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This Calf Bears a Cross

Written by PETA | December 11, 2009
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The only time I ever thought that I’d get the chance to say, “Holy cow,” and mean it literally is when I talk about PETA’s pope cow. Turns out I was wrong.

Moses the calf was born with the pattern of a cross on his forehead, inspiring the awe-struck owners of the Connecticut dairy farm where he lives to spare his life. Male calves born on dairy farms are usually destined to be sent off to veal farms and spend their short lives chained in veal crates that don’t allow them space to take a single step in any direction. Moses’ birthmark has spared him that fate, and he is being sent to a place where he can live happily and freely.

While Moses’ owners are willing to spare his life—a miracle if we’ve ever heard one—this divine intervention has us crossing our fingers in the hopes that these farmers will save every one of their cows.

Curious, clever, and loving, every cow is a beautiful marvel. Like dogs who form packs, cows prefer to spend their time together, forging complex relationships. Mother cows are unendingly maternal and can be heard crying out for their calves days after they are ripped apart from one another on factory farms. Spare the life of an animal every time you eat by going vegan—you’ll save more than 100 lives every year. Now that’s a lot of miracles!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Saucy says:

    How can they have compassion on one and not the other? This one gets the cross and that one gets the ax. Where are our Church Leaders? Why won’t they speak out on behalf of God’s beloved creations?

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Bridget do you think a female cow could produce an economically viable level of milk without being pregnant first? No way. Let calves drink their mother’s milk choose plant milks like soy rice hemp or almond.

  • Bridget says:

    Antoine I have a problem with your comment. You do NOT have to be pregnant to produce milk. Even a human does not technically HAVE to BE pregnant to produce milk if the mind believes that you are pregnant.

  • lisa says:

    I watched the video it makes you even madder they make out they are caring people and the comment davies says Hes got a different disposition from other calves. You can see it in his eyes Davis said. He has a very kind look in his eyes. Like he has something he wants to say to you. What he’s trying to say is i want my mum thats why he’s running frantically around looking for her. These people mae you sick.

  • Carla* says:

    Antoine I have to say it again YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!! Never stop!! Bless you!!

  • Tricia says:

    Wow Rojo. That truly opened my eyes. Thank you

  • Antoine says:

    Soliel. The problem with the Hare Krishna argument and the Hindu argument in general is BIOLOGY the cow produces milk for her baby any woman who has ever been pregnant can tell you that most times your body produces JUST ENOUGH for your baby and in fact there are women who don’t produce enough…IT’S THE SAME FOR COWS So if you do not take the baby away you will not get a lot of milk. CUZ THE CALF WILL DRINK ALL FO IT Also and read carefully here because this is the part that Hindus and Hare Krishnas ALWAYS conveniently forget Biologically a cow MUST be pregnant to produce milk and after the birth of her baby she will produce milk for only about 6 months…then she will STOP. unless she is impregnated again So. that means a constant production of babies. if you don’t believe me ask a dairy farmer So 2 problems 1. Presuming that you are the “kind” Hare Krishna that you claim to be and that you take only the leftover milk what do you do with all the calves??? that’s a new calf EVERY 15 months!!! 2. Most human women do not give birth to baby every 15 months and neither do cows…so if you have a naturally existing cownot artificially inseminated or raped in which a bull is forced onto her she will only be pregnant 3 or 4 times in her entire life just like humans so you will have to feed her and WAIT for her to get pregnant naturally. Trust me even the “kind” Hare Krishna and Hindu milk farmers do not just wait for the cow to get pregnant and then WAIT for the calf to be done drinking and take the leftover milk…if they did your Hare Krishna milk would cost 500$ a litre! Milk is only economically sustainable unless the animal is treated like a UNIT of PRODUCTION. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRINK MILK THAT DID NOT CAUSE CRUELTY. Also there is the idea of consent. Would you touch the breast of a human woman without asking her permission first? If you did you would GO TO JAIL for sexual assault. Since you do not speak cow you can not claim that the cow AGREED to give you her milk. So you can only take HER milk because in YOUR MIND she has NO VALUE and her CONSENT is not needed.

  • rojo says:

    Absolutely Carla just set up a fund that allows contributers to pay farmers to keep their animals and everyone will be happy well apart from processors ans customers. You’d find the cost of meat would increase and consumption fall. A win for all.

  • Michelle says:

    What a beautiful cow! I am sure he is thankful for his life. I just hope others will be spared just like him.

  • Barbara Moos says:

    Hopefully this farmer and others as well will consider a more humane nonanimal method of employment. Praise to the farmers of world If I were a farmer my products would be strictly PRODUCE.

  • Jenny says:

    I hate to say this but only about 1.2 million Holstein bull calves go to the veal trade per year. Most excess Holsteins and other dairy breeds like Brown Swiss AyrshireGuernsey and Jersy excess bull calves are castrated and fed out in feedlots. Don’t blame the veal industry completely for all of the sins of the dairy industry. As long as there’s a demand for milk and there’s a place for the dairy beef to be marketed…the industry will never stop. Never.

  • lisa says:

    Moses is only one what about te rest off them who are unfortunate to have that marking? its not a miracle it’s really sad knowing that the others on that farm are still there

  • Soliel says:

    Of course I love and respect all animals but I too love cows. They are very gentle they are herbivorous they have beautiful BIG doe eyes with long eyelashes. They give milk and I think this is ONLY OK when they are treated very well not killed and not taking their children away! The Hari Krishnas have loved and adored them forever. Beautiful sweet gentle animals.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Man was vegan before the fall. People who kill and eat the flesh of animals are direly exacerbating our fall into hellish perdition.

  • Antoine says:

    This is too wonderful! Thank you for reporting on this PeTA! Check out this video the guy unwittingly exposes all the cruelties of the milk industry httpwww.norwichbulletin.comnewsx1682955204Sterlingcalfbornwithdivinesign 1. the calf was taken away from his mother RIGHT after birth so that the farmer could MILK the mother! he even mentions that the mark could not be seen because she had licked the calf her baby!! 2. When he went into the room where the calf was sequestered AWAY FROM HIS MOTHER so that the greedy farmers can get the milk that is when he noticed the mark. 3. the mother cow is 2 years old….2!!! she will be hamburger at 5 4. The “father” is a bull who came to the farm a FEW YEARS AGO before the mother was born so artificial insemination. 5. the woman is feeding the calf the colostrum that she stole from his motherin a bottle and the ENTIRE video this little guy is running around barely a few days old and WHERE is his mother? she is on the same farm…so where is she??? she is locked in a milking parlour crying for her baby while these pricks answer questiosn for the media and they have the AUDACITY to believe that this is a sign to HELP the dairy industry! yeah okay. So if a slave had been born with a holy birth mark that would have been a sign to SUPPORT slavery??? If this is a sign from God it is a sign to tell the dairy indusrty and all animal abusers to stop torturing and killing God’s creatures.

  • Carla* says:

    Oh I love him!! Just shut dowm those veal farms and stop impregnating cows for milk!! We’re not meant to drink the stuff anyway!! Leave it for their own to grow on just like we do… first couple of months is all then we’re good to go!!