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Peaceful Protest Erupts Into Chaos

Written by PETA | October 20, 2011

When three European animal advocacy groups arrived to peacefully protest the killing of six young bulls in a bullfighting arena in Rodilhan, France, things quickly got even uglier than a bullfight already is.

While about three dozen members of Comité Radicalement Anti Corrida Europe (of France), Droits des Animaux (also of France), and Animaux en Péril (of Belgium) unfolded banners in the bleachers, 65 more protesters jumped into the arena and chained themselves together in a silent sit-in. They were immediately set upon by both the bullfighters and the spectators. The protesters were viciously kicked, punched, pummelled, dragged by the hair, and blasted with a fire hose. Some spectators in the bleachers stood up and made the bullfighting “kill” gesture—thumbs down. None of the protesters fought back during the 30-minute assault, and some suffered broken bones and contusions. Organizers of the bullfight did nothing to intervene or stop the assault.

Those still clinging to this dying pastime know that it’s on the way out. Just last month, Barcelona held its last bullfight.

Please post a link to this blog on your Facebook page and everywhere else you can to expose these matadors and their fans for the violent thugs that they are.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • filipa carvalho says:

    Sorry, I’m in chame with this. I realy think these people should be in court and arrested. Even images of them are available. I do not find this story in other newspappers other media, and I would like to participate in an peacefull action to take the agressors to the police. In witch city and date this ocurred?

    Thank you

  • Nad51 says:

    Please, help French people like me who hate corrida and love animals ! I became vegetarian in 1973, when I lived in Louisiana for 2 years. I was horrified by what the hunters could do in the USA. But men are bad all around the world, and it’s very difficult to save animals. Our President Nicolas Sarkozy and his ministers love corrida and have profited of their position to inscribe this horrible practice in the law, like “foie gras”. Nevertheless, a majority of French people are opposed to corrida, but don’t know how to do to forbid it.

  • noisette says:

    I am french;I hate corrida that came from Spain and is now spread in south of France. please help us to stop this very cruel game that the bullfight- aficionados call “art”!… Our government is complice: shame on them!

  • Risto says:

    What a shame that such a barbaric events are allowed!

  • jenny says:

    Some pretend that this belongs to our french culture.But we are now a lot of people who want this torture to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michele jegou says:

    Shame on FRANCE

  • Daisy Mcfadden says:

    Bullfighting is a barbaric outdated custom for the enertainment of mentally disturbed, blood thirsty non humans and for monetary profit. But money isn’t everything and this is blood money. In a modern, civilized, educated society it should be iligal.

  • Toby says:

    Speaking of peaceful ethics supporters being abused, it’s sort of beyond me why PETA hasn’t backed the Occupy Movement… Occupy Wall St has specifically cited animal welfare as a goal; corporations have been cited as abusers via factory farming.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    Bullfighting in France? Really? The country that thinks it is so much better than any other country, especially the United States, even though the United States had to pull France out of two world wars and finish what France started in Vietnam? How typical. France, bullfighting is on its way out. I will not be visiting you until bullfighting is banned in your country.

  • Raquelwdc says:

    It’s pretty sick to see these people dragging the protesters out like the dead carcasses they’re used to dealing with & hearing the joyous roar of the crowd.

  • kathy says:

    I already saw this on another site and these activists are a great example. They’re so inspiring. It’s no surprise people going to watch a young bull get tortured would turn violent on humans. Some men were even sexually assaulting the female protesters (grabbing them in intimate areas). Some people going to the bull fight who got violent with the protestors may face consequences since it’s on tape.