunting. And the kill is not the best part of it. It’s being out in the woods, on the water etc. And every animal I have killed has died a quick death, under 2 minutes or so. If I wanted to just go kill stuff, i would just shoot birds in my back yard and go poach. But its called HUNTING, not just “killing stuff time”. And by the way, every state has laws that make it so the animal killed must be harvested and used. And trust me, if a hunter ever makes a not clean kill, great remorse is felt. I will continue to hunt and fish for food for the remainder of my life.

  • Liz says:

    “Thats actually a good idea i think ill use that idea and go camouflage all your wives so when im raping them and they’re screaming for their lives u won’t be able to find them”

    Jim, really who says something that disturbing?

    Yes, tranquilizing and painting an animal does sound a little inhumane… HOWEVER, think about the qaulity of lives for these deer. If it helps save lives of these gentle creatures, I think it is well worth it.

    Also Buckshot you say we are a bunch of “tree hugging idiots”. BUT I am pretty sure “hunters” are the ones who STRAP themselves to trees, and paint themselves in head to toe in camo and floresant orange before going into these animals homes, and violently murdering them. Then even better you go back to your home, with your wife and kids, and show them what a real “man” you are by painting your hands like the murderer you are, with their blood. But yet we the people that are giving these helpless animals a voice… we are the “dumb ones”.

    As for this…

    “we as trappers and hunters kill everything as humanely as possible”

    There is nothing humane about killing. Would it be humane if someone killed your brother, mother, father, or pet dog in a “humanely as possible” way or “as little pain as possible” way? Murder is murder.

  • Erin says:

    Is it supposed to be a joke? This is a national organization which is supposed to be credible! I just wanted to mention that tranquilizing a wild animal can be extremely risky and is very often cause long term damage or can fatal to the animal. This is why even the Department of Natural Resources only does this to animals as a last option when relocating them. Not to mention the risk you are putting yourselves in to accomplish this ridiculous task! What’s worse is you seem proud of this. Please be responsible and research what you are doing in a scientific manner from reputable scientific journals. It seems like you mostly get your information from legislative sources which is a small step in the right directionor Google…You could have used all that money you spent on tranquilizers and donated it to something useful like research on deer management or really anything else. People depend on you for reliable facts and information and you need to be responsible and objective about what you are putting out there. I just don’t understand why you would advocate this. Also I am really sick of everyone making fun of hunters because of their spelling is that the only insult you can think of? Good job. So you can all use spell check…its really difficult I know. Although clearly none of you have ever made a spelling error in your lives anyway.

  • Amy says:

    Wow! These comments just about prove my theory that most hunters are inbred morons. Go HIDE! Let’s stop the cruel “sport” of hunting!

  • thedeja says:

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read! deer are already naturally colored to be hard to see in the woods and everyone knows the best time to hunt is when there’s snow on the ground. maybe they should paint them white…lol

  • Tim jones says:

    hunting is not evil. hunting is the reason civilization exists today. just because you may kill a deer does not mean you disrespect it. I’m a high school student and I have my first deer hunt next fall. that does not mean i dont respect animals. i love them and respect nature but hunting is a fair game and if the hunter follows all the regulations and doesn’t take more deer than heshe should it is not inhumane. also more deer die from cars than by hunting. you need to stop treating hunting like genocide and more like part of the natural cycle of our ecosystem.

  • john smith says:

    ok first off if u knew anything about animals u would know that if an animal is under a lot of stress getting shot with a trankulizer gun it can kill them and another thing is that deer are naturaly camoflaged if u had spent any time in the woods before u came up with this stupid idea u would know that and lastly a deer’s fur is its most effective weapon they have aginst preditors there fur is hollow so that the hot air given off by their body is traped and it keeps them even warmer if you cover that hair in paint then it cant b very good for that and also deer’s noses are one of the most sensitive of all animals so when you cover their entire body with cemicals like paint it would be like if u had to walk around with ur face in a jar of vicks vapor rub all day idk about u but that doesnt sound very humain to me

  • Tom Jones says:

    Yep I like the deer camo idea. Because then hunters actually use their brain for once when they notice that something is wrong. Though they still dont understand what spellcheck is because they are too pissed to actually consider how bad their grammar is. And also why is it they cannot write in a less lude manner I mean they cannot seem to hold an argument without using at least one curse word. Yeah and it was April 1st so they are that much dumber for falling for the joke So to all you trigger hugging hunters Kill Yourself Oh and this is a military term not meant to be taking as lude though I am not really cursing I am just stating my opinion on what you should do So as to reduce the hunters due to their increase in stupidity. Yeah I am not so good at Grammar either so whatever.

  • Concerned and curious says:

    Greetings PETA and Hunters Alike I have an ongoing long term regrettable dilemma and I am interested in learning from those with more experience in property destruction as a result of neighbor’s setting out feed stations for Turkey and Deer. You see each lot here is 14 acre or less. We often look at 80100 turkeys and 2040 deer in a miniscule spot as the neighbors dump 240 pounds of corn below our lot each week. Sanitation and rat infestation aside we are looking at total destruction of our hillside any possible attempts at landscaping fencing not allowed. Attempts at civil dialogue requests eventual cease and desist orders only serve to escalate the human feeding behavior. Then the Coyotes come for a free turkey meal. The lions move in for the deer. Then we cannot walk in the evenings. So kind people Seeing that the CA Dept. of Fish and Game is not interested until after a catastrophe has occured I would deeply appreciate any wisdom from experience. We have tried motion detector sprinklers to no avail. The trapper is disinterested in relocating that many domesticated wild animals and we do not wish to simply open fire on a mass slaughter in order to preserve our home. Suggestions? Thank you.

  • eldore44 says:

    Best April Fools joke EVER. The responses are crazy even after someone said it was April 1st. Congratulations to whoever thought this up.

  • Jeff says:

    Well now I have seen stupid to a new level. If you paint a deer that deer will then then look and smell different to the other deer and will not be able to mate. Way to go morons kill off all the deer!

  • Elle Dunleavy says:

    First the language second the grammar… Its amazing that the nay sayersthe people that enjoy killing all have something in common… ignorance pure ignorance.

  • Jock says:

    Great idea while you’re at it why not camo paint some grizzly bears and mountain lions… Wait! Catch all of the mourning doves pheasants wild turkeys squirrels prairie dogs groundhogs mountain goats stone sheep pronghorn antelope coyotes moose elk caribou baby harp seals and camoflage those species too. Next year you can go around and camo all of the newborns and the cycle starts over. This should keep you busy and keep you from sticking your nose in everyone’s business through eternity. Hey if you write me a nice long letter I’ll even donate $1.00 for your cause.

  • Forest Kuhman says:

    Ya like you couldn’t see that deer a mile off.It would have been harder to see in natural color.Looks like a white tail with mule deer antlersand pretty early for the deer to have antlers. It’s spring and they don’t get antlers that early. FAKE!!!!

  • pwn says:

    Lolol look at all the idiots preserved in time. Leave it to a joke to snapshot the worst of humanity that you losers try to hide and deny.

  • Hunting is Righteous says:

    Stupidass PETA hasn’t heard of the FOOD CHAIN! We are on top of that food chain because we were chosen by God to be there!

  • james says:

    The fact that people don’t realize that this is a joke shows what a bunch of clowns you people are. NORMAL people aren’t surprised by anything they hear from PETA anymore. I have to go. I gut shot a fawn this morning and have to see if it is still breathing.

  • cmaqueen12 says:

    are you stupid? this is an april fools joke…dumb idiots

  • Bob says:

    Deer is best deep fried with a little Ande’s and some taters. mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Armando says:

    The hunter nimrods are STILL ranting because they STILL haven’t figured out it’s an April Fool’s joke. I guess the mad cow disease is finally starting to take its toll.

  • mary says:

    When the acorns are plentiful so are the deer…and so are fatalities from car accidents caused by them…in the St. Louis area and elsewhere.

  • John says:

    So what happens when the deer population explodes then deer and people die more often and very slowly via car crashes then by a hunter popping a deer in the heart or chest killing it instantly?

  • Larry Gordon says:

    Got an ideaLets paint a few of these PETAA Holes brown and white. Then turn THEM loose in November

  • Aaron says:

    The funniest part of this is how dumb you all are. Happy April 1st suckers!

  • james says:

    I can smell deer. Camo won’t work. Let the DNR know about your ideas. They will love it. Backstraps anyone.

  • sky says:

    geez i reely hope ther’s not alot of breeding goin on after reading thees comments

  • MEGABITE says:

    You p.i.t.a. members are fools. I’ve never seen anything so stupid in my life. haha

  • Daniel says:

    Hey hunters do something about it… How about tranquilizing deers to pait targets on them?

  • Megan says:

    I know this is a April fools joke. But all yall peta freaks saying hunters are ignorant yall got that backwards. Yall are the freaks of nature here. We actually do something fun in our life like killing dumb tasty animals for example. Yall peta people need to get shot your self yall deserve it. The only reason yall are peta is because you want attention. Everybody knows that. Quick question do yall eat marshmallows? Did yall know that they are actually fried in beef fat to give them that fluffy felling. suck on the freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dissapointed says:

    wow. hunting is an american tradition stop shooting our country in the foot.

  • Mary says:

    Just to point out a slight flaw in the overall PETA theme. I noticed at the top ot the web page the young man laying on his desk was wearing nice cotton jeans and shirt. Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop grown for the textile industry. It is sprayed up to ten times in a season with an insecticide that is so potent that with in minutes of the spray settleing on the foliage and ground NOTHING moves again. Toads ladybugs mantis mice snakes baby bunnies anything that was alive dies immediately. So buying cotton clothing is probably one of the most detrimental things you can do environmentally. The label vegan means to harm no living thing and it is the ultimate hypocrisy to call yourself that and wear cotton. Your lovely denim jeans came at a much higher price to innocent creatures than the most vigorous and dedicated hunter could possibly match.

  • Nathan G. says:

    This is freaking hilarious! Reading the tree huggers and the red necks going at it over an April Fool’s joke monthsalmost a year! after it happened. As a unbiast third party I have come to the conclusion that all of you are idiots. It’s March of ’08 now and people are STILL buying the story. It’s kinda sad really… People! Just accept it for what it is! A hoax! Even PETA isn’t dumb enough to try this! STOP BELIEVING IT! IT”S AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! you are all morons for falling for it

  • D Morris says:

    I don’t understand a group of people that are trying to protect animals harming them. The paint is absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream of the animal. Thus making there blood toxic and leaves them at risk for deformed births dead fetus or poisioning the host. Way to go PETA!

  • jon says:

    don’t you think the white still kinda stands out a little bit? Just a thought…and something that moves can’t really camoflauge itself that way…i’m pretty sure my crosshairs would still find their way there.

  • Mike Savoy says:

    WOW!! What a great idea. I think next yall need to staple a fish’s mouth closed so it cant be caught.

  • mike says:

    I’ve always had a little truble knowing were to shoot but now with that black spot behind the shoulder i have a nice aming point. next time put a circle on hin

  • Ben says:

    WTF painting dear thats more cruel than hunting are you people IDIOTS! your against hunting i can accept that but if you’ve ever lived in a remote village in Alaska you’d understand why hunting is necessary. People up here have to hunt to feed their families if they didn’t their families would go Hungary because were not like you we can’t just drive to the store or even take a boat or a plane to do that we’d have to wait two weeks and most of the time you can’t do that.

  • Landon says:

    Save the deer!!

  • Kent says:

    when you shoot the deer to paint them isnt that cruelty to animals

  • kent says:

    this is stupid

  • Peta Hunter says:

    When does hunting season open on Peta members?

  • jeff says:

    Do you not realize that animals are certain color in the wild for a reason you fg idiots. Deer hang out in fields which are brown most of the time camoflaging them from predators. Amazing.

  • Jack says:

    “Oh i should have read all the post about the date. So i commented without knowing it was April Fools. I still think the fools are PETA. For someone to think up this joke … blah blah blah.” Ha ha. Sucka!!!

  • susan says:

    Oh i should have read all the post about the date. So i commented without knowing it was April Fools. I still think the fools are PETA. For someone to think up this joke well pretty sick person and no doubt in my mind they actually are thinking about doing it. So the moron in all this is the blogger I’m sure you got a laugh but we’ll all still be eating deer. So you my fried are a hopless piece of shit that can not be cured. To even think as a joke that would be funny you should be kicked out of PETA. Your the danger to wild life. Care to go hunting with us???

  • Susan says:

    Ok i’m no hunter but what you are doing way out of line. I am learning thru some very knowledgable hunters so that I can one day. However I find your tactics inhumane and certainly not sane. That paint has got to be harmful to the animal. By the way do YOU have a permit or license to tranqualize these animals and paint them? I think I will take a look into that myself.

  • Alrik says:

    haha what a joke u guys need to get a life. I’m pretty sure i’d still see that deer walk under my stand and it wouldnt make it much farther